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  • Go Down the Memory Lane to the Ruins of America
    Go Down the Memory Lane to the Ruins of America
    America is a land of the ancient Maya civilization, which existed here years ago. Copan is an interesting ruin here in the Honduras with relics of impressive Columbian art. A major tourist spot, these ruins in western Honduras have attracted the attention of many tourists in the recent past. Copan is a beautifully fertile river valley ensconced in the surroundings of greenery and hilly regions. It is at a height so it is quite cool here like many of the Central American forest regions. There are innumerable shuttle buses that bring you to this place from any part of Honduras, Hedman Alas, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Being a small place, you can even enjoy tours here by foot. The cobblestone streets here are a fascination for many a traveller and streets are safe even after the dark. The ruins are a little away from the main town  [...]
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  • Xunantunich Ruins in Belize
    Xunantunich Ruins in Belize
    The ruins at Xunantunich is a very ancient archaeological site in western Belize and belongs to the Mayan group. Lying around 80 miles to the west of Belize City in the district of Cayo, this is around 8 miles to the west of San Ignacio Town. Xunantunich is situated on top of a ridge above the River Mopan and was an earlier Maya civic ceremonial centre in the Terminal Classic periods. Xunantunich’s name means Stone Woman. It is mix of Yucatec and Mopan. It is actually a modern name and the Stone Woman refers to a ghost of a woman who is believed to have lived here in the year 1892. Dressed in white it is believed she has fire red eyes. It is believed that she ascends the stairs and then disappears into a stone wall. Xunantunich was first explored by Thomas Gann in the middle half of 1890. Gann then settled in Belize, as he  [...]
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  • Mysterious tours in the Uaxactun ruins in Guatemala
    Mysterious tours in the Uaxactun ruins in Guatemala
    Visit Guatemala which is a great land to be in, while you are on a travel expidition. Come here and enjoy the beauty of the adventurous thrill that one gets in the escapades here. There is something really special and mysterious about this region and so all tourists make it a point to keep special tours to the ruins here which are great tour attractions in this part of the world. Visit the Uaxactun ruins in Guatemala and go back with great travel delights and tour memories. This is a very important Maya site and is situated in the Peten region in Guatemala tours. This is a place that is made up of many groups of buildings and has been existing since 500 BC. The building is the observatory and has a fascinatingly decorated staircase with stucco masks as decorations. Uaxactun was a great centre for many ceremonies in the past and is  [...]
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  • Fascinating Tales from the Mayan Ruins
    Fascinating Tales from the Mayan Ruins
    Central America is not devoid of having surprises for the travelers who visit here. This is one intriguing region of America which never ceases to offer some of the most special views, and give some of the best travel moments in this part of the world. So while you are here, the Mayan Ruins obviously form a priceless experience for you. Central America’s Mayan Sites are one of the major reasons to travel to this part of the world. So enjoy your tours to the Mayan ruins and get to know this part of the American history better. The Mayan ruins with their intricate details and their size leave the tourists dumbfounded with pleasure. So whether it is the archaeological Tikal ruins in Guatemala and Copan in the Honduras, or the Tazumal in the El Salvador region,  and the Belizian Xuanantunich, the Mayan ruins of Central America  [...]
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  • The Lost City of Ciudad Perdida
    The Lost City of Ciudad Perdida
    Ciudad Perdida translates to Lost City (from Spanish to English). This ancient city has hidden in the depths of Sierra Nevada jungle and has evaded human eyes for a long time now. The discovery of Ciudad Perdida could perhaps be what could be dubbed as the greatest of all the archaeological finds of this century. Once this city was discovered hiding here in the jungles, virtually untouched by any traces of modern day civilization, the archaeologists began verifying facts about this city. According to experts, this city dates back to around 800 A.D. The exact location of this city is what is called Buritaca according to modern day administrative maps; and this spot, according to the local tribes that still inhabit the areas around, is called ‘Teyuna’. Discovering Ciudad Perdida: Ciudad Perdida was discovered in the year 1972,  [...]
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  • 5 Pyramids you ought to know about
    5 Pyramids you ought to know about
    If you’re anything like us, then there’s only two kinds of pyramids that you would have heard of. The first resides in Egypt, and they’re called great for a very good reason. The second was a kind of marketing scheme that was actually a scam. But there’s more to pyramids than just this. Pyramids are sacred structures built all over the world and not just limited to Egypt. The whole point of traveling is to gain a better understanding of new cultures and if you share the same opinion as us then you have to bear witness to these pyramidic structures. Pyramids of Guimar (Tenerife) Generally when someone says pyramid there are very few images that spring to mind. If you’re very lucky, you know of those in the Amazon Basin or in Indonesia. But if you want a slice of something seriously mysterious, take a trip to Tenerife in  [...]
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  • Amazing Inca Architecture And Construction At Ollantaytambo
    Amazing Inca Architecture And Construction At Ollantaytambo
    Ollantaytambo located at an altitude of 2,792 meters above sea level is an Inca archaeological site. Ollantaytambo is 60 kilometers northwest of Cusco in Southern Peru and lies on route to Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail. The town of Ollantaytambo and the region surrounding it was conquered by Inca King Pachacuti. The town was part of the king’s personal estate. Post the conquest the king rebuilt the town and also carried extensive construction projects of terracing and irrigation. The served as a staying place for the Inca nobility and the terraces surrounding the town were farmed yanaconas who were retained by the king. After the king’s death the town came under the supervision of his family clan. The town again came into light during the Spanish conquest of Peru as it served as capital for the Inca resistance leader Manco Inca. In  [...]
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  • The Great Pyramid of Cholula
    The Great Pyramid of Cholula
    The Great Pyramid of Cholula is a gigantic shrine-pyramid complex situated close to the dual volcanic peaks of Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl and ten minutes proximity from the city of Puebla on the old highway route to Mexico City. It has been averred by the Guinness World Records as the largest monument globally with a mammoth assessed volume of above 4.45 million cubic metres, even toppling the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza by more than one-third. Devoted to the eminent Aztec deity Quetzalcoati, the Great Pyramid of Cholula was believed to have been constructed by one of the seven giants known as Xelhua in accordance to the Aztec’s faith. Its ongoing construction spanned generations over 2nd century BC to the early 16th century wherein it expanded to no less than four times. The orientation of the Cholula Pyramid is to the  [...]
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  • Rio Azul – Lost Maya City – Part III
    Rio Azul – Lost Maya City – Part III
    The robbed burials of Tomb 12 that were discovered in 1985 lay beneath the highest temple complex, there were glyphs found on the walls that referred to the four chief directions in accurate orientation. A blue colored vessel was found that was considered to be a grave offering or a gift from Rio Azul ruler that is placed in the Detroit Institute of Arts. Also unravelled was the most ancient kind of discovery was a four inch high Maya statuette sculpted in a form of a whistle about 1,500years ago in an untouched burial of Tomb 23 and may depict the buried noble. A glyph found on a pot from a companion burial Tomb 19 depicts the riverside city. A 1,500 year old skeletal remains of a tall Mayan along with precious artefacts were uncovered from Tomb 19. Valuable items were mostly concealed in memorial caches amounting to thirteen in  [...]
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  • Rio Azul – Lost Maya City – Part II
    Rio Azul – Lost Maya City – Part II
    The premier national park in Guatemala, the Tikal National Park has a site that is the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Monument. Tikal, a big Mayan city encircled by immaculate Tropical Forests started being inhabited between 800 B.C.-900A.D. Rio Azul donned a crucial role in the Tikal’s expansion and was its significant ally against its bitter rival, Calakmul. However, by A.D. 530, the unexpected happened with Calakmul attacking Rio Azul. In the Late Classic period, Tikal got back its past grandeur and Rio Azul’s populace grew yet again with new monuments being built. Though Tikal spans 112 sq.kms of which, a mere 16 sq.kms has been recorded and as many as 4000 structures been found till date. The Tomb 1 that was bore the ravages of the looters has intricately woven mat designs at the entrance that was an indicator of  [...]
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