Journey Idea » North America Travel across the world with Journey Idea Mon, 15 Apr 2013 07:00:46 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Travel Guide to Trinidad and Tobago Tue, 29 Jan 2013 07:05:47 +0000 Ricky Visit the lovely land of North America and get the best of tour delights at Trinidad and Tobago the lovely travel destination in this part of the world. Visit this lovely Caribbean island group, which is a great way of enjoying tours here and is the right manner in which you could take back with you a great travel kitty.

With the Creole culture dominating the region, this land has the best of diversity and the most of commerce. Trinidad also has love of oil and gas and has a great cultural diversity. The lovely land is filled with a lazy ambience, which relaxes the visitor totally.

The place has a lot of history attached to it butt Trinidad Tobago and so tours here would never go without fun and enjoyment. Come here and enjoy the kiosks in the shoreline of the Store Bay.

Trinidad and Tobago

The entire beach here has the best of amenities of the Caribbean and carries with it a lovely background. So the bone white sand that you see here alongwith the lovely blue sea would completely fulfill your stay here too.

Visit Pigeon Point and enjoy the shores from afar. There are Caribbean beaches here and they are really a great temptation for all the visitors coming here. Take a snorkeling experiences here by going to the Buccoo Reef.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse Caribbean Beaches

Then you have the Asa Wright Nature Centre, which is where you have more than 400 species of birds as well as 55 kinds of reptilian species. With at least 25 amphibians, there is a certain charm here for all animal and nature lovers. The Asa Wright Centre is full of such sights and more and is information for science.

People normally spend an entire day in the huge stretch of the park and explore the grounds to their hearts’ content. There is a small admission fee, which takes you on a guided tours. Spend the day here and bask in the pleasures of an idyllic land.

Asa Wright Nature Centre Asa Wright Nature Centre Species

The annual festival at Tobago is another major attraction. You also have the lively Carnival at Trinidad. It is a rich experience and fills your heart with a warmth that is unbeatable. Here there are many towns which give you the best of travel experience make your tours here very interesting.

There are some events like the Goats and Crab Races in Buccoo, the Old time Tobago Wedding in the Mariah village are a greatly popular trend.

Anyone coming to Trinidad and Tobago Islands would surely love to see the Caroni Bird Sanctuary. It gives the same kind of excitement that one gets at the Asa Wright Nature Centre. Visit the Caroni Sanctuary and enjoy sights of the scarlet ibis, which is also the national bird of this lovely island region.

Crab Races Caroni Bird Sanctuary

The scarlet ibis looks like an orange flamingo. The ideal time to see the ibis is in the late afternoon so come here early and keep waiting for it to come. There are lot of mosquitoes here and reptiles. If you are all right with the varied forms of natural, then you have the lovely sights of the beautiful sanctuary here so just are ensconced in the lovely ambiene and give yourself the time of your life.

With the best forms of sights to see and the most of natural delights tours to this part of the world indeed is an experience to go through. Come to Trinidad Tobago and take back our girl.

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Beautiful Attractions in Loire Valley in France Mon, 10 Sep 2012 11:30:56 +0000 Ricky Come to the lovely continent of Europe and go around the even more fascinating region of France. Visit this beautiful locale here in this part of the world and enjoy your tours here. Visit the Loire Valley in France and go back to a time of the past when heavens seem to kiss earth. The Loire Valley or the Val de Loire of France is a place that is a must see in tours here. It offers the most diverse and the most enchanting sights and gives the travellers the pleasures of being in a great paradise. This is one of the most wonderful places to visit in France and offers the best visual delights ever. With its awe inspiring monuments and the most magnificent cathedrals, the experience here is seen to be believed.

With the best expanse of gardens and the ideal sights of a great natural ambience, the travel delight here is a great experience. The tourists gets to see the best activities on land and also in water. As you go around the place the best zoos in the world are found here. You would not go back disappointed and you would surely love to see the best and the mast ideal tour delights here.

Loire valley

Visit the Chateau here and enjoy the royal connection that it has. So get to know the best of French Royalty which is a safe paradise and the best kind of playground of culture. The noble followers of the French Royalty created this for us to see and it has been preserved in the best manner till today. The fortress of Chinon has been reconstructed in the recent past. The Castile in the Loire Valley are as varied and diverse and extend over the River Cher. Come here and see Chambord and the Azay le Rideau, the lovely River Indre, the beautiful gardens at Chaumont-sur-Loire and the Le grand Pressigny which is a great museum.

Today there are many chateaus here that are a part of the World Heritage Site. The simplicity and the magnanimity of the ambience is seen in these chateaus thus making them a great fascinating for all and a great tour delight for anyone who comes to this part of the world.

So come here to the Loire Valley and enjoy the sights of the famous chateaux like the Chambord and the Chenonceau and bask in the ambience of the best kind of architectural elegance which is seen only here. Come here and enjoy the sights of the cities and enjoy the special elegance of this beautiful place. Visit Tours, Amboise, Blois, Loches, Samur and Chinon.

Beautiful place

Visit one of the best cathedrals in France which are found in Chartres, Bourges and also in Orleans. The villages here are inclusive of some of the best villages and the most fascinating views in this part of the world. So if you chose to live in one of the cities or towns here in Loire Valley, then do make sure you go round the entire region and fill your travel kitty with the best.

Surely you would get charmed by the entire experience here in the Loire Valley and would go back with a great travel kitty. Enjoy your stress free holidays here and bask in the ambience of a great geographical region.

The Loire Valley is a perfect destination with the best sights for the tourists. The visitors love to see the village churches, the hotels, the grand abbeys and the magnificent town halls here and also marvel at the beautiful and the finest cathedrals in this part of France. There is certain grandeur about this beautiful place and the splendour and glory of the past historical events is mirrored in the structures here.

Visit Tours

Markets are a very common way of life in France. So come here and enjoy the markets here and enjoy the sight of the stalls occupying your time here. There are lot of things to buy here and as you go around you would surely love to spare time and shop here for whatever attracts you.

Also see the innumerable dwellings that have been dug out o rock faces and slopes here. These are the troglodytes and are the result of a great urge of the locals to create something with great potential.

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The Hilton Toronto Hotel Tue, 29 Nov 2011 07:05:10 +0000 Ricky If you are in Toronto, Canada and looking for a luxury hotel for your stay here then there will be no better option than the Hilton Toronto. Here, you will be greeted with excellent fine dining and elegantly decorated guestrooms. The hotel is strategically built in close proximity of several popular tourist destinations of the city. Some of the attractions situated around the Hilton Toronto include CN Tower, Four seasons Center of Performing Arts etc.

The Hilton Toronto Hotel

The interiors of this hotel are done based on sophisticated contemporary designs. The hotel houses as many as 600 guestrooms, each of which is plush and well-equipped. If you wish to savor ultimate luxury, you can book a suite; the hotel has 4 Signature Suites. The guestrooms of the hotel will also take care of your comforts. Every guestroom of this hotel is significantly spacious and boasts stylish interiors. These rooms are equipped with all kinds of modern day necessities for making the stay absolutely unforgettable for you. The hotel’s guestrooms have workstations, where you will get access to high speed internet connection. Besides that, there will be two telephones having voice mail facility. These features of the rooms will ensure that you will be able to stay connected with the outer world even while relaxing in your hotel room. The other features of Hilton Toronto’s guestrooms include: Evelyn and Crabtree amenities, in-room safe, the special Hilton Serenity Collections etc.

Hotel Hilton Toronto room Hotel Hilton Toronto room Hotel Hilton Toronto room

For dining, you will not need to leave the hotel premises. You will get to enjoy wide variety of cuisines in the three in-house restaurants of Hilton Toronto. You can also organize cozy family dinners and elaborate corporate dining at these restaurants. If you want to taste some authentic Canadian dishes, visit the hotel’s Tundra restaurant. For having sizzlers and steaks, you should visit the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. The Barrister’s restaurant, on the other hand, is meant for people looking to have casual meals.

Tundra restaurant

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Denali National Park and Preserve Thu, 10 Nov 2011 11:02:42 +0000 Ricky Denali National Park and Preserve is a wildlife reserve situated in Alaska and is primarily famous for housing North America’s highest mountain, Denali. The area covered by this park and preserve is 24,585 km².

What kind of wildlife you can expect to come across during your visit to the Denali National Park and Preserve? The region acts as a habitat for different species of Alaskan mammals and birds. The place is heavily populated by black bears and grizzly bears. You will frequently come across caribous roaming around the park in herds. The mountainside is specifically known for being home to Dall sheep.

Denali National Park and Preserve

Inspite of having significant human influence, the Denali National Park and Preserve has both active and historic dens of gray wolves. Denali is also inhabited strongly by martens, wolverines, foxes and lynx; however, you will rarely get to see these animals as they are extremely elusive in nature. Besides that, smaller animal species like squirrels, pikas, beavers, snowshoe hares and hoary marmots are found in the park in plenty.

Squirrel at Denali National Park and Preserve Hoary marmots at Squirrel at Denali National Park and Preserve

The avian population of Denali makes it a paradise for bird watchers. Thousands of species of migratory birds come to this place around late spring and reside here all through the summer months.  If you are a lucky birdwatcher, you might get a glimpse of majestic birds like pine grosbeaks, wheatears, tundra swans, waxwings, Arctic Warblers and Ptarmigans. The park is also inhabited by predatory birds such as gyrfalcons, owls and hawks, the most special species being the golden eagle.

Pine Grosbeak at Denali National Park and Preserve Hawk at Denali National Park and Preserve

Let us now, get acquainted with the wide variety of fishes found in the water bodies of the Denali National Park and Preserve. Waters of this park house 10 fish species, which includes names like arctic grayling, salmon and trout. As most lakes and rivers in Denali have glaciers and glacial salt, the metabolism of these fishes are impaired, which prevents them from attaining normal sizes. The only amphibian species present at the park is wood frog.

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Kentucky Travel Tips for Horse Lovers Mon, 03 Oct 2011 07:37:22 +0000 Ricky If you are a horse lover and are visiting the US state of Kentucky, then some truly exciting experiences are waiting for you there.

Horse lover's guide to Kentucky

Let us start with the famous Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby is basically the initial leg of the celebrated Triple Crown. It is also a horse race, which is rated among the most storied ones of the world. This race was organized for the first time in the year 1875. The event is held annually on first Saturday of the month of May at the Churchill Downs, a racetrack housed by the city of Louisville. This derby is celebrated as a big event of the state. During your visit to this horse race, you will come across celebrities from different US states and other corners of the world. There designer attires will surely be a big experience for you.

Kentucky Derby

The next place experience waiting for horse lovers is the Kentucky Horse Park. This place houses a wide range of features keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of horse lovers. During your visit to this park, you will get an opportunity of learning minute details about thoroughbreds; if you are interested the place will also inform you about several known and unknown horse breeds. This horse park is not only meant for housing spectator attractions. You can also try out a pony ride or a ride on horseback. There’s also a campground having amenities like volleyball, basketball and tennis courts and swimming pool.

Kentucky Horse Park

The next thrilling site that horse lovers visiting the state of Kentucky shouldn’t miss is the Kentucky Action Park. In the year 1880, Jesse James established a stagecoach at Kentucky. Today, local horse riders and horse riders visiting the state from other parts of the country and the world can come to the riding stables of Jesse James, situated within the premises of Kentucky Action Park.

Kentucky Action Park

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What Are the Best Rides at the Coney Island? Tue, 27 Sep 2011 07:30:22 +0000 Ricky Coney Island is famous for being the home to some of the most exciting rides that currently exists in the world. In this article, we’ll be discussing about some of the most thrilling rides you can enjoy at the amusement area of Coney Island.

Coney Island

Wonder Wheel:

This ride was constructed in the year 1918 and was opened for public use in 1920. The Wonder Wheel possesses both rocking and stationary cars sliding along the track. It can accommodate 144 riders at a time. The height of the Wonder Wheel is 150 feet; it weighs more than 2,000 tons. The entire circumference of the wheel is outlined with neon tunes, which gives it an enchanting appearance during the nighttime. The Wonder Wheel is a part of the Denos Wonder Wheel Amusement Park.

Wonder Wheel

The Cyclone:

This ride is basically a rollercoaster constructed in the year 1927. You will find the Cyclone while moving across from the Astroland. It is one of US’s oldest wooden roller coasters that are in operation till date. Due to the sheer entertainment it provides, the Cyclone is extremely popular among both the local and touring rollercoaster aficionados.

The Cyclone

B & B Carousell:

This ride is the last conventional carousel of the Coney Island. The ride is located near the place that used to have the old entrance of the Luna Park. Currently, the region is crowded by a number of furniture stores. This carousel runs must faster compared to the other rides of its kind. The death of the old operator of this carousel sent the ride for an auction. Fans of this ride feared that it would be broken and sold to collectors; however, nothing like that happened. The B & B Carousell was purchased by the New York City only some days of the scheduled auction date. The ride was then dismantled and the local government has plans of reinstalling it in some other venue of Coney Island, very shortly.

B and B Carousell

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The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve Tue, 30 Aug 2011 07:30:06 +0000 Ricky The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve has 3 primary sections; they are: Broken Group of Islands, West Coast Trail and Long Beach. This setting of this natural reserve boasts features of both forest and marine environment. This place possesses island archipelago, a rainforest and a number of archeological sites of great historical significance.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is located in Canada and houses a wide variety of animals. Here you will come across marine mammals of different species; this includes seals, whales and sea lions. There are also more than 250 avian species, some of which come as migrants during the fall and spring.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

The activities you can take part in during your visit to the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve includes fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, wildlife viewing, camping and several interesting interactive programs. The national park’s Long Beach section hosts an area named as the Green Point; it is basically a campground having more than 100 campsites in it. You can also spend fun-filled hours in this national park by participating in the walking trails in the park’s Long Beach segment. There are 9 such walking trails in this park.

Long Beach at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve West Coast Trails at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Another segment of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Broken Group of Islands on the other hand houses several bays and coves. These water bodies can be explored by the visitors on boats. People also use this section of the park for setting camps, particularly during the time between mid July and August.

Broken Group of Islands at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Now, you must be wondering about the best time of visiting Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. The time during which majority of the facilities of this park stay open is: between mid-March and mid-October. From the middle of October till the middle of March, the park sees a low season every year due to snowfall and extremely cold temperature. During this phase of the year, most of the significant segments of the park stay closed.

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The Baffin Island: The Ideal Time to Visit the Island Thu, 28 Jul 2011 07:31:01 +0000 Ricky Baffin Island is not only the largest island of Canadian Arctic Archipelago, but also the 5th largest island of this world. It is located in Nunavut, a Canadian province. This Canadian island with native population of around 11,000 is visited by a large number of tourists every year.

As this island is located in Arctic Circle, it experiences the northerly winds almost throughout the year.  Due to this reason the temperature of this island stays severely low for   most part of a year. The island also stays surrounded by sea ice for major part of a year.

During the month of April, the average temperature of the southern part of the Baffin Island stays between -5 to -15degrees Fahrenheit. During this part of the year, the central region of the island stays even cooler; there, the temperature during the month of April ranged between -23 and -16degrees Fahrenheit. The temperatures of the western and eastern part of the Baffin Island respectively stays between -23 and -15degrees Fahrenheit and -24 and -14degrees Fahrenheit during the month of April.

Baffin Island during the summer months is expectedly comparatively less cold. The temperature around the region of the Dewer Lake ranges between 2 and 8 degrees; around the Clyde River it stays between 0 and 8 degrees; and in the Longstaff Bluff, the temperature moves from 3 to 10 degrees.

Although the best time of visiting this Canadian island is during the summer months, you will enjoy your time in the Baffin Island even during the colder months of the year. The island houses both summer and year-round visitor wildlife. Some of the wildlife that you’ll be able to witness al through the year include animals like: arctic wolf, arctic fox, lemming, arctic hare, polar bear and caribou. The specialties of the summer months are the migratory creatures like harp seals, white whales, walrus, bowhead whale, narwhals etc.

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Overview of the Cincinnati Police Museum Thu, 07 Jul 2011 07:05:27 +0000 Ricky If you are in Ohio, USA, then the Cincinnati Police Museum is must visit for you; this is more evident for people with an adventurous nature.

Cincinnati Police Museum includes a display of an exciting collection of murder weapons. This collection was donated to the museum by a famous defense attorney of this region, Late William Hopkins. As you will walk around the museum, the guide will offer you more information about this collection of murder weapons. According to the guides of the Cincinnati Police museum, tall these weapons belonged to the murderers defended by William Hopkins.  However, the guides will not be able to explain how the attorney managed to keep those weapons.

What are the kinds of weapons present in the collection? You will find weapons of every form depicting the kind of murder cases defended by William Hopkins. There are concrete blocks, bayonets, hammers, bombs etc. each of these weapons are tagged with its case names; the case names are also creatively chosen. You will feel as if you are reading the title of a television series or a murder mystery paperback. Some examples include: ‘The Love Car’s Murder’, ‘The Bath Tub’s Murder’ etc.

The other most excising exhibit of this police museum is the stuffed police dog, Handsome. Handsome dies in a case more than 100 years back, but is still extremely popular among the visitors coming to this museum, especially among the kids. Your guide will tell you the story of Handsome and how he was greeted by the Police department even after his death.

The museum is located behind the Police Federal credit Union in Cincinnati. The place stays open 3 days a week i.e. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays; the visiting hours starts from 10 am in the morning and extends up to 4 pm in the afternoon.

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington Wed, 18 May 2011 09:38:19 +0000 Ricky In the history of America, the Vietnam War was among the longest wars wherein several U.S. service members of the national armed forces died in Vietnam. Today, not only Washington, but the whole world pays tribute to them as tourists by exploring the Vietnam Veterans Memorial dedicated in their honor. This monument is famously a black granite wall on which there are over 50,000 names of the killed or missing American men as well as women since the Vietnam conflict. The names of these veterans are in chronological order as per the occurrence of the fatality. However, the visitors spot these names with the help of a provided alphabetical directory that one can pick from the podiums nearby.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial presently encompasses three detached zones namely, the Three Soldiers statue, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, and the Vietnam Women’s Memorial. Among these, the wall is famous among the tourists.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Designed by Maya Lin, the Memorial Wall actually refers to two long walls submerged into the ground. One of them looks toward the Washington Monument, while the second faces the Lincoln Memorial. Both of them have more than 72 panels of which 70 bear the list of names in a specific numbering arrangement – 1E to 70E and IW to 70W. The remaining two panels are blank and are seen at the ends. The stones are of highly reflective quality, which were brought from Bangalore of India, fabricated in Vermont’s Barre, and were engraved at Memphis. When you just start to look at the wall, you will first interestingly see your reflection along with the engraved names together. This symbolically indicates the confluence of past and present. Following the base of the wall is the pathway you can walk, pray, or read the names.

The walls are inscribed with the Optima font revealing the servicemen names that were Killed in Action (KIA) or were Missing in Action (MIA) as in 1982. In an ascending order, the names begin to flow from the apex on 1E panel to the eastern wall end at panel 70E and then starting again at 70W panel until the western wall’s end taking you into the period from 1958 to 1975. Many have termed this wall as a ‘wound that is healing’. Out of these 58,267 names, 8 are of women, 1,200 are of the missing ones indicated by a cross, while the rest are confirmed dead with the sign of a diamond. For the MIAs, the cross in circle mark means that the missing has been found alive; while a diamond on the cross means that the missing is dead.

The Three Soldiers

Nestled at a walking distance from the wall, you will able to see one more Vietnam memorial called the Three Soldiers. This is a life size bronze statue that is also known as The Three Servicemen. In reaction to the controversial Lin’s design, Frederick Hart created this figurative sculpture for complementing the wall. The statue shows three soldiers intentionally to be identified as the African American, White American, and Hispanic American. Intersecting with the memorial wall, the sculpture of the soldiers seems to offer a sincere tribute to their dead companions.

Women’s Memorial

This is also a part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and is nestled to the south of the Wall. As the name suggests, this one is built in honor of the American women who sacrificed their lives during the war. Most of these were nurses. Symbolically, these three women are named as Hope (for the one who is looking up), Faith (for the one who is praying by kneeling down), and Charity (for the one nursing an injured soldier). To its north is the Reflecting Pool.

In front of the memorial, the visitors mostly offer letters, flowers, medals, and photos. When too much gathers around, the National Park Service houses these offerings in the Smithsonian Museum of American History.


24 hours, but staffed from 8 am to 12 am.

Nearest Metro station

Foggy Bottom.

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