Journey Idea » News Travel across the world with Journey Idea Mon, 15 Apr 2013 07:00:46 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Arubathimoovar Festival Of the 63 Nayanmars in Chennai Fri, 29 Mar 2013 07:02:53 +0000 Ricky The Arubathimoovar Festival is a festival that is always in the news in the months of March and April in Chennai in South India. Held in celebration of the deities of the ancient and famous Kapaleeshwar temple in Mylapore in Chennai every year, this year it is being celebrated  from  March 1 to April 30, 2013.

This unique Indian festival is mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva’s 63 saints or Arubathimoovar or 63 Nayanmars who led a life of self mortification and devotion. The tradition is to take out a procession of the bronze idols of these 63 saints with pomp and grandeur.

Arubathimoovar Festival Parade Kapaleeshwar Temple in Mylapore

Devotees come from across the state of Tamil Nadu to attend the festival which been taking place since four centuries and more. Preparations begin at least  before a month and a half. There is no space to stand outside the temple during this time. It is really astounding to see so many devotees braving the heat of the April sun, and waiting with resilience and devotion  just to get a glimpse of the saints ‘ idols and get the blessings of their favourite God.

Arubathimoovar Festival in Chennai

Mylapore,  a popular area in Chennai and gets its name from the word  “Myil “meaning peacock in Tamil and “ooru” meaning place. During the festival offerings of flowers and fruits are also done. Bright designs adorn the front portion of the houses while folk dances like Koothu and Kokkalikattai and thoippavai puppet shows are performed for the public.

Celebrating The 63 Saints of Shiva

The highlight of the Arubathimoovar festival is the way in which the people of Chennai come together and contribute to giving food and drinks to all these tired devotees who come here from far off places. One can see some giving rice khichdi, some others giving rose milk, some giving buttermilk while others giving fruits. People feel fulfilled that they have contributed to God in this manner

India with its myriad festivals thus gives the Arubathimoovar festival to the kitty in this month of April.

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Games in Venetian Macau Tue, 12 Feb 2013 11:33:56 +0000 Ricky When one thinks of casinos around the world, more than likely the  Chinese region of Macau probably doesn’t come to mind instantly. However,  if the casino industry in that country has anything to with it, it soon will. Macau is becoming one of the fastest growing gambling locales in the world – already surpassing Las Vegas. The biggest casino in Macau is the Venetian Macau and boasts the largest casino floor in the world. The Venetian Macau is based on its Vegas predecessor. However, the Venetian Macau was built with larger proportions. For any online casino fan who has yet to experience a world casino, this is definitely one to consider. The Venetian Macau offers a great variety of casino games. In fact, it has more tables as well as table games than other casinos. There are many different poker casino games which can be found at the Venetian Macau. One of these includes a game referred to as Sands Stud Poker. This game is similar to the online casino game of Caribbean poker.

Casino Hotel in Venetian Macau

The major difference with the variation played at the Macau casino is that the side bet is varied. Typically, the side bet is $25 when playing Caribbean poker at an online casino like the ones in However, with the  Venetian Macau’s version players may opt for other bets including $50,  $75, $100 or $125. Before visiting the Venetian Macau, one can hone their skills are playing Caribbean poker online or with friends. This version of stud poker is similar to blackjack in that players are competing against the dealer rather than the other players at the table. Therefore, certain strategies typically used in poker are not applicable in Caribbean poker. For  instance, bluffing would be a waste in this version of poker. For this reason, Caribbean poker is ideal for playing in a friendlier environment where bluffing isn’t needed.

Casino at Venetian Macau Venetian Macau Casino Games

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Hostels: An Economic Place for Travelers! Tue, 12 Feb 2013 09:11:33 +0000 Ricky Hostels are an economical and affordable way to accommodate safe and sound with compatible travelers around the world. Hostels, also known as Hotels in some cases, generally feature security, social life, showers and rooms with multiple bunks. Some hostels are just having bare bones beds, while some are quite luxurious.

Hostels Luxurious Room Hostel Canteen

Hostel are having good accommodation with dorm rooms and multiple beds in it, shared bathrooms, check in area, cooking and food area, and also at times a safe spot for your pack. Furthermore, they also usually have common areas for socializing, even if merely picnic tables in a courtyard. Laundry facilities are as well offered in some Hostels aka Hotels, and sometimes one can also have access of bars, tourist desks, and internet too. In many Hostels, you will be also given with in-phones and television sets. At the check-in counter, you may also be asked to leave your passport at the desk as a deposit, or a huge amount of cash deposit if you won’t.

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News on Travel Destinations Sat, 10 Nov 2012 07:05:48 +0000 Ricky Do not think that the term off season applies to travel destinations across the world. there are lot of places you could visit in this off season. There are many airlines and hotels which sometimes drop rates in the off season. So get the pleasures of the best kind of travels and the most fascinating kinds of travel destinations in the world. Here you would get luxuries at a smaller price and you would come back extremely satisfied.

Visit Iceland. The Kroner crash hasn’t made Iceland a bad place to visit. It is affordable and at around five hours from the East Coast this is a country in Scandinavia that gives great weekend getaway pleasures. Fall packages area available on Iceland air and so it is a great idea to use this as a travel destination.

Travel destinations

Then you have the Caribbean which is a great place to visit. Even if the Fall has the hurricane season in, yet the southern ABC or Aruba, Bonarie and Curacao are immune to bad weather and so are Barbados and St. Barths; These remain totally unscathed and untouched by the Fall weather. So this is a great place to visit and so just enjoy the uncrowded beaches and also the five star hotel facilities.

Visit Sydney as here you would get a lot of vacation budget for yourself. So enjoy the super luxury of being in this beautiful city and just make the right deals to go to the right hotel at the right time. Weather here is pleasant during Fall so it makes a great place to visit.

Pleasure of travelling

Again Hawaii is a perfect vacation spot during Fall. The lush islands here offer great vacation ambience to the kids and the adults alike. So going between now and thanksgiving would only ensure that the beaches are less crowded and that the resorts too would offer great comforts and conveniences.

Oregon Wine Country is another place to visit and it comes cheap during Fall. This is the time when the harvest season has the highest wine country prices. Go towards north to the calm Oregaon and enjoy the pleasures here. The weekend couldn’t have got better with such visits to these beautiful regions in the Fall.

Vacation spots

Then go to Berlin and beat the past history and experience the pleasures of a great land. It is a great experience to go and enjoy the historical wall that fell in 1989 and to see the contrast of cultures in both the cities now. From hypermodern skyscrapers to lovely nightclubs from the Communist era buildings to the great shopping zones, from art locales to vibrant neighborhoods you have it all, here in the distant neighbourhood. The German capital is very affordable during the Fall and is the best amongst London, Paris and Rome.

Fall is the time when people wonder where to go and how. The list above would surely give you an idea of how to travel during the Fall. Get the best of Fall experiences and take back with you a sizeable enchanting travel kitty.

Different travel destinations

Visit all the travel destinations in the Fall and experience the pleasures of a great paradise.

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Latest from Travel News – Qatar Airways Adds Five New International Routes Mon, 30 Apr 2012 08:39:46 +0000 Ricky Qatar Airways has announced that they would further expand its intensely growing network and has now five passenger routes, with a lot of cargo services. It has increased its capacity to many destinations connecting directly from Doha which is the airline’s hub.

Serbia, Iraq, Tanzania, and Myanmar are the major regions which are the passenger routes and are in the process of being expanded. There are new freighter service that is going to be introduced in South Africa, Pakistan, Korea, Oman and South Africa. The passenger flights and their frequency are going to be increased in Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and Europe.

Qatar Airways

There was an expansion programme that was inaugurated on the opening day of the world’s largest travel show – The ITB in Berlin.

Then the city of Erbil and the capital Baghdad in Iraq are introduced to the Middle East Network regions of the carrier. This would be done in the months of May and June.

Then there is going to be a second point in Tanzania and many new flights to Kilimanjaro. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia which is the latest addition to the European network of the airline. In the month of September Myanmar would once again have Qatar Airways in its network again. The city of Yangon would be served for the airlines in the month of October after a break of four years.

The airline also announced that there would be a lot of start ups to many international destinations in the year 2012, like the Kigali in Rwanda, Zagreb, Perth, MOmbas, Helsinki, and Gassim in Saudi Arabia etc.

Qatar Airways also announced that there would be an expansion to the four new routes of Seoul, Karachi, Johannesburg and Muscat. There are presently a fleet of six freighters to around 33 destinations in the world.

Qatar Airways
The airline has a strategy to increase the frequency of the routes that exist today and has many choices for the passengers. Qatar airways are thus increasing the number of flights in this network from the beginning of the Northern Summer flying schedule.

The route in Kuala Lumpur region in Asia would also be expanded to around 17 flights daily from the regular two flights a day. The daily service to Jakarta would have another three flights which have a capacity of around 10 a week.

In Europe there would be a fifth daily flight that would be introduced on the London Heathrow route and would thus have a new flight in Doha. There has been a new Business and First Class Lounge at the Heathrow terminal which is the carrier’s first stop outside Doha. The new flights are a great welcome to all the tourists traveling to this part of the world.

Qatar Airways would have around 11 flights each week instead of the two flights every day. North Africa would have 11 services to Algiers. The present schedule is around 7 a week. The city of Cairo would have three additional flights every day and the frequency goes up to 12 a week.

There are three destinations in the Gulf that would greatly be benefited by the additional capacity that has been added on by Qatar Airways. There would be around 13 additional flights that would take up the frequency from around 42 to around 55 flights a week. The city of Muscat would have around 31 services from now.

Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates would have an additional flight daily and thus there would be around 42 flights a week from now on.

Doha still would continue to have passenger and also cargo traffic all across the word and offers the best connections in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America, Pacific, and South America.

Qatar Airways plans on expanding the requirements of the passenger and gives more frequency on the existing routes and gives more choice and flexibility. Newer markets are being entered and there is a need for air services especially when the markets are being served and are in need for more capacity. Qatar Airways would take a new aircraft every 15 days and these would be immediately inducted into service and all new opportunities are going to be looked into.

So in the last fifteen years Qatar Airways has seen a massive growth and has operations in around 105 countries across the various regions in the world.

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Travel insurance Wed, 25 Apr 2012 11:34:03 +0000 Ricky With hectic everyday lives, everyone needs a chance to get away from it all to simply relax. With the whole wide world before them, people can choose a variety of destinations for their holiday. When taking these holidays, no one every thinks that things won’t go according to plan. Unfortunately, sometimes this happens and without travel insurance, travelers can find themselves in a bind.

When travelling, travel insurance offers different types of coverage. For instance, travel insurance policies offer trip cancellation and interruption insurance. This kind of coverage helps travelers recover any lost monies spent on travel arrangements if they must end their holiday early. Travel insurance policies will specify what events constitute an emergency. Knowing these reasons is important before taking out the insurance policy so you don’t think you have coverage that you really do not have.

Travel insurance

Another real danger to travel plans today is the precarious financial position some travel service providers are in. For instance, what if the company with whom you booked a cruise, suddenly declares bankruptcy? You would more than likely lose any fees you’ve paid in booking your cruise holiday. One kind of travel insurance known as supplied default insurance can help recoup any losses you incur for a situation as this.

Travelling somewhere may necessitate securing some sort of transportation. Often many travelers will rent vehicles while on their holiday. Current auto insurance policies do not usually apply to foreign travel or driving. Travel insurance policies can provide liability coverage in the event that while operating the rental vehicle, you do any damage or cause injuries to others. Not having this kind of protection within a travel insurance policy could be quite costly when you have to pay for these damages out of your own pocket. Having travel insurance before partaking on a holiday just provides you with peace of mind.

For the best travel insurance deals make sure you get as many quotes as possible, which will enable you to choose the one which is right for you.

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Travel News from the World Tue, 13 Mar 2012 10:21:07 +0000 Ricky There is lot of excitement and eventful changes in the world of travel. There is news coming from across the world regarding travel and tourism. Such travel news and more are what make travel a way of life and tourism a great industry. Come to the world of travel and enjoy the benefits of relaxing in peace and relaxation.

The UNWTO is believed to have at least one billion tourists in the year 2012. There are many international tourist arrivals that are expected to around a billion by the end of the year 2012. The UNWTO Secretary General is Taleb Rifai who has given details on what the agenda is for the organization this year.

UNWTO Secretary General is Taleb Rifai

A leading travel company which deals mainly with the wellness and well being of the tourists has started a brand like a programme which is a way of inspiring the travellers and provides them with a creative collection of the holiday plans. This has been so designed that it provides a great balance for a great rejuvenation and rest during the holidays. Discover the secrets of relaxation and get into the best travel pleasures through such offers.

Then again there is this travel news about Malaysian Airlines having unveiled a particular specification and design of the Airbus A 380-800 which is under operation around 3 times a week. This is on the Kuala Lumpur Router from the first of July. The second kind of A 380 would be introduced sometime in the month of August in the year 2012. The third such plane would be used for the Kuala Lumpur Sydney flights.

Malaysian Airlines
Spain would be hosting the World Tourism Day in the month of September this year in 2012. This is the 2012 official World Tourism Day which is held in the Maspalomas Gran Canaria. The theme this time is “Tourism and Sustainable Energy: Powering Sustainable Development.” In fact WTD 2012 shows the need to bring the energy contributors and the tourism sector together so that the tourism industry is benefited by the sustainability and contribution.

Pegasus has expanded the voice services and gives a great facility of yet another call centre. This is in the United States of America and it expects to give the best kind of booking and generates a lot of revenue support through four kinds of call centres. There are around 11 languages in which the reservations are operating and these serve more than 30 countries. In fact one major hotel chain has been able to answer more calls with more conversations thus resulting in more revenue for the hotel.

Lufthansa now opens a fully flat Business Class Seat. This will make its first appearance in the airlines B747-800 aircraft sometime in the month of April. There is a new seater which has a bed which is 1.98 metres and is part of the airlines’ investment of around 3 billion euros. This is a part of the airlines in flight product.

Then Expedia is reconstructing its hotel features and is adding on new things to encourage its looks and to bring about the best tourists visits. It has been incorporating a lot of reviews that its sister company is bringing about.

Sabre Travel network has thrown open invitations for the Sabre Red App Centre which is a market online which connects the travel agencies, the buyers and the companies managing travel and also the operators who deal with leisure activities.

Sabre Red App Centre
There is more happening in the world and such kind of travel news keeps the tourists and related agencies at par with the daily events in tourism.

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Etihad Signs Billion Dollar Technology Deal with Sabre Tue, 27 Dec 2011 07:05:58 +0000 Ricky Etihad Airways signed a deal valued at over a billion US dollars with Sabre Airline Solutions, an aviation computer technology provider. The 10-year deal with see Etihad Airways use progressive, incorporated software across its departure control operations, reservations, distribution, inventory, eCommerce, marketing and planning. The software created by Sabre Airline Solutions will be put into practice by the month of February 2013 and will drastically reduce the technology costs of the airline, further streamlining processes significantly. Mr. James Hogan, Chief Executive Officer at Etihad Airways said that, this pioneering deal will play an essential role in offering Etihad Airways with tools required for achieving the next phase of profitability and growth targets in cost effective, pioneering and sustainable manner.

Etihad Signs Billion Dollar Technology Deal with SabreIt will be the single biggest technology enabled business change, which Etihad Airways will undertake in next ten years. Sabre went to Etihad with a world class product, which they believe will not only help them to increase revenues, but also take their exceptional customer service to next level. The deal also includes a full content; multi-year distribution agreement for providing Sabre connected travel agents all over the world with real time access to scheduling and flight information of Etihad Airways. The company will be able to access Sabre international distribution system to sell and market services and products. Mr. Sam Gilliland, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at Sabre said that Etihad Airways is a premier airline in world’s dynamic and growing part and will greatly benefit from class-leading, groundbreaking technology of Sabre for providing airline with flexibility for adapting to constantly changing travel marketplace. Sabre Airline Solutions offers IT services to over 100 airport and 300 airlines worldwide. Over 300 million passengers annually are processed by airlines using its technology.

Etihad Deals with Sabre

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Hilton Worldwide Opens Two New Hotels at Frankfurt Airport Thu, 22 Dec 2011 13:06:47 +0000 Ricky Hilton Worldwide today announced the opening of Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport and Hilton Frankfurt Airport part of renowned, futuristic THE SQUAIRE complex. The project is the first of Hilton Worldwide in Europe with two independently branded hotels operating beside each other under same roof. Mr. Simon Vincent, Area President at Hilton Worldwide in Europe said that THE SQUAIRE is one of the most architecturally imposing apartments in Europe and they are glad to welcome two extravagant hotels in their portfolio in this design-led, iconic development. With over 220 hotels in Europe and over 110 hotels in development pipeline, it is practicing exceptional growth throughout the continent.

Around 14kms from city centre, leisure and business guests have prime vantage point to financial capital of Germany along with plenty of cultural delights of city like Alte Oper Concert Hall, historic city hall Romer and Goethehaus, birthplace of popular Goethe, German Writer. Both hotels are situated directly above ICE Railway Station with trains direct to downtown Frankfurt in around 15 min and across continent to plenty of exciting locations.  Guests will be connected to Frankfurt Airport, 2nd biggest airport in the entire Europe.

Hilton Worldwide Opens Two New Hotels at Frankfurt Airport

Hilton Frankfurt Airport provides 249 stylish guest suites and rooms with LCD TV, work area with ergonomic desk chair and sound-proof windows.  They will be able to enjoy local delicacies and global cuisine at all-day Rise, The FIFTH Lounge & Bar and dining restaurant situated in light flooded atrium of the hotel. Bernd Siefert, a World champion pastry chef provides collection of delectable cakes and pastries to hotel.

Hilton Worldwide hotel has two managerial floors with ten modern meeting rooms and wide lounge with natural lighting. Hilton Frankfurt Airport also provides voluptuous 24 hour fitness centre with sauna and steam room, all accessible to Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport’s guests. Hilton Worldwide is an international hospitality company owned by Blackstone Group, a private equity firm. As on July 2011, it encompasses 3750 hotels with more than 600,000 rooms in 84 different nations. It ranked as 36th biggest private company by Forbes in US. Hilton owns, franchises or manages portfolio of marques, including Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts, Doubletree, Embassy Suites Hotels, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Hampton Inn and Hampton Inn & Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Home2 Suites by Hilton, Hilton Grand Vacations and Homewood Suites by Hilton.

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A hostel like no other Wed, 04 Aug 2010 10:48:04 +0000 Ricky Look, over there. Is it a bed? Is it a plane? Well…it’s actually a plane with a lot of beds. Now all of you that have had some trouble sleeping on planes might be rolling your eyes and groaning inwardly, but this is plane-ly different from anything you might have experienced beforehand. Stockholm’s jumbo hostel is a converted Boeing Jumbo 747 that has arisen from the ashes of its former avatar to become one unique snooze zone. If you’re anywhere in the immediate vicinity of Stockholm’s Arlanda airport, take a quick peek over at the hulking form grounded just off on the tarmac and lo presto, there you have it; a movable hostel unlike no other in the civilized world, one where your dreams can take flight.

Jumbo Hostel

They called the 787 the Dreamliner, but there is no reason to believe that that would not be a more appropriate name for this innovative place of stay, for altogether different reasons of course. The Jumbo Hostel has bunked rooms spanning either side of the aisle as we know it, right from the center to the tail of the aircraft. Some of the rooms even come equipped with attached bathrooms (none of those gnarly queues for the toilet) although there are also shared bathrooms spread across the length and breadth of the aircraft for the true airline experience. Talk about retaining authenticity.

Jumbo Hostel room

As you may well remember, the 747-200 boasts a second deck and a part of this has been converted into a common area as has a similar area nearer the nose of the airplane. The creators have even gone to the extent of taking out the seats from first class and using them on the higher level, making things a bit more surreal and comfortable for all. You can always unwind at the common area on the lower level, near the front as mentioned previously, and partake of some snacks and drinks while chatting with fellow residents. You could be forgiven for believing that it is all a bit cramped and claustrophobic, but the rooms themselves have two beds, wireless internet and flat-screen TV’s installed which is standard fare for any hotel room and it is as cozy as it gets while on an airplane, and not spartanly in its furnishing.

The story behind the creation and conversion of the hostel itself bears retelling. A Swedish hotelier, Oscar Dios, was looking at options for a new property and stumbled upon the idea of buying a 747 that was headed for the junkyard. After much effort was made to make it habitable and an attractive option for tourist, its doors were thrown open for boarding. The cockpit has been converted into a larger suite, complete with some of the original interiors and it is all a novelty, albeit a fun one that beats the hell out of checking into your run of the mill hotels. Just 10 minutes from the check-in counter at the terminal, the thought of saving yourself the pain of sleeping on the airport floor due to an overbooked/delayed flight is a joy in itself, and that’s without even considering for a moment the delightfully diabolical manner in which a bit of innovation and recycling was pulled off. Sleeping at the airport was never made to sound better.

jumbo hostel cockpit

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