Journey Idea » Mysterious Earth Travel across the world with Journey Idea Mon, 15 Apr 2013 07:00:46 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Tour Pleasures in Alanya Tue, 08 Jan 2013 09:31:31 +0000 Ricky Alanya is a lovely travel locale located in the Mediterranean coast and provides the best of tour memories. Alanya is a recently discovered region and has been a find for many tourists in the past twenty years. European tourism thus has a lot of Alanya tourists from Scandinavia and Germany. The silky sandy stretches here on the beach locales in Alanya give good reasons why tourists should come to this part of the world. Most of those who live near Alanya come here to sunbathe and to do simple things like basking and enjoying the beach pleasures. Experience the feeling of being in the hillside café and enjoy the ruins here filled with a joy that is surely unbeatable.

Otogar is a place on the coastal highway, which has bus services. The services are not much in summer but provide a good communication system. Then there are services on boat to Girne in the Northern Cyprus region from the harbour in Alanya.

Visit the fortresses in Alanya and enjoy the entrance the sights of beautiful and majestic structures. Go through the inner citadel here and experience the pleasures of a Turkish quarter, which has been existing since the Seljuk and Ottoman times. There are many wooden houses here, which are still a great sight for the eyes. The Ehmedek Kapisi is the gateway to the fort. Go into the Ice Kale and see the most fascinating but poorly maintained ruins in this part of the world. There is an eleventh century Byzantine church here as also a place with the best of cisterns.

Alanya fortresses

Then go to the Dripstone Cave in Alanya in Turkey and see how well the beach here seems to come alive. This is very near the Cleopatra’s Beach and is the main entry point to the cave with a lot of stalactites and with a humidity of around 95%. It is said that the air here if inhaled and exhaled for a long period of time, then it has the ability to give a lot of relief to those suffering from asthma.

Then there is the Iskele Sofrasi in Turkey in Alanya and this is surely a place where you would get the best of authentic Turkish seafood. Enjoy the harbour restaurants here and to the intimate place here and bask in the presence of lot of spices and beautiful terrace views in the hotels. The views of the harbour are a perfect visual delight here and offer a lot of tour memories to the visitors.

Dripstone Cave

The Ottoman House in Alanya is another place to visit and the simple sight of this 100 year old stone villa, which was a hotel once, is attractive. Then there is the ambiene of an atmospheric eatery here in Alanya and the Begendili Tas kebabi, which is a traditional form of Ottoman dish, is a hot favourite here. This is a dish of sautéed lamb served on aubergine and is a major delicacy in this part of the world in Mediterranean. The grilled fish dishes here are also a hit and on Sunday and Thursday nights, you could have a barbecue night with the grilled fish here. There is live music here and the holidays here and thus, tours here are very interesting and enchanting.

Astim Magarasi is another lovely place to visit in Eastern Mediterranean. There are two caves here, which give a fresh feeling. If one inhales and exhales the air here then he would be relieved of a lot of pain. So come here an enjoy the Caves of Heaven and hell here which is a little to the south of the AStim magarasi. The cave is not a tourist spot yet travellers come here out of curiosity. They also get a good view from here.

Astim Magarasi

Kizilkule is another lovely structure, which is a five storey octagonal tower, is around 30m in diameter, and has more than 30 m high with a cistern in the centre kept for water shortage. It is seen looming over the harbour at the lower end of the Iskele Caddesi. It was Seljuk Sultan Aladdin who built this in the year 1226 and it has been the first structure to have been erected after the town was taken over by the sultan. There is also a small museum here, which has around 85 steps, which lead to a terrace, and has the best views of the harbour.

With fascinating sights and lovely tour, pleasures come here to Alanya and enjoy the delights of a region that has the best of travel luxuries.

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Magnificent Travel Attractions in the Newport Tower Tue, 07 Aug 2012 08:41:48 +0000 Ricky The Newport Tower is a great attraction in this part of the world in Rhode Island in USA. This is also called the Round Tower and has been said to actually have been a windmill. It is believed that this windmill was built sometime in the 17th century. The tower attracted the attention of many due to the belief that the tower is centuries old, and it represents the proof of having connection with the pre  Columbian era The New port Tower is located in the Region of Touro Park, on top of the Mill Street. It has a great historical region surrounding it and faces the waterfront here. There are collections of18th century paintings that exhibit that the hill actually once displayed a great view of the harbour and was witness to innumerable mariners in the bay of Narragansett. Today however there is lot of tree growth here and this obstructs the view.

The Newport is not circular in shape. The diameter of this structure from the south east to the northwest is around 22 feet and 2 inches the diameter is around 23 feet 3inches from the east to the west. At a height of around 28 feet this tower has a width of around 24 feet on the outside. With around 3 feet thick walls, there is a chamber here. There are four windows that penetrate the chamber. There are three small chambers at the upper storey There is a fireplace on the west window and this has a grey stone backing it and has nooks bordering it

Newport tourist

The tower has been described as an old stone mill in the year 1741. In the year 1760, the Tower was actually used as a haymow. In the year 1767 it was shown to have been used as a powder store. It has been marked as a Stone Wind Mill in the year 1776 in De Barre’s Plan . Sometime back during the time of the American Revolution , this tower was used by all the Americans as a hideout and was a ammunition storage centre for the British

The tower is said to be more than 500 years old. There is a certain geometry that is associated with this pace. It shows the Inspiration Peak, in Minn The Tower has been respected and revered for many thousands of years. As per the geoglyphs here, the Tower dates back to many years back. The Stonehenge geoglyph belongs to the year 3100 BC.

Newport tourist attractions

People  in North America built this Newport Tower for two purposes. One  was to show a way to the Inspiration Peak. The other reason was to endorse the knowledge  of the territory and claim North America by way of this Inspiration peak. It is said that the predecessors of this place had been existing since ancient times. Geoglyphs found around the world represent proofs of mapping done by people. It is believed that  this mapping was for a region which later on went  on to become the United States

It is said that the Colonists came here in the new world and found the structure in this region of Rhode Island. The explorers who came here saw that the tower has been there since the explorations of North America in the earlier times. In fact there are enough evidence to prove that the tower has been existing in North America since long The Newport Tower is a great landmark here in North America. But it is the Newport Island that has been the main focus of civilizations around the world for more than thousands of years.

Newport tourist information

It is still not known who built this 28 foot structure right in the middle of the Rhode Island.  But its fieldstone cylinder and eight pillars ensure that it has been built by the Vikings and the Chinese Explorers alongwith the Portuguese Noblemen, or the Scottish Knights Templar who could have built it. The tower has origins of the Masonic type and is believed to have been the brainchild of benedict Arnold a colonial governor.

It has been proved to have been built such that it points to the Inspiration peak, the Cat Island and the Saint Lawrence Seaway. In fact Inspiration Peak was identified by this tower. The Cat Island in the Bahamas was the place where it is believed Columbus first landed

Thus the Newport Tower is a fascinating structure that has purely been built for geographical and historical reasons.

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Fascinating Tales from The Lost Pyramids of China Thu, 17 May 2012 07:16:17 +0000 Ricky Popular for the growth and fall of many dynasties, China has a legacy of its own. There have been many who have immortalized themselves with the cultural and military achievements, and have thus made this land a great region with ideal travel attractions.

The great pyramids in China thus are witness to all the achievements and thus this region of “Valley of Kings” is a great place to see and an ideal locale to visit. These huge mausoleums which were built by the early emperors in China with belief that they would live here forever in the grave and thus needed to bring forth their lives on earth within the tombs.

Lost Pyramids of China
The initial tombs were constructed by Qin Shihuangdi the first emperor of China and they are very magnificent and splendid. Then in 221 BC the emperor united all the kingdoms of war got amalgamated into a nation that till today exists and he thus built one of the biggest complexes of mortuary that has ever been built in the world today.

There were great riches that were buried and today this man made necropolis has not been excavated. The first emperor did not give any expense to create the tomb. Very sadly many  human lives were sacrificed and the tomb workers all died due to lack of nutrition, being overworked and due to being ill treated. This brought down the Qin Dynasty of China. The archaeologists today read the sad story of how they suffered from the bones that have been excavated.

Lost Pyramids of China
Then came the Han dynasty which was very successful in building huge tombs and stayed on the throne. These tombs are seen aligned in near the place of the ancient city which was the capital city. This is somewhere near the modern Xian. Nothing has been excavated but the burial pits have been opened near one of the imperial tombs which show how the Han emperors took all that they needed in their life

None of the tombs of Emperor Han have been opened till now and the fact that the tombs of the lesser aristocrat of the Han dynasty show a lot of underground palaces, toilets and kitchen show that at least one corpse is so well preserved leads us to believe that the tomb builders were aware that the Han people knew how to manoevre mortality and also how to wrap the tombs in the layers of clay and charcoal and how to keep out air and water.

Tomb robbers were also not easy to handle. There were many tombs that were robbed and these left the Tang Dynasty to design their tombs in a different manner. So the simple shaft tombs were tunneled into small mountains. They also filled with small items of inexpensive value and reproduced the afterlife which was considered to be perfect.

Lost Pyramids of China
For many years these tombs were totally sealed but the archaeological evidence available proves that there is a lovely glimpse of what these pyramids would have been like during the golden age of China. Returning to the former glory is a very slow process and the secrets that these have been hidden for many years may not be known for many years to come.

These tower over some of the most serene settings in rural regions of china. These gigantic man made mountains hold the clues to a history that was very violent and which was unimaginable in these lovely surroundings. These pyramids of an era that had a lot of bloodshed and also battles. There were lot of kingdoms which warred against each other in a struggle that extended over generations.

The astonishing wealth of the tombs is a force to reckon with. This is a burial ground and is the place where you get the see the lost culture of China. The lovely architecture and the serene surroundings of the place lend beauty to the eye and the tourist certainly comes back with a lot of travel memories and tour pleasures.

Lost Pyramids of China

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Unexplained Creatures of Angkor and Some Facts Tue, 01 May 2012 07:37:47 +0000 Ricky Amongst the best Cambodian jungles, the land of Cambodia is a hidden treasure for many tourists. With the best remains of a great civilization, this is a place that is inhabited by the Khmer people and today there are many who visit this part of Angkor and get to see a glimpse of the biggest royalty in this once existing proud city. Most of the visitors love to see the beauty of the temples here which have a great effect here in this city which is really majestic. There are beautiful decorative carvings that decorate the entire building. These inscriptions describe the events of the daily life, and there are great military conquests here which are very intriguing and interesting and give the delights of great mythological creatures. Most of the animals here are fantastic and are shown at Angkor in true mythological fashion. They are believed to be a representation of an era that existed in the past.

The Khmer are believed to have developed a very unique culture here in Cambodia around 2000 years back and there was early communication with the traders from India and they have had a great influence on the society and thus have brought forth mathematical, agriculture and literary knowledge to these regions in Cambodia which lie on the coast. There were lot of Hindu beliefs that thus found ground here and so the worship of Shiva and Vishnu is also seen here.


The Mahayana kind of Buddhism then came to the Khmer group and this was followed by the Theravada Buddhism sometime in the 13th century. The Angkor stone carvings show the way the Buddhist and the Hindu beliefs are important here and thus the entire story of this region is very fascinating.

The Hindu mythology shows a great representation of the common creatures at Angkor. The Garuda is the most unique of animals here and this creature is made of the wings, talons, with the head of an eagle and the body of a man. The Garuda is one of the three very important deities in the Indian mythology and is believed to the serpent’s enemy.

Some of the most impressive examples of this Garuda is seen at the Angkor and is found in the walls here and provides a very impressive sight. The Preah Khan walls are filled with great sights and thus make the delights of wonderful giant trees totally fused with a lot of stonework in the site. The Garuda is a mythological creature and is made up of a combination of the man and the eagle and is the main attraction in trips to Angkor.

Angkor temple

Then there is the towering temple here with a vast delight ad gives the pleasures of a great region filled with the most enchanting sights. As one passes the outer gates, the causeway here is flanked with a seven headed serpent or Naga and this then leads into the central temple complex.

The Naga is a snake made up of huge proportions and has a great South East Asian influence. This is the mainstay feature here in Angkor and visits here are sure to enchant the tourist completely. There are many abilities of the Naga and many legends and myths that are attached to it. These Nagas have the power to convert into human form and also walk like a man. The Buddhist scriptures show the many methods that are available to the Nagas and this includes a fatal bite that could be poisonous.


South East Asia is a land filled with the best sights of giant serpents. There is another Hindu deity that is found very commonly found it the region of Angkor is the Indian god Hanuman who is shown in great depictions here and this is found in Banteay Samre. Monkeys live in great numbers here and they are found inhabiting the forest densely here.

Enjoy the beautiful pleasures of Angkor and see the unexplained creatures here.

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Easter Islands Travel Pleasure and Tour Attractions Thu, 15 Mar 2012 11:57:29 +0000 Ricky Easter Islands is a beautiful region located in this part of the world with a lot of Pre Incan history and beautiful attractions. Come here and enjoy the pleasures of being in this land of lovely sights and the most visually compelling delights. Come her and experience the lovely ambience which relaxes a tourist totally and rejuvenates a tired soul. Anyone coming to this part of the land would love to feel the presence of a beautiful travel atmosphere here and like to see the ecstatic views that are so much a part of travels to this part of the world.

This region without any traffic lights is a lovely region of beautiful relaxations and ideal tour experiences. There is the Ahu Vinapu here which is visited by innumerable travellers and the beautiful stone walls here that are found around Cuzco, is something to remember always. Vinapu is a classical example of how the Incas and their predecessors existed here.

Easter Islands
There are two kinds of architectural styles that are found here and it is very exhilarating to see the beautiful sights that dominate the Easter Islands. There are many stone knobs in Peru which attract the visitors. The masonry here is very much similar to Incan architecture, and the large stones that lie along the face are fitted without using any kind of mortar. The whole structure has a round shape and has each individual stone is a little pillow or convex shaped. Incan construction involved that incorporating such beveled stones.

The greatest Incan walls were made out of large stones of various sizes and shapes which were fitted superbly and magnificently, such that not even a thin blade could be inserted between them. The walls at Vinapu were similarly were illusionary. There were large stones which gave it a cosmetic facing and the internal portion was made out of rubble. There were closer examinations which revealed that there was a lot of similarity of the sites which were only superficial by nature.

There is another view about the history of this island which reveals that there is a lot of Peruvian influence at Vinapu which points out that there is a great kind of construction that is very unique here. When Captain Cook arrived here on Rapa Nui, he said that there was another platform that existed here in Hanga Roa. But this  was totally dismantled and the stones were used in constructing this harbour. As this was dismantled researchers decided to ignore that it existed.

Rapa Nui
William Thomson documented stonework that was done in the year 1886. There was a platform called Ahu Ahau which was sketched and this has been seen to have fallen into the sea. Then there were some excavations that were done in the Anakena beach in the year 1987 and there was a huge stone wall that was taken out. From then there have been no follow up digs which helped to explore the underground ruins at Anakena.

Anakena beach
There has been fine construction and most of the walls couldn’t be compared to any that used to exist or any that were visible. Now whether Vinapu really represents an influence from South America is something that will be always debated.

Then there is the Ahu Hanga Te’e. There are many interesting features that are revealed and many important chronology that are identified thus making it a great memory of the past. There were the moai that are seen with rounded bald heads, and then there are those that have flat heads and a pukao or topknot is placed on top.

Then there is the Ahu Tongariki here which measures around 700 feet, and this is one platform, which is imposing and majestic. On top it sits around 15 moai which actually vary in height and weigh an average of around 40 tons. Tongariki is a place that suffered a calamity in the year 1960 and there was an earthquake which occurred off the coast of Chili and it caused a 25 foot tidal wave and reduced the ahu to rubble.

Ahu Tongariki
Easter Island has its own way of exemplifying its lost history.

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Mount Roraima – An Island Forgotten by Time Mon, 26 Dec 2011 12:22:27 +0000 Ricky Mount Roraima also called Monte Roraima in Portuguese and Cerro Roraima or Roraima Tepui in Spanish is the tallest of Pakaraima chain of tepui plateau in South America. Originally explained by Sir Walter Raleigh, an English explorer in the year 1596, its 31 kilometers summit region is defended by 400 metre cliffs on each side. The peak includes triple border point of Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil. It lies on Guiana Shield in south-eastern corner of 30,000 kilometers Canaima National Park of Venezuela forming the tallest mountain of Highland Range of Guyana. The tabletop peaks of the park are regarded as some of the oldest geological formations on the planet. The tallest point in Guyana and tallest point in Brazilian state of Roraima lie on plateau; however Brazil and Venezuela have taller peaks some where else.

Mount Roraima

Most of the species found on Mount Roraima are exclusive to the peak with plants like pitcher plants and Rapatea heather than are commonly found on summit and escarpment. Long time ago, the arrival of European explorers has held a special significance for native people of the area and is central to plenty of legends and myths. In the year 2006, the mountain was destination for successful Gryphon Productions two hour TV documented. The Real Lost World program was shown on channels like OLN Canada, Animal Planet and Discovery HD Theater. Peter von Putkamer was the director who directed this adventure and travel documentary featured a contemporary team of explorers like Peter Sprouse, Rick West, Seth Heald, Hazel Barton and Dean Harrison.

Mount Roraima

The steep sides of Mount Roraima make it hard to access, and was the first most significant tepui to be climbed. At present, it is one of the most famous destinations for backpackers. It takes one day for each hiker from Paraitepui to reach Roraima, and most of the people spend one night and day on top of the peak, making 5 days in total. It is one of the appealing mountains situated in Guyana Highlands and actually shares its border with Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. Nevertheless, it is almost always approached from Venezuela side. The Guyana and Brazil sides are pretty difficult. The Guyana Highlands is quite extraordinary peak range surrounding parts of Brazil, Venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana and Guyana. They are constructed of ancient sedimentary rock, which is more than 2 billion years old and are quite a few of oldest sedimentary rocks on Earth.

Monte Roraima

The Mount Roraima is also called Tepui that describes flat-topped peak with vertical sides. Geologists have mannered chronological dating tests on molten rock, which has thrust its way up between sandstone’s layers. It is estimated to be at least 1.8 billion years old. It is due to the isolation of tepuis and old age has made them special. Each tepuis fauna and flora is considered to be exclusive. Many species of moss, lichen, insects and orchids are found on this mountain and have adapted themselves to their harsh environments on these peaks.

To Puerto Ayacucho’s south, you will find a city on Orinoco jungle’s outskirts near Colombia called Cerro Autana. It is the sacred peak the Piaroa Indians, who believe that it is a trunk of tree bearing land’s seeds and fruits. It is just 1220m tall, but has labyrinth of caves near summit that at certain times of a year. Close by is a Painted Mountain or Cerro Pintado that has biggest petroglyphs in Venezuela with 50 metre snake, which is said to represent Orinoco River. Climbing on such mountains would need difficult authorizations to enter restricted access national parks in respective countries

Orinoco River

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The Natural Wonders of the World Fri, 15 Oct 2010 08:36:13 +0000 Ricky William Shakespeare quoted,” One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”, how true was he. Nature has always loved the mankind. It is the mankind which has always tried to play with nature for his needs and convenience. But still the nature beholds a treasure to be explored. These treasures are the natural wonders of the world which are spread all across the universe. Getting bored with my monotonous routine, I and my friends decided to explore the Mother Nature and her wonders.

We started our advent with Aurora Borealis or known as Northern Lights. It is really stunning to see that the lights streaks of light flicker across the Northern Hemisphere. No firework display can be more beautiful than this. There is no right time when the light phenomenon starts. But it is said that chances become brighter as one approaches the magnetic pole. It is a very beautiful sight when the lights dance in the sky appearing as waves across the sky. I tried to click the photographs of the natural wonder but the streak was so fast that every time I used to get a black image.

Aurora Borealis

The Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef system is home to a wide variety of Flora and Fauna. Here the nature lover will love bird watching, snorkeling, scuba diving and various watersport activities. It is such a beautiful place to be when you would see the water world around you, 900 islands, 2900 coral reefs and it is the largest ecosystem of the world.  The scuba diving and snorkeling activities will give you opportunity to see and explore the marvel of Mother Nature up close. The boat and cruise tours are also available and even if you take the helicopter tour you would see an amazing view of the Great Barrier Reef.

Great Barrier Reef

The Mount Everest, the Highest Mountain on earth, stands at a height of 8844 meter and is still getting higher and higher. This height does not include the snow layer covering. This is the highest spot on the earth’s s surface and is also famous by the name of Chomolungma. The adventure junkie can take a trek or hike to the base of mountain. The best time to visit Mount Everest is the months of October and November when it is not snowing.

Mount Everest

The Harbour of Rio de Janeiro is located in a very beautiful setting surrounded by mountains and natural formations. It is also known as the Guanabara Bay. The beautiful peaks which surround it are some of the world famous namely the Corcovado Peak, Sugar Loaf Mountain and the hills of Tijuca. Even the Islands are very beautiful and also support various water sport activities. The soft white sandy beaches can be seen all the time flocked by people who are busy playing volleyball, doing exercise, sunbathing or just taking a stroll along the beach.

Harbour of Rio de Janeiro

The Great Canyon in the Arizona state of United States is a massive natural wonder as it runs 277 miles in length with width ranging from 4 to 18 miles. It is said that no natural feature is so huge and immense in an arid desert as the Grand Canyon National Park. People come here to see the spectacular views of the Unkar Creek. Even some people enjoy the helicopter view to appreciate the vastness of the Canyon.

Great Canyon

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Firefox That Glows Mon, 13 Sep 2010 07:05:08 +0000 Ricky If you thought that bioluminescence occurs only in the water, think again! During the last of the summer months, you might encounter what looks like an eerie and faint glow from the forests spanning across the world. This is where bioluminescent mushrooms will sprout on the branches of moist and rotting trees. This is known by the name ‘Foxfire’.

About Bioluminescence:

Bioluminescence could be defined as the light which is created by any living organism. The bioluminescent ability of the firefly is perhaps, one of the most commonly known phenomenons across the world. The firefly will light up its abdomen as a signal to potential mates during its mating season.

There have been a lot of examples over the world where bioluminescent fungus has been reported to be found in the forests. The difference is that bioluminescent light will be different from the light of a light bulb or a candle. This would mean that there is very little radiation of heat in such cases.

This light is known to be an impending result of a sort of biochemical reaction which is caused by the oxidation of Luciferin and its reaction gets catalyzed by Luciferase, which is an enzyme.

Bioluminescent foxfire

In Rewind Mode:

Luminous wood was perhaps first reported by Aristotle in his writings as early as 382 BC. The next record of luminous wood was found in the literature of Robert Boyle who said that he had noticed that the earth was showing signs of glowing and what had startled him was the fact that the light did not bring heat along with it.

Most of these early observers believed that this light was a product of animal interactions or small insects.

The first time when the fungi got associated with the luminosity was in the year 1823, when Bishoff noted that the light was emitted due to fungus that was present on the wood. He noticed this when he was doing a study on luminous timbers which were being used as a means of support in the mines. This report was said to pave the path for further studies by scientists; and more studies began by Fabre. Fabre is said to have established the absolute parameters of bioluminescent fungi –

  • The light is without heat
  • The light will cease in a vacuum, carbon dioxide and hydrogen
  • The light is known to exist independent of temperature, humidity, light
  • The light will not burn any better with pure oxygen

The work which is done by Herring in the year 1978 threw light on further details about how and when this bioluminescence worked.

Bioluminescent fungi

Where can it be found?

Foxfire is said to be witnessed all over the world, but it known to be more common in the tropics. Moist forests of the tropics are known to encourage the growth of such fungi. There have been some newer varieties of these glow-in-the-dark versions of mushrooms and these were introduced to the outside world after they were collected at the Ribeira Valley Tourist State Park which is located close to Sao Paulo in Brazil.

If you really wish to see one of these in person, then we’d suggest you begin looking for them in the wettest of all seasons and you’d have to move towards the inside of the jungle and keep away from any sort of light sources which might dim the faint glow.

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Holy Tree-nity Mon, 06 Sep 2010 05:20:26 +0000 Ricky It is expected that in the land of ‘La dolce vita’, everything is treated as if it were a means to a better, sweeter and fuller existence. The tiramisu tastes sweeter, the wine leaves a wonderful aftertaste and the memories linger long after the sights are long gone from your direct or peripheral vision. If the world is theatre, Italy is the pantomime, always grandiose and magnificent in its celebration of life and art. It is in other countries that people talk about reel life imitating real life, but it is only in Italy that you will find the architectural imitating the natural. It is the only way to describe the tree cathedral near the bustling city of Bergamo.

The Italians have given us Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo (and no, we are not, in fact, referencing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) amongst other world class artists and one more to be added to that illustrious lineup is Giuliano Mauri. The Italian is well known for trying to sculpt what he calls “natural architecture” and he does this by blending what he finds organically in nature with architectural elements that are more classical and well used. By doing so, Mauri creates giant works of architecture that keeps in mind the environment (and that quite literally) and creates an edifice that is quite something else. Mauri has always had a love for mother nature and he has taken this to another level altogether in a way that has left locals stunned and delighted and his tree cathedral has drawn in people from Italy and beyond to take in what is a cathedral that is wholly unique.

Giuliano Mauri

The entire cathedral is built in such a way that the branches of the tree and the tree itself have arced to form the walls and roof of the holy edifice. Unfortunately, this project of love for Giuliano Mauri was completed only after his death in 2009 and has been completed quite fittingly in the International year of biodiversity. This tree cathedral will be the ultimate homage to his memory and craft and it is a marvel to behold. Consisting of 42 columns built with fir trunks and branches of hazelnuts and chestnuts twirling together as a support for the beeches, with time the beeches will grow stronger and become the pillars while the fir and hazelnut supporting structure will wither away, offering a seamless transition.

Located at the base of Mount Arera, the cathedral has 6000 metres worth of hazel branches held together with wood, nails and string until the beech grows strong enough to support itself. Ranging in height from a lowest of 16 feet to 70 feet at its highest, the cathedral is a sight to behold as it stands on approximately 650 square meters and measures 90 feet by 80 feet (length to width). It is safe to say that the natives of Bergamo can visit the single most unique cathedral in the world at will, and they all have to thank just one person for that; Giuliano Mauri has built the ultimate tribute to nature and the divine with this cathedral.

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Lighting the way Sat, 04 Sep 2010 07:05:11 +0000 Ricky I don’t know how to describe the Gurdon lights other than the fact that it seems other worldly and eerie, but the light is floating on a lot of nothingness in the middle of the air. It’s about 5 times larger than my fist, or so I guesstimate and I am both mystified and drawn in by it. I assumed I was crazy when I saw lights in the middle of nowhere but a quick chat with the locals tells me that I’m not the first to have seen this. The locals have always wondered exactly how these lights come about or what they are, and their stories abound in Arkansas. The single most dismissive explanation comes from Dr. Charles Leming at Henderson State University who believes that these lights are nothing more than reflected car headlights. Talk about taking away the mystique.

But the good professor might have a point; all sources of light operate within a band of their own spectrum and they all have their own characteristics, who is to say that the Gurdon Lights are not just a reflection of reality. Spectrographs are certainly revealing as they show that the glow and pattern of headlights are certainly similar to the Gurdon Lights, so that explanation does make sense. But that’s before you figure in the fact that the nearest highway is four miles away with a hill between the swamps where it exists and the highway itself. Even if Dr. Leming were right, how could the light refract over the hill and back into a perfect state of visibility? The odds for this happening are very slim.

Gurdon Lights

The most damning evidence against Dr. Leming’s arguments comes from the Arkadelphia daily Siftings Herald that states that the Gurdon Light appeared even in the 1930’s, at which time no interstate existed for miles, let alone the one four miles away. Mirages, when viewed through a filter, will always polarize and the lights don’t even display this property, mystifying experts even more. There were no electromagnetic traces of it to be found when measured with a galvanometer and the light is always there like a faithful dog, no matter what the weather is. Scientifically, the last explanation possible is that this is the result of a peizoelectrical effect, which is to say a discharge that is caused by crystals releasing an electrical discharge when put under pressure from fault lines, of which there are many here.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I like the local story better. It’s certainly much more fun; they claim that the lights are nothing but the glow of a lantern held by a railways foreman that died here in the 1930’s. Macabre, mysterious and absolutely senseless; I love this story. That the light slips across a creek infested with bugs and creatures making all kinds of noises only adds to the scariness of it all. All that’s left now is to make a Hollywood horror potboiler out of this and to solve the mystery of this phenomenon.

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