Journey Idea » Islands Travel across the world with Journey Idea Mon, 15 Apr 2013 07:00:46 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Visiting the Unmissable Islands of Thailand Fri, 25 Jan 2013 12:02:36 +0000 Ricky The Gulf of Thailand remains as one of the world’s truly great outposts and continues to attract visitors from all over the world. The beautiful scenery, hot weather and diverse culture make it like no other and at Thailand CH we believe no trip to Thailand would be complete without a visit to the islands of the Gulf.

The islands are small and sometimes remote but they are surprisingly accessible. They are a short boat trip away from the mainland and this is where your adventure truly begins. From the first moment you set off you realise that you are about to experience something special, from the colour of the water to imposing terrain.

Life on the islands is also great and is home to some of the world’s top hotels. Luxury is never far away but if you are planning a visit you should consider which islands you have time for. For new adventurers it can be difficult to choose but we would recommend some of the following.

Koh Samui for Wildlife and Beaches

Koh Samui for Wildlife Koh Samui Beach

Koh Samui is home to both an abundance of wildlife and tropical beaches. Some would argue that other islands have better beaches but Koh Samui`s fine white sand make it a must. Of course you might just want to take to the beach and relax for the rest of your holiday while others might want to take in some local culture. The island hosts exciting events all year round and it is well worth researching these before leaving. This includes the Ten Stars Samui Art Party and Buffalo Fighting Festival.

Koh Phangan for Spas, Temples & Great Parties

Koh Phangan for Spas Koh Phangan Temples

Each year Koh Phagnan hosts the increasingly popular Moon Party which has become a favourite amongst backpackers and holiday makers. It is a truly electrifying party that is held on Haad Rin beach. Others might rather head to the Buddhist Temples or wonderful Spa resorts. Again, Koh Phangan is very easy to get to by air or sea and is surprisingly affordable. The facilities on this island are some of the best and is a must visit.

Koh Tao for Fresh Fruit, Diving and the Great Outdoors

Diving in Koh Tao

Koh Tao is the third largest island in the region but is probably the most exciting. It sometimes gets overlooked but it is growing in popularity. The adventure and water sports on offer are excellent and are a favourite for divers. The clear waters and the diverse marine wildlife make it truly unique. You could literally spend weeks under water exploring.

These are just a few on many islands you could visit in Thailand. However, these are probably your best option if you don’t have much time to spend in Thailand. They are all relatively close and their growing popularity means that prices are very competitive. So why not start your adventure today and visit this truly stunning region.

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Taprobane Island Delights in Sri Lanka Tours Tue, 01 Jan 2013 09:16:08 +0000 Ricky Taprobane Island is a lovely paradise in the beautiful region of Sri Lanka. Constructed in the 1920s this was a passion of the self styled Count de Mauny Talvande. This is an island with no mansions of the neo Palladian kind and has been a place frequented by presidents, queens, prime ministers, writers, aristocracy and eccentrics. It has had a colourful history which the guests used to be fascinated about.

Spanning over an area of around two and a half acres this is absolute fantasy for everyone who visits this place and has nothing between this reign and the horizon. There are lovely five suite bedrooms with huge living spaces and verandahs as well as balconies with the best of stunning pools. There is a staff that caters to your luxuries and guests never would have any reason to leave the island.

Situated on the exotic coast of Sri Lanka this is a lovely Riviera quietly tucked away in the world’s most heavenly place. Centrally located in the UN world Heritage Site this has been a place filled with the best sights of rainforests, Galle fort and Buddhist temples. Add to this a does of lowland tea plantations, wildlife reserves and some of the best beaches in the Indian Ocean and you would be in an island paradise.

Taprobane Island Delights in Sri Lanka Tours

Taprobane Island is just around 200 yards away from the Southern

Coast in the middle of Weligama Bay which is just around a four hour drive from Colombo International Airport. For those who wish to come helicopter the journey would be less than an hour. This lovely paradise is around half an hours drive to the south of the Southern provinces of Galle. This is the place where you would get the historic UN World Heritage site of Galle Fort.

Come to this beautiful island from the coast and wade through the surf on foot , on an elephant , on a sedan chair and experience the pleasures of a great distances between the places in Sri Lanka are not very far off yet the distance on road is quite exhausting. There are arrangements for transfers that are arranged by air conditioned vehicles which are chauffeur driven. There are facilities of helicopter and a steam train too by which you could reach this lovely island. You also have the Koggala airport which is around a quarter of an hour drive from the Taprobane Island. this is the best way to come here in travels filled with luxury and comfort. There are three wheeler taxis and local cars which can be brought in for local trips.

Colombo International Airport

There are bungalows here which look cool with their white terrazzo floors and high wooden ceilings. They also have five spacious bedrooms providing the best of sea views. With airy living terraces and lovely areas the verandahs give a serene spot to paint, read or sunbathe.

There is a twin room and four double rooms in the villa which allows till 10 people to live in total comfort. Each bedroom is filled with furniture that is in colonial style and there is a mosquito net draped on the poster beds. It also has overhead fans and spacious bathrooms.

Taprobane Island

All the double rooms open into private terraces with great views of the Indian Ocean and also beyond. The pavilion style house has beautiful terraces and verandas and thus Taprobane Island gives you the best of airy rooms and living areas and the best views across the Indian Ocean. Come here and enjoy the pleasures of a fantastic stunning pool which overlooks the Indian Ocean and provides ideal watery delights here in the beautiful confines of a paradise island.

With the swaying palms and the lovely tropical gardens, with the flora and the rich ambience, The Taprobane Island surely is a land filled with ideal travel memories. With trees like the fuchsias, flame trees, palms, bougainvillea, bromeliads and heliconia, tours here are filled with the best sights of white sandy paths and beautiful orchids.

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All about Sentosa Pleasures Fri, 19 Oct 2012 09:01:26 +0000 Ricky Visit Singapore and enjoy the pleasures of Sentosa a beautiful resort island with the best kind of beaches and with the ideal kinds of attractions. Visit the retreats, golf courses and the sea sports here and bask in the pleasures of a lovely travel destination.

Come to this beautiful travel paradise which is just 15 minutes from the main city. There are innumerable activities to keep you busy here and the Imbiah Lookout is the most fascinating attraction for all tourists coming here. Come here and enjoy the thrills and take a ride on the Skyline Luge Sentosa.  Nature lovers find this place a great destination to enjoy the trails and also learn more about the insects and butterflies in the Insect Kingdom. Learn all about the flora and fauna and experience the tour in this part of the world in Sentosa.

Sentosa island

Enjoy sports here in Sentosa and experience the pleasures of beach volleyball. Come to the Siloso beach and enjoy seeing the waves here at the Wave House Sentosa. You would surely love to see the beautiful ambience filled with ideal tour delights here in the land of ultimate ecstasy Sentosa.

All your leisure options with the best kind of resorts would be fulfilled here with great dining and shopping experiences. Visit the Harbour front Centre and the Vivo City and experience this unique multi concept entertainment centre here at the ST.James Power Station. Enjoy the nature trail here at Mt.Faber which is located very near Sentosa.

Harbourfront centre shopping mall

Enjoy the PLAY Pass which is a great way of enjoying tours here. Here you have the Day Play Pass or the Noon Play Pass which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best of adventure and the most of thrills. With the fuss fee and the flexible entry and rules, this is one area which is a great source of entertainment.

Going to Sentosa is easy with the Sentosa rider. This gives holiday lovers an easy way to reach Sentosa from the city of Singapore. There are tours that are hosted onboard and give personalized help in taking a tour of the city. So just ensure you are taking the right package and are able to save a lot in the tours here in this part of the world.

Sentosa has all the recreation for everyone and is a must visit for all those who visit this part of Asia.

See the luscious greenery here which are interlocked with the best kind of cityscape. Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy this popular recreation ground for all. Experience Singapore through Sentosa.

Sentosa island attractions

Get the pleasures of ancient reserves and rainforests through the short hop from the main city. Go into those myriad trails and also landscaped areas and enjoy snorkeling and diving. If you really want to have a rustic experience then Pulau Ubin is the place to be in. This is the best way you could enjoy Sentosa the land of thrills.
The abundant verdant ambience is something that seeps into the life of Sentosa visitors and so the flowers and the trees here adorn every bit of land here and add to this the tropical weather and your job is done. Visit this part of the world and experience the pleasures of a great land filled with maximum excitement and thrills.

Pulau Ubin

Visit Sentosa and enjoy the pleasures of a great paradise and a lovely adventure hub.


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Travel Pleasures from Bishop Rock Wed, 22 Aug 2012 10:05:29 +0000 Ricky Bishop Rock is a small rock that is found in the western end of the Isles of Scillies and is very popular for the lighthouse and is famous in the world as the smallest island which has a building on it. This lovely 49 metres high lighthouse is a barrier between Atlantic Ocean and Great Britain. The initial lighthouse was started in the year 1847 and was made of iron but was totally washed away before it could even be started. Then the present building was completed in the year 1858 and was lit for the first time in the month of September in that year.

Bishop Rock is also the eastern tip of the route in the North Atlantic shipping line and was used mainly by the ocean liners in the initial years of the 20th century. The Lower New York Bay was the entry point from the western side. This was the route that was taken by the ocean liners when they used to compete for the Transatlantic speed record.

It was James Walker who decided to have a 120 feet tall lighthouse here with iron legs. The light was never lit here and then in the year 1851 the site showed a lot of difficulties,as the slope of the rock here was such that the stone at the bottommost layer had to be laid below the level of the water of the lowest spring tides. The tower finally got completed and in 1881, Sir James Nicholas Douglas inspected this tower. The structure underwent renovation and it got completed in the year 1887.

Bishop rock tours

The Bishop Lighthouse is many times known as the “King of the Lighthouses” and is a very magnificent structure. It is the second tallest one in Britain and is next to the Eddy stone Lighthouse and today it is a grand structure. Trinity House then had to get a helipad on top of the lighthouse in the year 1976.  In the year 1992, the tower got totally automated. The lighthouse has also been the site of many major film shootings. The lighthouse came into news in the year 1901, when a barque named Falkland struck the rock. Then the lighthouse was hit by her main yard. The Gilstone Reef and the Western Rocks are to the east of Bishop Rock.

Bishop rock is one of the most magnificent locales in this part of the world in South West England. It stands on a rock ledge which is around four miles to the west of the Scillies. The mighty waves of the Atlantic Ocean lash the lighthouse and the Bishop rock is today one of the most difficult sites where a structure like this could heave been built. The lighthouse has protected all the sea voyagers since the year 1858. More than 5,700 tonnes of granite were used in its construction. In the olden days the lighthouse had to depend only on lamps made of paraffin vapour and then earlier on it was candles.

Bishop rock attractions

Today there are lot of batteries and generators that are available and also a helipad that was constructed in the year 1976. So visitors who come here come to the top of the lighthouse instead of coming by boat. Bishop Rock was then converted to an area of automatic operation in the year 1991. Today the lighthouse has ten floors and a maximum of four visitors are allowed to stay here for a week.

There is a control room that is located on the third floor. There are lighthouse keepers who work on the station either remotely or manually.

The Bishop Rock is really a great wonder and is a must se in this part of the world. The weather is glorious here and the place with its winter storms and gales is a true natural wonder.

Bishop rock information

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Palymyra Islands tour Guide Tue, 20 Mar 2012 08:26:37 +0000 Ricky One of the favourite for many tourists traveling across the island regions is the Palmyra Islands. Amongst the most serene places this is also a place that is a lovely region to be in. So visit Palmyra and come here to be surrounded by the beautiful lagoons and the most fascinating locales in this part of the world.

This island is the most tranquil destination in this part of the world and has all the pleasures that are ideal for a tourist to relax in and a traveller to get rejuvenated at. The coral reefs here are fascinating and mesmerizing The Nature Conservancy purchased this island in the year 2000 and from then it has been turned into a Wildlife Refuge for scientific research. the healthy reef structure here and the ecosystem here at Palmyra helps in conservation of coral reef here in these regions.

Palmyra Island

The Palmyra Atoll is one the Line Islands in the land of Micronesia and is around 1,778 km to the south of the Honolulu region which is around American Samoa and Hawaii. The Kingman Reef which is an uninhabited land which is very near the place and the Kiribati Islands are the nearest islands here.

Travellers come here and they are allowed to live here and come here by private boat. The visits here should have the approval of the Government. this island was taken over by the Hawaii Kingdom in the year 1862 and then the United States of America included it among the Hawaiian Islands when it took over the archipelago in the year 1898. The State of Hawaii has an act that has the Hawaii Statehood Act of 1959 which did not have the Palmyra Island and Atoll which is today owned by the Nature Conservancy. This is a wildlife refuge which has waters surrounding it and also the lagoons which cover the entire place. There was a new climatology research station which started in the year 2005.

With the luscious green surroundings, and heavy rainfall, this atoll is among the most unique of all US Pacific Island regions. Today it has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Pacific region. This is found on the Pisonia beach sands.

Pacific Island

With the hot and equatorial climate this island is situated in the low pressure area of the Intertropical Convergence Zone which is where the trade winds meet, and thus the shore is being littered with a kind of debris that is carried by the Pacific currents.

Palmyra Islands has a lot of coral islands which are at a low level and has a narrow reef fringing on the sides and it has developed over a submerged volcanic mountain, which rise high from the steep ocean floor. The islands in and around this area are connected to each other.

This is a place which has the Cooper Island which is a 2000 meter unpaved and this is the largest island in the northern side. One can reach by boat which has moorings in a lagoon which is a little away from Cooper Island.

Cooper Island

Today there is not activity on the Palmyra island and this is one island that has no public accommodations on the Palmyra Atoll with only limited facilities. Then there is Jarvis Island which is the nearest inhabited island and is a great place to go to.

The Palmyra islands with its innumerable sights and beautiful scenes is a great place to visit and an ideal place to go to in this part of the world,visit it and bask in the pleasures of the most enthralling sights that one could get in this part of the world.

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Cyclades Islands Travel Guide Thu, 08 Dec 2011 12:21:22 +0000 Ricky Cyclades is a group of islands surrounded by winding beaches having crystal clear blue water. If you are looking to spend some relaxing days, plan a trip to the Cyclades. This island network is situated on the center of the Aegean Sea. Cyclades include around 220 islands, among which there are several popular Greek Islands namely Naxos, Mykonos and Santorini. The island of Syros is designated as the capital of Cyclades’. The exact location of this capital island is on the archipelago’s north center.

The islands of Cyclades stay populated by tourists coming from both Greece and other corners of the globe almost all through the year. The biggest tourist crowd in these islands however, is seen during the summer months. Other than boasting some stunning beaches along the Aegean Sea, the islands are also home to several archaeological and historical sites. The climate of Cyclades can be described as dry and moderately cold. The winters are not too cold; this means you can even plan your holiday in this part of the world during the winter months.

Mykonos Island Naxos Island

For people looking to enjoy their vacation amid complete peace and calmness, the ideal Cyclades islands would be Iraklia, Schinousa, Donousa and Kimolos. However, if you want to spend some lively time during the Cyclades vacation, you should plan to stay in islands like Santorini, Ios, Syros, Paros and Mykonos. The island of Syros is particularly famous for housing a popular casino.

Iraklia Island Schinousa Island

The archipelago is also home to a number of magnificent monasteries and churches, many of which have great historical importance. One of the must-visits among them is the Church of Evagelistrias. This Cycladian church is located in the Tinos Island. Here, you will get to see St Mary’s icon, which according to many is capable of causing miracles. The Church of Evagelistrias stays crowded by locals and tourists almost all through the year.

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Things to Do at the Koh Lipe Island Thu, 08 Sep 2011 07:30:56 +0000 Ricky Koh Lipe is a small island and a part of the Adang-Rawi Archipelago. This island is situated in Thailand’s Satun Province. It is enlisted among the world’s most exciting islands for traveling. The island houses a number of fun sites for activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. Besides that, Koh Lipe is also home to several resorts and dive shops from where you can get boat trips arranged for yourself and your family or rent snorkel gears.

Koh Lipe Island

Koh Lipe is an extremely tiny island; you can cover the entire area of this island on foot. You will surely come across people who travel around the island on motorcycles; but none such transport is available on rent. There are also no cars in the island of Koh Lipe. If you want to move around on motorcycles or cars, you will have to carry your own with you. So, majority of the tourists explore the island on foot. However, you can also opt for boarding a longtail boat that will take you from one part of the island to another; per head cost of traveling across the shore of the island on longtail boats is only 50 baht (the local currency). All the premium beaches of Koh Lipe are connected with each other through concrete roads.

Longtail boat at Koh Lipe Island Longtail boat at Koh Lipe Island

The beaches of the island of Koh Lipe boast shallow, calm and clear water. The island has 4 main beaches that top the desire lists of all the tourists coming to this part of the world. They are: Pattaya Beach, located in the southern part of the island; Sunrise Beach, located on the island’s eastern coast; Sunset Beach in Koh Lipe’s western coast and Karma Beach, situated on Koh Lipe’s Northern shore.

Pattaya Beach at Koh Lipe Island Sunrise Beach at Koh Lipe Island Karma Beach at Koh Lipe Island

As mentioned before, Koh Lipe is one of the most popular snorkeling destinations of the world. This is primarily due to the clear water shores present in this island. This region is home to 25 percent of the all the species of tropical fishes found on earth. You can also go for Kayaking with your friends or family members by renting a Kayak from the shops located in the beaches of Koh Lipe. The other interesting time spending options here are: going for massages and getting enrolled at a Batik painting class.

Things to do in Koh Lipe

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Visiting the Easter Island: Overview of the Climatic Condition Mon, 22 Aug 2011 07:30:02 +0000 Ricky The Easter Island aka Rapa Nui is one of the Polynesian islands located in the southeastern part of the Pacific Ocean. To be more precise about the location of this island, it can be said that the Easter Island is situated in the extreme southeast of Polynesian triangle. The Island is particularly famous for the 887 monumental statues housed by it; these statues are collectively referred to as moai. The Rapanui people of the ancient times built these statues. Besides these, a large part of the Easter Island includes the Rapa Nui National Park. Due to these special attraction housed by the island it has been declared as one of the Heritage Sites of the world by UNESCO. This article will offer you information about the climatic condition of this Polynesian island.

Easter Island

The position of Easter Island is to the south of  the Tropic of Capricorn, which makes the climatic condition of the island subtropical in nature. You will get windy days during your stay at the Easter Island. The temperature during different parts of the year varies drastically due to the influence of ocean currents. The best thing about the features of the weather of this place is that it never becomes too extreme, which makes Easter Island a year-round travel destination.

The summer of Easter Island continues from January to the month of March, the hottest one being February. The summer temperature ranges between 28 to 15 degrees Celsius.  The winter runs between the months of June and August. The temperature during this season ranges from 14 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Easter Island

The island receives moderate rainfall almost all through the year. These showers are mostly sporadic in nature and do not last for longer durations. May is the month witnessing maximum rainfall in Easter Island. September, on the other hand, is known for being the month of extreme dryness.

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When to Visit the Island of Taiwan? Thu, 21 Jul 2011 07:40:49 +0000 Ricky Taiwan, the East Asian Island located on the western part of the Pacific Ocean is an extremely popular tourist destination. In this article, we’ll inform you about the right time of visiting this wonderful Asian island.

You will often hear people saying that you can visit Taiwan whenever you want. However, the truth is that you must consider the month i.e. the time of the year you are visiting Taiwan before planning a trip to the island. Generally, the time between September and November is thought to be the best time of visiting Taiwan; during this time the island gets its autumn. The weather stays dry and warm; moreover, air pollution stays at its minimum. The other reason of visiting the place during these months is that the costs of accommodation and other necessities stay significantly low during this time.

The spring months i.e. March, April and May might make the trip troublesome for you. You may get dry and clear weather or may need to sit in your hotel room for a large part of your trip due to foggy and wet weather or due to the sandstorm invading the island from China. All these three weather condition might occur within a single day spoiling your entire sightseeing program.

If you are interested in taking part in the outdoor activities, you should pick the summer months for visiting Taiwan. If your are visiting the islands east coast, there can be no better time in a year than the summer months; however, make sure that during summer you are not booking a trip to outer island. The outer island stays filled to the brim with tourists during the summer, which will not give you enough chance to explore the vigor of the island. You must also stay alert about the dangerous typhoons, which might hit the island during anytime between June and October.

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Where to Go during Your Visit to Langkawi? Tue, 21 Jun 2011 07:40:20 +0000 Ricky The island of Langkawi is one of the most visited islands of Malaysia. This island has a number of beaches, most of which stay populated with tourist almost throughout the year. Here we’ll be informing about some popular attraction of this Malaysian island.

Cable car and Skybridge:

The cable car takes the tourists on twenty minute rides to reach the peak of the Gunung Machinchang. Covering this destination on the cable car will allow you to view the spectacular lush surrounding i.e. the mountainside greenery. On the mountain there will be the Skybridge waiting for you. The Skybridge is a suspension bridge from where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the mountain backdrop.

Datran Lang:

This place is also called the ‘Eagle Square’. This monument is 12 m in height and features a sea-eagle getting ready to take a flight. The Datran Lang is located beside Kuah Jetty welcoming every people entering the wonderful island of Langkawi. Surrounding the monument there are landscaped bridges, ponds and terraces. The best time for coming to this place is late evening or early morning; this will make sure that you’ll not have to face the severe heat of this region.

Galleria Perdana:

This is a unique tourist destination. Here you’ll get to see a wide range of gifts obtained by Dr. Mahatir, one of the most loved former Prime Ministers of the land. This includes gifts offered by a number of celebrated global leaders. The display at this museum include a number of motor vehicles, Malay wooden architectures etc.

Mahsuri’s Tomb:

This is a historical construction. The Mahsuri’s Tomb is the place housing the shrine of an unjustly accuse and killed Malay princess. There’s also a theater hosting regular musical shows.

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