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Visit the beautiful Mediterranean ambience and enjoy the delights in Malta. This archipelago is located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and has three islands, which are the Malta, Comino, and Gozo. The Comino island has very few inhabitants and most of theme are farmers. Gozo and Malta have a great history of around 7000 year back and has artifacts belonging to the Neolithic times. One can also see a lot of copper and bronze here. visitors love to see the memorials, which were left by the various cultures, which used to live here. The Maltese Islands in fact are referred to as tee open air museum. Her you can follow the steps of St. Peter and have a look at the place where the St. John Knights protected th citadels of the Medieval era , the baroque places of architecture and beautiful churches.

History is not the only reason you would come here. the simple pleasures of being in a place, which has the clear blue waters of the sea beckoning him. There are many isolated bays and also sandy beaches here and these provide greatly exciting tours here. In Vallettat, you would be able to see the best of Baroque architecture in true Maltese style. Valletta is a place, which is very popular for the Baroque kind of architecture. Come to St. John co Cathedral and see the lovely tapestry here that was made for Louis X!V . There is also another lovely collection of armour here and if you really want to explore more then you should go to the museums in Valletta, which is another museum of fine arts here in the 18th century.

Malta delight tours
You then have the Church of Virgin Izbandelor, which is another attraction here. Visit the national museum of Archaeology here and experience the pleasures of excavations of the past here.

Come to mdina and enjoy this majestic citadel, which is one of the best kinds of architecture in this part often world. Also, see the Norman style Palazzo Falcon. This is a great structure and takes you down the historical lane.

Visit Bastion Square that has lively images of the entire area and the Bay of St. Paul. There is something special about Malta that gives you a chance to seep in the natural ambience and enjoy the historical past here. Any tourist who comes here would be surely take-in by the simple delights offered by the surroundings here .

Bastion square
Baroque churches have always had a special place here so come here and experience the pleasures of seeing this kind of architecture. Also see Baroque churches in Rabat and also visit St. Agatha catacombs and St. Paul. Go around the Romanian villa and explore the entire area till you  are exhausted.

Then there is the Blue Grotto, which is a legendary place and has many stories attached to it. Legend has it that the sirens here used to attract all the sailors with their songs.

Visit the four Caves here, which are filled with brilliant and splendid colours of minerals from limestone and coral. Visit the Blue Grotto in the morning and enjoy he calmness of the sea.

Blue grotto
Paola has another archaeological site . Also, there is the Neolithic temple Tarxien. Visit Hypogeum, which is a complex of burial chambers and has three levels each dating back to 300 years.

Visit Ghar Dalam where extinct species of birds and animals are found in the remains here.

Malta is a place where you can enjoy deep sea diving. There best places here are the caves that are found in the north and also he places where the depth of the sea grows suddenly.

Visit also the Qawra point and the Cirkewwa all of which are major attractions here. It is a tranquil spot with a lot of crystal waters and secluded pool along with barren rocks. Relax here on the Comino island and experience the pleasures of being in a beach destination.

There are other communities here of fishing like Marszxlokk , Mediterranean Marsac, Birzebbuga all of which stretch along the southern coast of Malta.

]]> 0 Travel Tales in Italy Tours Sat, 17 Nov 2012 09:25:09 +0000 Ricky Italy is one of the most famous, popular and vibrant countries in this part of the world. With the best surroundings of mountains and the most popular ambience of beaches and ruins, Italy is certainly a heavenly page from the past. It has been existing since 3000years and has many places of interest to be visited.

Visit Rome which is said to be the capital that was not constructed in one day. Explore the places in Rome and get to see things that otherwise you would have been dreaming of. This is the place where you can walk where Caesar once had and where y9ou can see the Vatican and get enchanted. Also see the Trevi fountain which is famous actress the world for its magnificence and simplicity.

Then go to Florence which is the place where renaissance thrived. It is the home for popular people like David and is the place where you get the best of goodies. Gelato here is very famous and the Tuscany wine is really a must do.

Venice is another place to be visited here and is the perfect destination for families and couples. Sit here in the St.  Markas Square and enjoy the sight of the beautiful pigeons here. Stroll down the tiny alleys and also ensure you don’t miss the gondola ride in the canals. Venice comes out to be expensive for the tourists but it is really worth every Euro that you spend.

Then go to Cinque Terra which is another beautiful land which has cliffs overlooking the ocean. This is a breathtaking region and you can spend the entire time here exploring the place through the 12 km trail. This trail links the town with other tiny streets and is a must do in tours here. Enjoy the small cafes and experience the pleasures of the olive groves in the hills and relax over a shot of Limoncello.

Sicily is another popular destination here that has to be included in travels to this part of Italy. It has a long history of culture and tradition and is a lovely place to explore. The simple visual delights of the countryside are something that is very enchanting and memorable.

Then visit Turin a very important Italian city in the north. Very popular as the home of the shroud, Turin is a place that also is famous for the 2006 Olympics. Situated very near the Alps the river Po flows through this city and has villas making up the entire region. Turin today is really a great place to be in and an ideal travel locale.

Then you have the Isle of Capri on the Gulf of Naples. This has been a very important tour locale for many who come here. Since the time of the Romans this resort destination is a must do around the world and during the summer months has a lot of tourists visiting just to enjoy the simple delights here.

Go to Sorrento which is also called the Sorrento the gateway to the coast of Amalfi and is situated on the Bay of Naples. It is a busy place in summer and the city has the best kind of sea sport which has been a popular activity here since long. It has a very rich history and a journey to Italy is incomplete without visiting this place.

Then of course you have Abruzszo which is where you would find some of the best preserved Renaissance and medieval hill towns. Most of them lie inside the national parks thus making Abruzzo a top destination in Italy’s tours.

Italy is a land with the best cuisine and the most enchanting architecture. Thus Italy is one of the most preferred tour destinations. With the sights of the cities and the beauty of the architecture, tours to this part of the world are certainly an eye opener in many ways.

Enjoy tours to Italy and experience the pleasures of being in a fantastic travel destination.

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Beach Luxuries in La Barceloneta Tue, 15 May 2012 08:46:39 +0000 Ricky When you are in Spain, there is so much you can do that the list is endless. With the ideal sights of the most enchanting beach locales and the most fascinating tour delights, Spain is certainly a paradise in world tours. Come here to the region of Catalonia in the district of Ciutat Vella in Barcelona. This is a region that was built in the 18th century for the people who lived in the neighbourhood of Ribera. These people were displaced when the Ciudadela of Barcelona was constructed. The entire region is triangular and has the Mediterranean Sea bordering it. Then the El Born and the Moll d’Espanya or Port Vella so surround it. The Barcelona metro is the transport that helps you to reach this place. Torre Sant Sebastia is the main terminus of the Port Vell region. Then there is an aerial tramway which started in the year 1931 and it connected with Montjuic and Barceloneta and it crosses Port Vell.

Barceloneta is mainly known for its sandy beach and has many restaurants and also nightclubs along the boardwalk. In the past few years the sand has lost quality here and there have been inquiries to find out whether the sand meets the required guidelines for safety. Amongst the many attractions in the beaches, the monument “Homentage a la Barceloneta” is very famous and then there is the Peix d’Or Sculpture of Frank Gehry which is very famous. This is found in the place where the beach gives way to the Port Olimpic.

La Barceloneta
Though Barcelona has many beaches, this is the most popular beach here in the beautiful land of Spain. With many bars and restaurants here, the beach is a true pleasure to be in and gives the experience of being in a land of delightful memories and lovely beach pleasures. This is around ten minutes walk from Metro Barceloneta and is an artificial beach that has a mixture of concrete and sand. So those who like sun bathing wouldn’t really like to bask in the sun here, still it is a popular beach locale in this part of the world.

So while in Europe tours, if you want to experience the best of beach delights then do make sure that you come here to Barcelonata and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this place. There are easy accommodation facilities like the Equity Point Sea which face the seafront and so enjoy the pleasures of being in a beautiful beach paradise. There are many things that you could do here so experience the tour delights here and also feel closer to nature.

Barcelona has some of the most enchanting museums so it would surely relax you and give you the opportunity to get to know this beautiful place better.

Barcelona beach

Barcelonata is he most visited beach in Barcelona. This is a 1.1 km long beach that starts at Port Olimpic and then goes along the coast to Almirall Cervera. This is the place where it joins the Paya de Sant Sebastia.

The Olympic Port is the starting point of the beach and has the popular sculpture of a fish right above. There are many scenic delights here and the routs to this part of world only add to the lovely ambience found here.

Olympic Port
Barcelonata also has the Hospital del Mar which is found in the middle of the breakwater which also has an open air gym which is open to the public. With the facilities of showers, toilets and other infrastructures, this is a perfect beach experience in this part of the world. While you relax on the beach, enjoy the sights of the yachts plying through in the Olympic port and then visit the restaurants which are found on the sea front of the Barceloneta beach.

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Spanish Beach Attractions Mon, 19 Mar 2012 08:00:38 +0000 Ricky With the best sights of beautiful beaches and the most fascinating coastlines to view, Spain is surely a lovely land of coastline pleasures. Stretching across 5000 miles, this is one land that has the best sights for travel .

Amongst the many pleasures of traveling, the beaches here surely are a major attraction.

La Concha

The Concha beach is one such lovely locale in this land of beautiful travel escapades. The tourists throng the Costa Blanca and the Costa Del Sol beaches here, but the La Concha Beach in the San Sebastian region is one that remains a mystique for many who visit here.

Let us now thus get to know which are the beaches in Spain that are the most feasible attractions in this part of the world and which are the ones which give maximum travel pleasures.

La Concha beach

St. Pol De Mar

The St. Pol de Mar is an hour’s journey from the city and is a gorgeous locale with the most enchanting crystal clear waters. With the majestic hills in the background it sure makes a great nudist region again. Come here and enjoy the pleasures of basking in the nude and experience this unique feeling. Around 15 minutes from the city this is around five kilometers of beautiful sand. This is a busy beach and has the most enthralling beach sights.

St. Pol De Mar Beach

Barceloneta Beach

Come here to this beach and listen to the melodious drums that are played in the Cubes Monument. See the sand artists at work here and listen to the song dance routine of the donut salesmen. This is a crowded beach and is a lovely stretch of sandy delights. It is a very entertaining place to be in and has some of the best seafood to offer too.

Barceloneta Beach

Nova Icaria Beach

The Nova Icaria is the other beach here which attracts the young crowd mostly. This is a lovely land lying next to the Olympic Marina and the observatory. Lying near the Icaria shopping centre, this is one land that gives you a lot to ponder about and a great many things to do.

Nova Icaria Beach

Bogatell Beach

The Bogatell Beach is another place that is a great tour delight for those who come to this part of the world. Come here and enjoy the walk from the Bogatell Metro Station and experience this clearest stretch of sand in Spain. Be ready to enjoy a lot of tattoos and also silicon and do ensure that you have your sunglasses ready. This is one land which would surely give you the greatest delights and the ultimate travel pleasures.

Bogatell Beach
Mar Bella Beach

Then you have the Mar Bella beach which is famous for its nudist pleasures. This lovely land has the best dunes and is a great windsurfing zone. This is a favourite of those beach enthusiasts who want the nudist beach pleasures. A perfect way to retreat on a Sunday and this beach is also popular for its late night beach raves.

Mar Bella Beach

Sitges Beach

This is another beach land that is around half an hour away from the city centre. This is again a lovely beach land with pristine surroundings and gets noisy at times and is very windy. The area to the north of the seaside is a little quieter, and is more secluded and is a lovely tranquil zone.

Sitges Beach

Ocata Beach

Go to the Ocata Beach in the northern part of Barcelona, and enjoy the pristine surroundings of this lovely beach land. With lot of space in this golden paradise, this half hour trip is a wonderful way of getting away from the daily routine. Experience the exotic pleasures of a heavenly beach and go back completely enchanted and engrossed. With no frills attached this is one beach land this is a small haven of pleasurable travels.

With so much to do and a lot more to enjoy, the beaches here in this land of  ultimate paradise Spain certainly is a must watch and a favourite way to experience the exotic nature of traveling in this part of the world.

Ocata Beach

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Tourist Attractions in Sicily Mon, 12 Sep 2011 07:30:13 +0000 Ricky Sicily is one of many minor islands that form an autonomous district of Italy. It is the biggest island located in Mediterranean Sea. Sicily is known for its unique and rich culture, which includes wealthy heritage of music, arts, architecture, literature, language and cuisines.

The tourist attractions housed by Sicily can throw up strong challenge towards any mainland attraction of Italy. Earlier, Sicily was not a part of Italy; it was operated as a sovereign kingdom. However, currently it is under the rule of the Italian government. In this article, we’ll be discussing about the premium tourist attractions of Sicily.

Sicily Italy

Palermo, the largest Sicilian city is home to a number of exciting tourist attractions. The most exciting sights of the city are located in the region beyond Golden Shell. One of the most visited sights of Palermo is Catania Markets. The shopping experience at the Catania Markets is truly matchless; the place is famous for offering great bargaining opportunities. Catania Markets stay open all through the week except Sunday and on Wednesdays the markets get closed at 2pm in the afternoon.

Palermo Sicily

Another city of Sicily, Agrigento is home to the famous region known as Valley of the Temples. According to historians and archaeologists, this part of Sicily used to be the sight of worship for people living in this part of the world since more than thousand years. Valley of the Temples is home to 10 Roman and Grecian temples. Besides that, you can also spend some fun-filled hours at the natural park in this part of Sicily; the natural park will offer you the opportunity of enjoying horseback riding and hiking trails.


Sicily other than being an island itself also has a series of tiny islands within its territory.  You will get to spend some wonderful time at the sand beaches of islands like Alicudi, Panarea, Vulcano, Filicudi, Salina, and Stromboli. Most of these islands will offer you chances of taking part in thrilling water sports.

Panarea Salina Stromboli

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Where to Stay during Your Visit to Costa Smeralda? Fri, 10 Jun 2011 07:40:14 +0000 Ricky Costa Smeralda is the 55Km coastal area of Sardinia, the 2nd largest island on the Mediterranean Sea. Costa Smeralda, which is popularly known as the ‘Emerald Coast’ was a creation of Prince Karim Aga Khan. This place is mostly visited by the affluent Arabian and European VIPs belonging to the world of entertainment, politics and big businesses. In this article we will inform you about 3 best hotels of this region.

Hotel Stelle Marine:

This hotel is located near the Cannigione beach of Costa Smeralda. Other than the outdoor pool, this hotel also houses a pool dedicated only to the children. Amenities like audio visual equipments, meeting areas for groups of 10 to 12 people and other business services make the Hotel Stelle Marine a perfect place for people coming to Costa Smeralda for business trips.  This 4 star hotel also houses banquet facilities and conference rooms. You will also get to spend some lovely time as the poolside bar. The food served in the in-house restaurant of this hotel also has great reputation.

Hotel Speraesole:

This hotel is located near the Le Saline beach. This hotel houses all the necessary amenities that make the hotel stay comfortable for the visitors coming to Costa Smeralda. The pool side bar, the restaurant and the bar/lounge are known for their excellent services. There are 57 guestrooms, each of which is equipped with high speed internet, television with cable connection, safes, mini-bars, air-condition etc.


This hotel is located in La Maddalena, which is a region adjacent to Costa Smeralda.  The guests staying in this hotel are offered complimentary breakfast, free access to internet etc. The other attractive amenities offered by this hotel are dry cleaning and laundry facilities, the opportunity of savoring the beauty of nature at the roof top terrace etc. The entire area of the hotel Excelsior is designated as smoke free property.

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Deia, Mallorca (Spain) Mon, 28 Jun 2010 07:05:44 +0000 Ricky If you plan a trip to Mallorca (Spanish) or Majorca (English), things are bound to be unpredictable. Well, in the good way of course.

Make a trip to the little Deia village in Mallorca and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

About Deia

When you approach the village of Deia, you are greeted with a view of the Serra de Tramuntana, which makes for a picture-perfect backdrop of this Spanish Village. The ancient church which sits atop the hill gives an almost divine feeling to this entire region.

Deia Mallorca Spain

Deia, as a whole, sits almost precariously above the seashore. It seems like its clinging to Tramuntana mountains while it gets flanked by olive groves, orchards full of lemon and a generous outburst of pine and cedar forests.

Cala de Deia

The shingle beach of Deia is more pebbly than anything else; but the sight of clear waters make you forgive anything and everything that you may not have liked before. Given the fact that the routes to Cala de Deia are not well marked, not too many people know about it. So if you do manage to make your way down there, you’ll have one helluva great swim. Guaranteed!!!

Cala de Deia

La Residencia

La Residencia or La Res as it is popularly called by the locals is perhaps the most popular spot in Deia. Given the fact that Mallorca is the largest island in Spain, you’d expect your vacation to be spent lazily, basking on the sandy beaches, with wind in your hair. But Le Residencia has different plans for you.

La Residencia Mallorca

The Surprise Package

The granite mountains of Tramuntana dominate the geography of this idyllic village, and make their presence felt by the shadows they cast upon the village. The La Res takes advantage of this natural gigantic structure that they have at La Residencia Donkeystheir disposal, by arranging for a climb up the mountain paths.

The medium of transport – Donkeys! Donkeys have an advantage in comparison to other animals when it comes to breathing in rarefied air. They make the vertical climb quite easily.

You’ll have your lunch set out for you by the time you reach halfway up; and the scenic spot that has been chosen will make the entire climb until now seem worth it. The high altitude, the rarefied air, the stunning view and some lovely wine make for a combination that was never before thought of (makes you wonder why no one thought of it before!)

The history of La Res

This is the place where Princess Diana took refuge when her marriage was shattered into pieces. Andrew Lloyd Webber is said to have booked the entire hotel for his 60th birthday. Yes, this place does get its generous sprinklings of celebrity glimpses from time to time.

This hotel is originally made up of four separate mansions. They are, till date, linked by secret passageways. The lovely olive terraces make for a spectacular view; and the private beach, the spa with all available facilities just add to the already existent appeal of this place.

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Boutiques of Rhodes Island Tue, 23 Feb 2010 08:05:24 +0000 Ricky The island of Rhodes occupies significant importance in historical and present day Greece. The island is located at a very strategic location.  It is at a crossroads between Africa, the Middle East and Europe. As a result of this location, the city and island is famous for different identities, cultures, languages and architectures.

rhodes island greeceThe specialty of the island is that it boasts of small luxury boutique hotels.  Most of these hotels are in keeping with the architecture and style of the old town of 700 years.

Rhodes Old town has many distinctions to its credit.  Besides being declared a UNESCO world heritage site since 1988, the town also ranks as the largest inhabited medieval town of Europe. Some of the main attractions of the town include the Street of Knights, this is the most important and imposing avenue of the town and includes the former residencies of the various nationalities of the Order of the Knights of St John.

The famous Street of Knights is a very popular place frequented by tourists.  It leads to the Grand Master’s Palace, which in the present day is a museum full of significant archaeological finds from ancient as well as modern Rhodes.

Avalon Boutique HotelThere is no dearth of shops, bars or cafes in Rhodes. An interesting aspect about the place is it is very easy to get lost in the narrow, winding alleys.  However, this aspect makes your visit all the more interesting as you get a chance to uncover some of the hidden gems of the island.

The legendary Avalon Boutique Hotel is a history lover’s delight.  It is housed in the fortress walls of the old town and offers up to six suites, each unique in interior decoration based on the medieval period, however with a modern twist. One can experience a spectacular view from the veranda of the rooms.

The island also has some good stuff for fashion lovers as well, and the monument that I am referring to is the Nikos takis fashion hotelNikos Takis Fashion Hotel.  Two famous fashion designers, Nikos and Takis, own this hotel and each of the seven suites of the hotel are individually designed by them.

The Spirit of the Knights boutique hotel has been opened recently. The hotel has been restored with the help of the archaeology department of Greece.

It is recommended that one stay in a boutique hotel once in Greece’s Rhodes Island. These hotels offer a much more personalized experience and the advantage of being in the heart of a medieval town only makes the holiday all the more interesting.  Another aspect of all the bars and restaurants and shops being build within the original walls of city only adds to the excitement. The best part of the visit by any means is when you get lost in the narrow alleys and in the process discovering something new about Rhodes.

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La Spezia – The Spice of Italy – Part II Tue, 22 Sep 2009 09:30:31 +0000 Ricky The pretty town of La Spezia is located at a minimal distance away from Cinque Terre, taking merely ten minutes via train to be able to reach it. As one takes a pleasant stroll along the walkway just off the Viale Italia, the pride amongst the locals regarding their town’s past becomes quite evident.

One is braced with the attractive sights of the public garden located just across the port that proffers a fine chance to take an unwinding amble. On crossing the public gardens, one could visit the tourism office that is situated on Viale Mazzini to be able to access the maps and the timetable for the boat rides that ferry one off to the several other towns located alongside the shoreline, leaving at an hourly frequency that continues till seven or eight in the night varying with the season type.

During the stroll one could stop by at the Technical Naval Museum if one is inquisitive about finding about the Italian naval past and gear. When one arrives at the Via Prione, it is a worth-while sight to observe the 1933-constructed, Civic Theatre, planned by the famed Franco Oliva. The Diocesan Museum located on Via Prone is believed to be place where ancient time explorers made a pass-through. The Museum has a fine display of pieces of Eucharistic and apostolic types.

One can soak in the true essence of La Spezia when one visits the Piazza S.Agontino, which has predominantly baroque styled housing and defensive constructions that give one a sense of a chain of high rises.


The archaic, fifteenth century church Castello S. Girogio, re-constructed since 1945, is one of those places one should pay a trip despite being cringed for time, due to its civic archaeological assortment. Another worth-while place is the naval armoury initially constructed during the time periods from 1861-1869 and then re-constructed since 1945 and the adjoining naval museum.

One could also visit the archaeological museum that boasts of a fine display of ‘menhirs’ also known as archaic monoliths that are intricately carved in the shape of human figurines and of Roman relics derived from the adjacent primeval city of Luni.

scorcio passeggiata morin

The idyllic time to visit La Spezia is during San Giuseppe- the festivity of the Patron Saint that takes place on 19th March. The Palio del Golfo held on the foremost Sunday during August and the traditional fair of Cercantino that takes place during the first Sunday of each month excluding months of July and August are great times to visit La Spezia.

La Spezia – The Spice of Italy – Part – I

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La Spezia – The Spice of Italy – Part I Tue, 22 Sep 2009 04:43:18 +0000 Ricky La Spezia also known as ‘The Spice’ is the entryway to Cinque Terre, considered as Italy’s finest, spectacular and most amorous locales alongside the Ligurian coast. The tranquil, traveller-free, La Spezia is the perfect location to get going when one is journeying the vicinity.

The accommodations in La Spezia are relatively pocket-friendly in comparison to its close by tourist townships and hence an idyllic spot for those intending on saving a few bucks. Hence, La Spezia, may perhaps be the best area to set up base camp for the period of one’s stay there. The preeminent means to unravel the fine nuances of La Spezia is by foot, with the inhabitants being quite cordial and obliging to assist.

A foremost momentary look at La Spezia gives one the impression of it being a vital commercial and military hub with a bustling business harbour. Many might find the panoramas of La Spezia not as magnificent as the neighbouring towns dotting the coastline and quite a few nearly pass over the town, assuming that the place might not be that interesting.

appartamento vacanza la spezia

Nevertheless, as one saunters from the dock, meandering through the civic gardens, the Via Prone and passing the historical centre, one is overwhelmed with the awareness that the city has constantly evolved through numerous epochs of noteworthy historical advancements, thus making it the ideal setting to gain an insight into the wide-spanning array of architectural approaches ranging from hints noticed from the Middle ages, the 17th century coinciding Baroque period, Renaissance era and frontwards to the Futuristic art, Deco and simple Rationalism approach when straight contouring  and formality was the in-thing. One is utterly spellbound by the styling noted in the town.

italy portovenere

In order to get a sense of the area, one could begin at the landing place off Viale Italia. On certain days, the visibility allows one to see as far as the quaint Porto Venere and Palmaria towns of the Cinque Terra. The Cinque Terre coast boasts of the finest scenic locales with its coastline being preserved by UNESCO and has marvellous strolling and ascending cliff pathways. The exquisite section of Italy, the Cinque Terre meaning five towns has a multitude of alleyways connecting the villages with fabulous sights of the overhangs, coastlines and tended, dry stone courtyards. The time would just fly by, while engaging in some hiking and soaking in the sun and sand.

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