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The best places to go to in Africa are those destinations which provide you with the best kinds of travel thrills and tour delights. Going on a family safari here is one of the most cherishable and exciting vacations that you could ever have in this part of the world. Taking your family on an African safari is not very cheap so you would have to pick the right kind of safari tour so that you could get the best out of the entire experience.

The best place to go on a safari is South Africa and this is the ideal place for all families who go here with children. With excellent roads you can hire a care and set a routine to go around this place. The main thing is that you should have the right kind of flexibility if you go with children.

Family safari
South Africa has lot of wildlife zones where you get to see the best of animal life. These parks have convenient accommodations with buffet lunches, swimming pools, and dinners. There are many beaches in Eastern Cape and Garden Route which is filled with the best game parks and beaches in the nearby zones thus bringing you closer to nature. this is a great place to visit with family and children.

South Africa is a place where you have a lot of parks which are free of malaria so children can remain without taking any malaria pills and you really do not have to worry even if a mosquito comes in between. The country has some of the best hospitals and doctors so it is really not worrisome any way.

South africa park
Kenya is also a very preferred destination for having a good beach holiday. Enjoy Mombassa here and go to the Tsavo National park which is just around an hour from this place.

Then you have Tanzania which gives the best kind of safari experience in the African continent and has an infrastructure that is really good as in Kenya and while here combining the safari experiences with the Zanzibar beaches is a great deal to do while on vacations in Africa. Go the northern circuit in Kenya and enjoy the Ngorongo Crater and Serengeti and bask in the pleasures of a lovely land.

Namibia is also a place to visit and is malaria free. With a lovely coastline it has good rods and sand dunes which make tours here very exciting. The distance is long so be ready for long drives when you go from one place to another here.

Zanzibar beaches
Botswana is another lovely safari spot here and not much driving is needed as many of the safaris here are fly in. Safaris in Africa should be with children predominantly as they provide the right kind of thrill and excitement to the children. With many canoe rides and lovely delta regions, this is surely a lovely way of enjoying holidays in this part of the world in Africa.

There are many safari tours that have a lot of age restrictions on children and this is the reason they have to be planned and the best option is for those who travel with children under the age of 12. This is because many feel that it is really not safe for children to be sitting on the back seat of an open vehicle. Children also get sunburnt fast and fall in frequently so it is better that you move around with bigger children while on a safari in Africa.

Many safari
There are many campsites and lodges too that have age limits. Wild animals roam near the camps so it is advisable not to take a toddler along. There are game drives that  are long and so spotting wildlife is a little difficult. At such times small children lose patience. So at such times give them a camera or a binocular to be on the safer side.

Safaris in Africa are filled with the best kind of travel experiences. Make the best out of them.

]]> 0 The Cultural Tour around the beautiful land of Zimbabwe Tue, 22 May 2012 07:15:39 +0000 Ricky Come to Africa and feel the beauty of being in this land of absolutely charming customs and traditions. This is one land that would give you the best of travel delights and that would give you the reason to be in this part of the world.

Zimbabwe is the ideal land to be in if you really want to indulge in the pleasures of the most fascinating land in this part of the world. Most of the Zimbabweans come from the great family of Bantu and these Bantu speaking migrants are the first who came to this land some 2000 years ago.

The eastern highlands of this lovely country of Zimbabwe saw the iron makers and also the farmers settling in this high veld and middleveld regions of Zimbabwe.

There is a culture that is very distinct in Zimbabwe and this is the Shona culture and it is a culture that is existent here since ages.

The Zulu warriors who are believed to belong to the family of King Mzilikazi did not come till the first half of the nineteenth century. Today they make the major community in Zimbabwe – the Matebele and the Ndebele.

Zulu warriors
The majority of the Zimbabwean population is made up of the Bantu speaking communities even though they have come very late here.

There are many other ethnic groups which is inclusive of the white Zimbabweans and these are those African residents who are believed to have the British origin and also some of the Asian ethnic groups like the Chinese and the Indian.

Sometime in the 10th century, there was lot of trade between the Phoenicians and the shona. The Shonas ruled the people and they are the ones who are believed to have built the ruins in Zimbabwe. So the ruins that we see in Southern Africa are the structures that are located in this part of the world and are a great sight to see. These ruins are supposed to have some 20,000 inhabitants. These ruins span over 1800 acres and they cover a land of around 100 to 200 miles. The ruins of Great Zimbabwe are totally built of stone and here is where we also find the Zimbabwe Birds.

Zimbabwe Birds
In the western part of Zimbabwe we find the Vadoma people who are locally also called the ostrich people. They are also called the two toed tribe. Vadoma two toed tribe are those who are born with a genetic defect where the middle three toes are missing and the two outer toes are turned inward. This gives them the appearance of the ostrich feet. The Vadoma are not allowed to marry anyone who does not belong to their tribe and the defect is thus passed from generation to generation. Hence these tribes are known as the two toed tribe.

Zimbabwe has some of the finest forms of African art. The Shona stone sculpture is popular world wide and you would find that it sells for greatly extravagant prices in this part of the world.

Each piece of African art expresses a story that is in the minds of the sculptor. This is the only place in Africa where you would surely find an unbelievable work of art. The Matabele who are popular for their wood carving, are also seen here. There are many hardwood varieties exhibited here and the Rhodesian teak is famous amongst them.

Zimbabwe people are very talented and so their beadwork, basket ware, pottery, jewellery and such things are very popular. These goods are popular across the world and most of the artists have fled the country due to political turmoil thus depriving the world of such talented works.

Beadwork Zimbabwe

Africa is a land of ancient culture and traditions and believed to be the land where the world began. With its intriguing sights and interesting culture, Africa has always remained an area of interest for the tourists. Amidst this lovely locale, Zimbabwe is a must see and any traveller coming here would surely enjoy this lovely region.

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Zanzibar – The Majestic Spice Island of the Indian Ocean Fri, 09 Dec 2011 12:48:06 +0000 Ricky Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, East Africa and consists of Zanzibar Archipelago in Indian Ocean around 25 to 50 kilometers off the coast one of the mainland and comprises of plethora of small isles with two huge ones: Pemba and Unguja. Other close by territories and countries include Mayotte and Comoros to south, Reunion and Mauritius to far southeast and Seychelles Islands around 1500 kilometres to east. Portuguese and Arab traders stayed the region initially and it was managed by Omanis in 18th and 19th centuries.


Britain founded the protectorate, which became independent sultanate in the year 1963 and republic after uprising in the month of January 1964. Zanzibar City is the capital of Zanzibar situated on Unguja Island and the historic centre called Stone Town is World Heritage Site. The major industries of Zanzibar include tourism, spices and raffia. In particular, the islands turn out cloves, pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon. For these reasons, the islands are at times called Spice Islands. It is the ultimate Indian Ocean experience with magnificent beaches and fascinating historical Stone Town. Its Indian Ocean provides world class watersports such as scuba diving, sailing on conventional local dhows, snorkelling, waterskiing, deep sea fishing, windsurfing and kayaking.

The islands became a part of historical record of broader world when Persian dealers founded them and used them as base of passages between Middle East, Africa and India. Throughout the age of Exploration, a Portuguese Empire was the 1st European power for gaining control of Zanzibar and retained it for almost 2 centuries. In the year 1968, Zanzibar fell under control of Sultanate of Oman, which urbanized economy of cash crops and trade with ruling Arab elite. It has a government of national unity with existing president of Zanzibar being Ali Mohamed Shein, since November 2010. As Tanzania’s semi-autonomous part, it has its own administration called Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar. It is made up of Revolutionary Council and House of Representatives.

Unguja consists of three administrative regions such as Zanzibar West/Urban, Zanzibar South/Central and Zanzibar North, while Pemba comprises of two, the Pemba South and Pemba North. The major political parties of Zanzibar include Chama Cha Mapinduzi and Civic United. Widespread mammals with continental relatives include Zanzibar red colobus, Africa’s one of rarest primates and Zanzibar red colobus, which might be only about 1500. Isolated on Zanzibar for at least 10 centuries is the Zanzibar red colobus, which is known as unique distinct species, with different calls, food habits and coat patterns as compared to related colobus species on mainland.


Rare native animals on Zanzibar include Zanzibar leopard, which is possibly extinct and critically endangered; the recently known Zanzibar servaline genet. You won’t find large wild animals on this island, and forest areas like Jozani are occupied by bush-pigs, monkeys, civets and small antelopes along with elusive Zanzibar leopard. However, you will find different species of mongoose along with wide array of birdlife, and large number of butterflies. Pemba island is detached from Unguja island and African continent by deep channels and has respectively limited fauna, reflecting comparative isolation from the mainland. Its quite famous endemic is Pemba Flying Fox.

Jozani forest

The local residents of Zanzibar are from mixture of ethnic backgrounds indicative of colorful history. They speak Swahili, a language spoken widely in East Africa. Many people believe that purest form is spoken in Zanzibar, because it is the origin of the language. One of the most famous sports of Zanzibar is Football overseen by Zanzibar Football Association. It is the associate member of Confederation of African Football, which means that Zanzibar National Football Team will not be eligible for entering national Confederation of African Football competitions, including African Nations Cup. However, it gets representation at CAF Champions League and CAF Confederation Cup.

Hotels near Zanzibar include Emerson and Green Hotel, Serena Inn, Tembo House Hotel, Dhow Palace Hotel, Shangani Hotel, Mazsons Hotel, Sultan Palace, Breezes Beach Club, Karafuu Hotel, Fisherman’s Resort, Matemwe Beach Village, Blue Oyster Hotel, Tamarind Hotel, Mbweni Ruins Hotel, Ras Nungwi Hotel and Pongwe Hotel. So, travel to Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania and experience its amazing beaches, fascinating history and wonderful spices.

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Visiting Morocco: What the Country Has to Offer? Tue, 18 Oct 2011 07:05:26 +0000 Ricky Morocco is situated at point of confluence of Africa in the east with Europe in the west and the Mediterranean with the Atlantic. Flanking Europe, it is sited just across the tapered straits of Gibraltar. Well known for its rich culture, ethnicity, disparities, speckled hues and obscurity, it became a natural choice for my travel destination.


I love Morocco’s temperate Mediterranean climate gifted by its unique location atop the northwest crook of Africa with two oceans contiguous to it. I was also enchanted by its exquisite natural splendor and enthralled by its superior quality handicrafts. I enjoyed the skiing prospects offered by the Rif and High Atlas Mountains in the North and Central regions of Morocco. Touring the deserts of the Western Sahara in Southern Morocco on horseback, on camels and 4X4 was equally delightful. These holiday breaks of skiing and desert trips are relatively recent discoveries of the entertainment ravenous tourists.

High Atlas Mountains skiing Western Sahara desert

Morocco’s ideal location gives travelers sunny lands, mountains and hot desert sands to explore. At the same time Morocco’s medieval conurbations captivate you with their ageless mood and feel. I felt myself immersed in an interesting alien world in the cities of Fez and Marrakech that are sated with souks and squares. The magician snake charmers were awe inspiring. The tanner yards’ reek is ubiquitous and the Muezzins’ call from the old minarets drifts in the air.

Morocco mountains

Morocco’s tumultuous past that has been propelled by its situation has cropped a prodigious number of historical monuments and imperial edifices. However the country also comprises of contrasting ultra modern societies and cities.

You must be quite fascinated by the above description of Morocco. Plan a trip to this wonderful African nation during your next holidays.

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Traveling to Uganda: A Brief Description Sat, 15 Oct 2011 07:46:38 +0000 Ricky Currently Uganda is one of the most visited tourist destinations of East Africa. Uganda is a diminutive non coastal country lying between Kenya and DRC in East Africa. Regarded as Africa’s most attractive country, Uganda boasts of panoramic scenery, rich heritage and exotic wild life species. The place is replete with 10 well run national parks and offers prospects for adventure sports and exciting gorilla trekking.


The locals are affable and the place has been revamped to make it eco friendly- hence Uganda has been conferred the title of ‘Africa’s friendliest country’. As part of the eco- friendly campaign eco tourism projects have also been launched. All these attributes prompted me to visit the country.

I was enthralled by Uganda’s mottled diverse panoramas. While the Rift Valley is sated with forest enveloped cavern lakes other portions of Uganda feature the characteristic East African Savannah or tropical rain forests. The country offers first rate hiking and trekking prospects at its extinct volcanoes, at the Rwenzori Mountains flanking its western border, or at the frosty tips of the ‘Mountains of the Moon’ which are the highest in Africa.

Rwenzori Mountains

Not being the adventurous type I settled for some quiet and enjoyable bird watching at the archipelagos around the Lake Bunyonyi and the prodigious Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria happens to be the resource of the Nile, the World’s longest river and venue for white water rafting.

Lake Bunyonyi Lake Victoria

I enjoyed watching primates like chimpanzees and the huge mountain gorilla on a safari expedition in Uganda.

Mountain gorilla

Uganda’s efforts to combat infectious diseases have been very effective. After the adversity caused by Idi Amin’s misrule, the inhabitants of this East African nation are encouraging progressive policies and bettering their tourist industry.

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The Johannesburg Art Gallery of South Africa Thu, 29 Sep 2011 07:30:26 +0000 Ricky Johannesburg Art Gallery is situated in the Joubert Park, which is in Johannesburg’s central business district. The building, in which we have the art gallery today, was made based on the design of the famous British architect Edward Lutyens. The building has sculpture gardens and fifteen exhibition halls.

The museum showcases artworks belonging to the 15th century till the present times. Here, you will come across Dutch paintings belonging to the 17th century and specimens of European and British art of the 1700s and 1800s. Besides all these, the place also houses several remarkable South African artworks from the 19th century. Other than this wide array of medieval artifacts, the Johannesburg Art Gallery is also home to a huge collection of contemporary art i.e. artworks accomplished by artists of the 20th century. Here, you will get the opportunity to view works of both international and local artists.

Johannesburg Art Gallery

The first collection of this museum was arranged by Sir Hugh Lane; this collection was exhibited at a London event in the year 1910. Soon after the event, the collection was purchased by a group of art collectors from South Africa and made the first showcased items of the Johannesburg Art Gallery.

Johannesburg Art Gallery interior Johannesburg Art Gallery interior

If you visit the museum today, yoArt of Camille Pissarrou will get to see works of great international artists like Dante Rossetti, Auguste Rodin, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Henry Moore and Edgar Degas. The museum is also home to works of some of the greatest native artists of South Africa, Alexis Preller, Sydney Kumalo, Maud Sumner, Walter Battiss , Gerard Sekoto, Pierneef and Ezrom Legae to name a few.

During your stay in the city of Johannesburg, you must make sure that you visit the museum at least once; more so if you are a lover of art and culture.

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Natural Treasures of Burundi Mon, 05 Sep 2011 07:30:22 +0000 Ricky Burundi is a country located in Eastern Africa. It is one of the most visited tourist destination of the continent; Burundi’s popularly as a tourist spot is mainly due to its rich natural treasure. In this article we’ll be discussing about the natural riches of the country.

Burundi Africa

Flora and Fauna:

Burundi is a country that has plains and mountains as well as inland water masses. Due to this topography, the climatic conditions of Burundi vary from one region to the other, which supports different varieties of vegetation. Some of the most notable fauna of this country include antelopes, buffaloes, crocodiles and hippos.

Plains and mountains of Burundi Antelopes Buffalo Crocodile

National Parks and Forests:

Burundi is home to several forests and 3 national parks. Kibira, Ruvubu and Rusizi are the three national parks of this country. Kibira houses ten primate species including chimpanzees. It is located in the north-western part of Burundi and covers a petite area of the montane rainforest. Ruvubu is situated in the country’s north-eastern region and is often referred to as Ruvuvu by the locals. Here, you will get to see over 400 avian species, antelope, buffalo, crocodile, hippo and red colobos monkey. Visitors can also come to the Ruvubu National Park for camping; the park authority has recently arranged camping facilities for the tourists coming to this place. Rusizi is situated around 15.5 miles or 25 kilometers away from Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi. This park registers the maximum number of tourist footfalls every year among the 3 national parks of Burundi. During your visit to Rusizi, you’ll come across crocodiles, aquatic antelopes or sitatungas, hippos and hundreds of bird species.

Kibira National Park Ruvubu National Park Rusizi National Park

The most famous forests of this African country include names of natural forests like Vyanda, Kigwena and forests like Mwishanga and Nyakazu.

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Things to Do in Senegal Tue, 19 Jul 2011 07:30:56 +0000 Ricky Senegal, a country officially referred to as the Republic of Senegal is a country located on the western part of Africa. Although the country is primarily known for producing a great football team and some of the finest footballers of Africa, in recent years Senegal is also emerging as a popular tourist destination.

Dakar, Senegal’s capital is the place hosting the maximum annual tourist population in the country. People, who have a limited budget for their vacations, find this place extremely alluring. The largest share of the population of Dakar lives around the city’s edge; this makes the city an ideal place for exploring on foot; you will rarely need to spend money for bus and cab fares to roam around the city of Dakar. Besides that, the accommodation cost is also not high; Dakar houses numerous cheap hotels offering high quality services.

The primary attractions in this capital city of Senegal are the two markets, March Kermel and March Sandage. March Kermel is known for being the chief tourist market an March Sandage stores items of daily needs, fruits and vegetables. However, even at March Sandage, there are a few shops selling souvenirs and garments.

One of the most visited tourist spots in the city of Dakar is IFAN museum. The exhibits of this museum include numerous artifacts belonging to different African regions; for instance: tribal masks, potteries etc. The nightlife of Dakar is also worth mentioning. Here, you will get the opportunity of having maximum fun in the nightclubs and bars of the city. However, these places are a bit costlier compared to the nightclubs and bars located in the other parts of Senegal. However, the array of entertainment options that the capital city will offer is incomparable to other Senegalese cities.

The other most prominent city of Senegal is St-Louis. This city is known for being culturally rich and historically significant. This city used to be the capital city of the country before Senegal and Mauritania split. One of the major attractions in St-Louis is Governor’s Palace. In the 1700s, this palace was used as fort. You must also visit the famous St-Louis Cathedral. The St-Louis Cathedral is the most ancient church of the country i.e. surviving even today.

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The Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya Mon, 11 Jul 2011 07:40:51 +0000 Ricky Masai Mara National Reserve is situated in the southwestern part of Kenya near Tanzania’s border.  This wildlife reserve is located on Rift Valley and has the Serengeti Plains of Tanzania running along the southern end. The River Mara on the other hand runs through the Masai Mara National Reserve. This river is home to a large number of hippopotamuses, crocodiles and also plays host to a wide variety of yearly migrations. Thousands of zebras and wildebeests flocks hear every year from different corners of Africa.

What are the things you can do while at the Masai Mara National Reserve? If offers plenty of options to the tourists as far as recreation is concerned. The four most pleasurable options are:

The game drives:

If you have come to this wildlife reserve on air, then this option will surely be included in the safari package you have purchased. It will take you for a number of game drives during your tour. If you are going on your own car or rented a vehicle for personal use, then you should have a map with your while going for these drives. However, the best option would be taking an askari or guard along with you.

The walking safaris:

This option will attract people with an adventurous intent. As you take part in these safaris, you will be joined by a guide.

Cultural tours:

These tours will help you get familiar with the local culture of Maasai. You’ll be taken to a traditional village of the region where you will be able to witness the lifestyle of the natives of Maasai.

Air ballooning:

This option is a bit expensive one. However, the fun one can extract from air ballooning gives back every bit of the money paid. Generally the flights start during the dawn and lasts for around 1 hour.

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Top 2 Places to Visit in Egypt Mon, 27 Jun 2011 07:30:08 +0000 Ricky Are you planning to spend the next vacation in Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs? Then the two places described below should be a part of your touring plan:

Abu Simbel:

The 2 temples in the Egyptian territory of Abu Simbel are among the most visited places of Egypt. The two reasons behind the popularity of these temples among the tourists are: the fact that they were relocated from their actual cliff and their stunning features. Both these colossal temples were first carved more than 3 millenniums ago from a huge sandstone cliff located in the adjacent area of River Nile. The entire construction work of the original temples took place during reign of Ramesses II, the great Egyptian Pharaoh. These temples were dedicated to Egyptian Gods and the Pharaoh.

However, there were all the facts of the past. In the last century, during the 1960s while the construction work for Aswan High dam was going on, these temples were at risk of getting submerged in Lake Nasser. To stop any such happening, the Government of Egypt in association with UNESCO relocated the temples in an artificially constructed mountain. The process of relocation involved dismantling both the temples and again reassembling them into the same form.

Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt:

Giza is the biggest city of Egypt. The city is only a few miles away from the Egyptian capital of Cairo. This city houses one of the most nicely built Egyptian Pyramids. It is the Pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu, who was also often called Pharaoh Cheops. Another special attraction of Giza is the Sphinx. Sphinx is a statue that has a half-lion, half-human body. This statue ranks quite high in the list of largest and oldest statues of the world.

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