Journey Idea » Adventure Destinations Travel across the world with Journey Idea Mon, 15 Apr 2013 07:00:46 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Adventurous expeditions in Asia Sat, 01 Dec 2012 08:10:44 +0000 Ricky Asia is a land that has been explored by many adventures and travellers and has been the cynosure of the traveller’s eyes. Asian regions have been the best of travel delight for all who come to this part of the world. Mountaineers who came to this region have always found tours here very exciting and interesting. There are many destinations in Asia, which have been attractions for all tourists coming in search of adventure. Let us see which they are.

Go rafting and paddling on the Pai River in Thailand. The river Pai flows around 62 miles through many gorges and flat-water stretches in the verdant section of the province of Mae Hong in this part of the world. The season here for rafting is normally in the months of June and January. This is a lovely travel destination and is filled with pleasures of a great land. Come here and bask in the pleasures of a great tour destination.

Pai River
Then there is the Kite su in Thailand which provides the best of travel adventure Destinations and gives the pleasures of the best of beaches. The kayaking pleasures alongwith the magnificent limestone stacks are the main features here. These rise from the Andaman Sea and provide the best ambience for the most memorable jungle treks. There are canopy tours that await the tourists and it is a greatly fulfilling experience. In the northern part of Thailand, there are many rain forests and mountains in the background and there are exciting adventures and adventurous experiences here in the Filipino Island of Boracay.

There is the Bulabog Lagoon that stretches over the three bays and has extended cross shore winds which is ideal for kite surfing. There are innumerable kite surfing schools here which offer many courses.

Bulabog lagoon
Go trekking in Nepal and find the pleasures of traveling here in this part of Asia totally enchanting. With the best of Camp pleasures, there are lovely sanctuaries here which give the best kind of experiences. Here is where you would find the Annapurna Base Camp Trail alongwith the best pleasures of exciting Nepal routes. The Annapurna Sanctuary is a lovely teahouse trek and passes through villages which have their own lodging.

Enjoy the best sights of wildlife viewing in Borneo where you get the best pleasures of expeditions in caves. With the Gunung Mulu National Park which spans over 300 km there are the ideal sights of an established infrastructure with the most fascinating tours.

Gunung mulu
Also surf in Okinawa in Japan and enjoy surfing. Okinawa is a lovely place that is very famous for surfing. This is also called the Hawaii of the East and has the best kinds of sandy beaches along with the blend of surf culture here. Here is where you get to enjoy the culture of Asia so just experience the best of travel experiences in this part of the world.

Here you would find watery delights in the north of Nago so just bask in the pleasures of ultimate travel experiences. This is a place where you have a hollow reef break which is not exactly for professionals but for beginners.

Indonesian island
With pleasures like sand boarding at Mui Ne in Vietnam, and trekking and climbing in Bhutan, the Indonesian island of Bali are other places to be explored and enjoyed in Asia. Thus tours to Asia are never devoid of excitement and pleasures.

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Intriguing Tales of Ringing Rocks Mon, 05 Nov 2012 08:30:32 +0000 Ricky Visit the beautiful land of Pennsylvania and enjoy the pleasures of the greatest sights of the Ringing Rocks the lovely green expanse here in the pleasurable surroundings in this part of the world. Situated in beautiful region of Pennsylvanian delights this is a 128 acre stretch that is very unusual and intriguing. There is a field of boulders around seven to eight acres in size. The rocks are very unusual due to the musical sound that they produce. When the rocks are struck with a hammer or another rock the sound that comes is that of a metal and the hollow sound that is produced is very much like the sound produced by a metal pipe.

Ringing Rocks is also a place where the Buck’s country waterfall is found. The place is very famous for the strange ringing properties of the stones here. There are many mysteries surrounding the entire region, and tourists flock here to see the mystical nature of this place. There is one very odd thing about the park and that is that most of the boulder fields exist due to an avalanche from a mountain nearby collapsing entirely. The boulder field lies at the top of the hill and not at the base of the mountain. So it is not exactly caused due to a rock slide. Also there is no proof that these have been dropped by a glacier . Glaciers never did exist here in this part of the world.

Ringing rocks park

The boulders are made out of a substance called diabase which is made up of volcanic basalt. This is one of the largest diabase boulder fields in this part of the eastern United States. The boulders are filled with aluminium and iron and they have been said to have broken away during the Pleistocene Epoch. This is around 12,000 years back and they have been created due to existence of many freeze thaw cycles that resulted in the diabase into small individual pieces. This process is called “frost wedging”.

The rocks are said to have formed in this area because the soil here was filled till saturation value and they gave lubrication for the stones to flow downhill to where they are found today. This process is solifluction. It is said that during the ice ages, the soil that was found on top slipped over the layer of permafrost below and took the boulders along with it.

Ice ages

The area in fact has been researched for supernatural activities and many also say that it could be due to meteorites, radioactivity, comets or some kind of magnetic fields. It is very peculiar that this area is without any kind of life and has no flora and fauna. The entire area is densely forested and one has to really take a lot of trouble to see even a small weed. The field of boulders is around 10 feet thick and is completely without soil. Thus wildlife here is not seen much , in fact they are scared to be found here.

Ringing Rocks is a lovely place for all those who love to come here backpacking, biking and picnicking. The park is also famous for having the largest waterfall in Buck’s country. Only lichen is found here and the rocks have a very high content of aluminium and iron and they have the same materials that the earth’s crust is made up of.

Ringing rocks

It is said in the year 1890, there was a geologist who collected rocks with different sounds and each boulder had a different pitch. He used to play this as an accompaniment to a local band. This was said to be the first kind of rock concert. In fact recently musicians have had jam sessions on rocks and have struck the rocks with varied kind of implements like hammers, sticks, rocks and railroad spikes.

The rocks are all made of the same kind of material and they are often referred to as “live rocks” when they make sound and are called “dead rocks” when they don’t make an y noise.

The Ringing Rocks in Adventure Destinations Pennsylvania is thus a greatly intriguing destination to visit and is filled with pleasures of a magical destination.

Visit the Ringing Rocks in Pennsylvania and fill your travel kitty with intriguing pleasures of the boulders here.

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Fascinating ruins at Lubaantun Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:11:08 +0000 Ricky Come to the lovely land of magnificent ruins and get to see the best sights of the past. Come here and see the Mayan ruins here and experience the pleasures of the best ruins and come back with magical tales. This is where you get to see the most ancient ruins, and let your imagination go riot. Here is where your fantasy ends and where you get the best visual delights of a past era that existed here. Walk along the jungle region here and feel the pleasures of being in Lubaantun the lovely ruin delight her. Visit Belize in the central part of America, there are a lot of reasons why you would be able to connect with this ancient land filled with the best travel sights. This is a Mayan city which is situated between 730AD and 860 AD and is a region where more than 1000 people have been exiting since the time the area has been exploited. Come here and see the most fascinating rocks, granite and limestone.

The entry to the Lubaantun ruins is totally filled with the sights of young girls and women trying to entice the tourists who would love to buy the beautiful ornaments, the delicate handmade baskets and also the best of embroidered tea towels.

Lubaantun tours

The 1300 year old ruins of the Mayan civilization are just a walk away. Lubaantun is a ruined city of the pre Columbian times and is located in the southern Belize and has some of the most fascinating features of beautiful ceramic objects. The structures here are largely built of stone blocks which are large and have no mortar

There are many structures that have a distinctive type of masonry and each tier has been built with a kind of batter and each structure having projections. The corners of the step pyramids usually are rounded and they do not have structures of stone on top of the pyramids.

The main centre of this area is the raised platform that is found between two rivers. The name Lubaantun means the “place of fallen stones.It is mainly popular for the unique constructional pattern. The structures are all made of blocks of limestone. The strength of the structure predominantly is in the hand cut stone which has been so placed that it fits snugly into the adjacent block.

Lubaantun tourist information

Today Lubaantun is a ceremonial centre that has stood the test of time and is a mortar less beauty. There are eleven structures and these large blocks are found over the five major plazas and the ball courts. There are three ball courts. The structures are all solid and do not have any doorway or entry points. The rounded structures are another major feature and the place does not have any arches. It is said that the materials that were used to build these structures are materials like thatch and wood. It is said that these ruins were basically regions which were used as a religious, political, administrative and commercial centre. No one has found any steel here and the site is very popular for the manner in which there are lot of whistle figurines made of ceramic. Many burial tombs are also present.

The crystal skull is a very important feature here. It was discovered sometime in the year 1926 by a female Anna Mitchell Hedges who was the daughter of a great archaeologist F. Mitchell Hedges. She was on an expedition during her 17th birthday and found this absolutely ancient and well shaped human skull. It was carved from a cube of rock measuring 8 inches and is in the possession of Anna who today lives in Canada. The manner in which the skull is found and its origin is still not known.

Lubaantun tourist attractions

Located on a tall ridge that is located above a valley and that is cut by the River Columbia, this is a lovely place to visit in Belize. There are beautiful sights of the past civilization here and it is a great way one can spend tours to this part of the world. Come here and bask in the pleasures of a better land in the past.

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River Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh Mon, 14 May 2012 07:25:20 +0000 Ricky Arunachal Pradesh the northeastern beauty of India is a great place to do river rafting. Perfectly done in the months of November to March and after the monsoon, it is ideal that you take your rafting equipment with you. The major rafting spots in Arunachal are the River Brahmaputra, the Subansiri and the Lohit.

The magic of river rafting is to experience the thrills and pleasures of the raging rivers in Arunachal. These upper Himalayan Rivers are the best in the entire world for rafting activities as they offer the best experiences with their swift flows. They challenge the body and spirit of the river runner. As the river cuts against the banks, and hits the rocks and crevices, it makes lovely foam and rapidly falls with a loud noise.

Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh becomes exciting because of the ambience and the harmony that is seen between the natural surroundings and the traditions here. With the deepest gorges, lovely ravines and the remotest villages, the river rafting experiences here are something not to be missed at all.

River Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh
As the River Brahmaputra comes falling down, across the Tibetan region and into the state of Arunachal Pradesh, the rafter can but thank himself for having chosen this pristine river rafting locale.

Arunachal thus has some of the best adventurous spots for river rafting and has the River Brahmaputra as the favourite of all rafters. This is one of the greatest rivers and gives a ten day expedition through the densest rainforests. With the tribals of Arunachal providing more tourist pleasures, the lovely grey white water of the River makes the rafting here even more enjoyable.

River Brahmaputra
However if you are interested to raft here it is better to take many points into consideration. There are courses in river rafting if you want to undergo so that you can be confident when you eventually take to river rafting.

Ensure that you have dry bags and boxes to keep all the small items that you may need. Also make sure you have the medical prescriptions and inhalers if you are using them handy. Make sure you have medicines for bee stings and have your insulin ready if you are administering them. Don’t take your car keys, cell phones, wallets etc on the rafting trip. Take your sunscreen along and also sunglasses and hold them down with a strap. Take a camera along but if it is a waterproof one, then it would be better for you.

River rafting requires that you wear the right gear and also clothes. So just a simple swimsuit is more than enough apart from the regular nylon shorts sandals, shoes, and a hat if you don’t like the sun on you. The best time to go on rafting trips is during spring and autumn. Wear your dress in layers so that you can easily remove the articles if needed. Cotton clothing is best avoided as cotton takes away the heat from your body. It is better to wear polyster,wool and other synthetic stuff. These keep you warmer and dry faster than cotton. Wetsuits are also available and are a good option.

River Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh

River Rafting is one of those experiences which renders your adventure tours totally exciting and interesting. All those who go on river rafting treks in the Subansiri and Lohit Rivers come back with equal happiness and are content with a lovely experience as this. Arunachal Pradesh has the right ambience for river rafting and is one of the most popular locales for this sport in this part of the world. So enjoy your river rafting experiences in the mightiest of rivers like the River Brahmaputra and other popular rivers here.

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Exciting Arunachal Pradesh Treks at Bomdila Thu, 10 May 2012 07:57:12 +0000 Ricky Arunachal Pradesh is the northeastern beauty of India and lies in the most pristine surroundings of the country. With many ascents and descents, adventure destinations in Arunachal Pradesh come with a great package of fun, excitement and thrill. Amongst the very many famous trekking destinations here in Arunachal Pradesh, the Bomdila region comes as a great favourite of any trekking  enthusiast and a great travel delight for any nature lover.

The Bomdila trek from Bomdila to Dirang is a thrilling fun filled experience and any trek lover would not hesitate to undertake this trek in this part of India. There is a youth hostel at Bomdila which gives accommodation so there is no problem of any accommodation facility.


The Trek

At Bomdila which is at a height of 2440 m, take the bridle path on the northern side and leave the metal road behind. Cross this road and you would reach a place called Rahung which is at a height of 1500m. Here you would go further north and finally reach a lovely stream that gurgles below a bridge. Then there is a ridge that you would climb and you would reach a place called Thebang which is at an altitude of around 2150m. This is around 7 km from the stream. The path continues with absolute pleasures and thrill that you would never have expected and then you would reach a place called Pangma.

At Pangma, there is a climb up and the next halt would be at Lagam. Here you would camp at the camping ground and as you leave Lagam, the path would go up a ridge. At the top of the ridge you would go westwards and reach the Saori La . This region at an altitude of 3225 m is filled with the best scenic sights and the greatest travel pleasures. The path curves to the south at the top of the Saori La and then as you go down the crest of this lovely ridge you would cross Chandar . You would be at an altitude of 3013m and then take a descent and reach a height of 2000m . This is Namsu. With the best travel delights and the most befitting trekking ambience, the next halt would be across the ridge to reach Khalibok at 3015m. Descend down to Sangti and then head southwards here and you would greeted by a lovely stream. Walk down to Dirang from where you could take a bus back to Bomdila.

Trekking in the state of Arunachal Pradesh gives the most fascinating experiences and often people come back with memorable tales. A great destination for other activities like river rafting and angling, this is one trek which fills the person with a lot of inspiration to undertake more such treks.

Bomdila trekking Bomdila river rafting

Tipi Orchidarium

Tipi Orchidarium is one beautiful regions that you would get to see as you are on a trek to Arunachal Pradesh and while you are on the Bomdila trek. This orchidarium is a place which gives the sights of the best varieties of orchids that grow abundantly here. Here you would get to see some of the rarest kinds. In the Orchid Research Centre scientists have crated great varieties of the hybrid nature and have used the latest kinds of biotechnology. This is also a place where you can indulge in angling in the River Kameng. A  perfect rafting zone, this is a fishing hub and has the best kind of mahseer fish which is very much in abundance in the River Jia Bhorali. This is a branch of the River Kameng.

Tipi Orchidarium

There are buses that are available from Bomdila which is also the headquarters of the West Kameng District.

With the best sights of the greenery around and the most pleasant experiences of the wildlife and the flora and other avifauna, the Bomdila Dirang trek in Arunachal Pradesh is a one stop travel delight in Arunachal adventures.

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Adventurous Escapades from Gulmarg Tue, 08 May 2012 07:12:52 +0000 Ricky Gulmarg “the meadow of flowers” is one land that is a blessed paradise in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the northern part of India with lovely mountain slopes here and feel the excitement of this one land of green pleasures and lovely views. While you are here you are sure to love the sights around and would surely be enchanted by the entire landscape.

Gulmarg situated in the district of Baramulla in Jammu and  Kashmir is at a height of around 2,730 metres and certainly provides maximum pleasures to all those who come here in search of excitement. Around 57 km from the city of Srinagar a very important city here, Gulmarg is an ideal tourist locale and a perfect adventure spot.

Gulmarg skiing
This is the perfect skiing destination in India and has all the facilities for adventure tourism and gets you all the necessary reasons to visit this place. So when you come here ensure that you land with the right equipment and gear. So have your goggles, boots, woollen socks, and mufflers all ready jackets and snow boots notwithstanding the sticks and the lovely skis. Ski lessons are given here by ski instructors so all those who do not know skiing can enjoy this sport easily after the coaching is over. Then of course you can play golf here. Though not an adventure sport yet Gulmarg is a place where you have all the facilities for golfing at the Golf Club. Then you could go for a long nature trail here which is a very important adventure activity. Come here and walk through the wooed and enjoy the sight of the green hills. Then do go to Nanga Parbat and also Hadramukh.

The nearest airport is at Srinagar which is around 57kms from Gulmarg. The nearest railway station is Jammu. Come here and do not worry about where to take accommodation as there are many lodges and hotels that are available here in plenty.

Gulmarg lodges
These accommodations have vegetarian as well as non vegetarian meals and makes your travels convenient.

With the best floral surroundings this is a magical land of adventures. So any adventure enthusiast would surely love to bask in the pleasures of this natural paradise. With the slopes of Gulmarg giving ideal skiing comforts, it is no wonder that Gulmarg is the only Heli skiing resort of Asia.

Besides skiing once can also just enjoy the mountain treks that are here, and enjoy the sights of the beautifully snow clad peaks in and around the place. The British thus have discovered a hidden paradise and today it is a great adventurous hub. The Kashmir Valley is seen very well from the Gulmarg region and he Himalayan ranges from Khlmarg also provide great scenic beauty. Pony rides here are a fad and you can enjoy this unique activity. Then walking by foot till the small peaks here provides another kind of adventure altogether.

Gulmarg trek

With the most beautiful surroundings and ideal adventure sports facilities Gulmarg features in the list of adventure destinations in India. The skiing season here is from November to February and the slopes of Gulmarg at a height of around 8,700 feet to 10,500 feet make it the place with the highest ski runs in India. The chair lifts and the ski lifts provide the convenience of enjoying this ski pleasure in this part of the world.

The Alpather Lake is another adventurous activity locale here. This is a frozen lake till June. The lake lies across the Alpaharwat peak and so adventure enthusiasts normally undertake this one day trip of around 13 km to the Alpather Lake. Come back with memories of an alpine lake with the best picturesque surroundings.

Alpather Lake

With the most beautiful travel memories and ideal tourist delights Gulmarg is certainly a great adventure destination in India travels

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Adventurous Escapades in Darjeeling Travels Mon, 27 Feb 2012 10:01:53 +0000 Ricky India is a land of adventure and fun, and there are many destinations in India which are completely a tourist’s delight and a great pleasure for all those who seek to have the best in their travels in this part of the world.

Amongst the many places in this part of the country, Darjeeling surely features in the top adventure destinations in India. Come here and enjoy this beautiful locale of mountaineering and enjoy the sights of the most magnificent peaks and the most fascinating sights. Come here and live in the beautiful ambience of Darjeeling. Climbing up the peaks here certainly needs one to have a lot of vigor, zeal and strength. It is better if one undergoes some training programmes to be part of an adventure tour here. Darjeeling is ideally visited between June to September and a person coming here at this time should be used to climbing peaks and high cliffs.

Darjeeling Climbing
Come to Darjeeling and enjoy the Karakoram Range which gives you some of the best stunning and the most exciting climbing points. There is an institute here which is the centre of all the mountaineering activities and is situated at a height of around 6800 feet. This is the place from where you get a great view of the Mt. Kanchenjunga. All those mountaineers who come here get totally enchanted by the sight of this lovely gift of nature.

Adventure in Darjeeling also has the activity of going around the region and enjoying the sight of the beautiful hills. Tourists spend a lot of time just basking in the pleasures of the scenic beauty and enjoying the sights of maximum delight. So get around the place and enjoy the beautiful sights in this part of the world.

Then go to the Singalila Range and seep in the beauty of this lovely pristine zone. Ensure that you have extra clothing, sunglasses, a map, some extra food, lights, first aide kid and extra batteries with you if you are going on a mountaineering expedition here.

Singalila Range
Mountaineering is preferred by all adventure enthusiasts in Darjeeling because one gets to see the lovely snow leopards and the pandas here and also the so unique yaks which are a regular feature here. The higher the height, the more exciting the experience.

Thus Darjeeling in the eastern part of India provides ideal travel pleasures and the greatest tour experiences and gives a tourist the pleasures of adventurous experiences like mountain biking, river rafting, gliding, ballooning, trekking and archery escapades.

Mountain biking
People love trekking here and the most popular one is the one that crosses the Singalila range. Darjeeling is much preferred for trekking as it not only helps to enjoy the awe inspiring views but also helps you to see the lovely sights of the Mount Everest, the Kanchenjunga, the Makalu, and also Lhotse. Come to Kalimpong and experience the pleasures of trekking at Pankhasari, Relli, Rochella and Neora.

Ballooning and Hang Gliding is also a great activity here. So the cliffs and the valleys here are major areas of ballooning and perfect destinations for lovely adventure. Come here and enjoy the beauty of river rafting in the River Teesta. As you go river rafting here you, would love to feel the pleasures of the deep gorges and the strong currents that so are needed for a great rafting experience.

Hang Gliding
Darjeeling is also a greatly preferred zone for kayaking and canoeing. So enjoy the pleasures of going to Mink as this is the water body which is an ideal locale for such activities and more.

Kayaking and Canoeing
Go to Gangtok, from Martam on a bike and experience the mountainous experience here and visit the Rumtek monastery on the way. The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is a perfect place for all those who are interested in rock climbing experiences. There is an archery competition that is held here and there is also a Tea and Tourism Festival that is very popular here. Sikkimese bows and arrows are used in this contest and it is an interesting event to watch.

Rumtek monastery
Jaldapara is a place where people normally go to enjoy the elephant rides. Here there are also sights of one horned rhinos and Bengal tigers. Shopping is also another exciting activity here so get the best carpets, Tibetan crafts and rugs here as also some leatherwork and wooden articles.

Come to Darjeeling and experience the pleasures of being in this lovely adventurous destination which is so cherishable in this part of the world.

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Get Adventurous with this exciting River Rafting Experience Thu, 23 Feb 2012 08:01:24 +0000 Ricky Arunachal Pradesh- is amongst the most beautiful North eastern states of India and is found ensconced in the most pristine surroundings. This is one region which is filled with a kind of thrill and excitement that has to be experienced to be believed. Come here, and get wrapped in this lovely land of pleasurable tours and cherishable experiences. Come for river rafting in this land of A Arunachal Pradesh the largest Northeastern State of India.

Amidst the lovely surroundings and the most beautiful network of natural regions, this is one place which gives you the greatest experiences of river rafting. There are many routes of river rafting here. Let us see one of them.

River Rafting
There is this river rafting route which starts from Delhi and ends at Kolkata. You will be picked up from the Delhi airport and first you will go to Guwahati, then Bhalukpong, and then Itanagar, Pasighat, Panging, Yembung, Pasighat again then cross Oyanghat, Dibrugarh, and reach Guwahati and eventually fly to Kolkata. This is a 10 nights and 11 days tour, which is filled with enchanting experiences and exciting sights.

On the first day come to the capital of India, Delhi and be welcomed by the representation. After touring around Delhi, you would take the flight to Guwahati. On arrival you will be taken on a half day tour to Kamakhya temple and the Zoological Garden and then to he Umananda Temple. After a stay overnight here, the next day you can go to Bhalukpong which is a great destination for all the anglers. Rafters and hikers also find this a greatly pleasurable spot and spend their time pursuing their passion here. October to May is the ideal time to visit Bhalukpong. There are tourist’s huts and rented accommodation here and also forest bungalows where you can stay over. The angling spots are near these accommodations and it is a totally surreal experience to be here in this part of the world.

Kamakhya temple
Day four and day five would be spent at Bhalukpong and early morning, you would go on an angling experience which you would remember for a lifetime. With the angling expert u briefing you what to do, you would surely enjoy this angling tour at Tipi, Sessa and also enjoy the shore bank fishing here. The following day you can take a tour of the Pakhui wildlife sanctuary and also visit the Tipi Orchidarium on the banks of the River Bharali.

Day six, takes you from Bhalukpong to Itanagar. After breakfast you can go around the city and  visit the Gyakar Sinyi, the Ita Fort, the Ganaga Lake, and Nehru Museum.
Ganaga Lake
On Day seven, you will reach Pasighat which is another wildlife zone. This region with its Daying Erring Wild Life Sanctuary is a beautiful experience and an ideal travel delight. Here the cruise on River Siang on the boat is a heavenly experience and the tourist loves to reach this sanctuary on the boat. This cruise across this lovely paradise is absolutely delightful and worthwhile. Take care of your camera well, as there are many who would like to grab it.

On Day 8, you will be travelling from Pasighat to Panging toYembung. Leave early in the morning, go to Boleng by car and then enjoy Panging where the River Siom gives you ideal rafting experiences. Enjoy the spectacular view and also enjoy rafting fishing till Yembung. A great rafting locale providing ideal travel memories. This is one area where you can bask in the pleasures of being in the most fascinating zones of India.


From Pasighat you will reach Oyanghat and then go rafting across the River Brahmaputra by ferry and reach Dibrugarh. With the sight of the lovely tea plantations in this part of Arunachal Pradesh, the city of Dibrugarh is rightly called the Tea city of India.

From Dibrugarh you can proceed on your respective destinations, and bask in the memories of a pleasurable river rafting tour.

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The Brahmaputra River Rafting Expedition Tue, 21 Feb 2012 07:55:06 +0000 Ricky Come to the land of Arunachal Pradesh, and enjoy the pleasures of the greatest kinds of river rafting experiences here in this land of adventure, thrill and excitement. Come here and experience the best sights of the River Brahmaputra and enjoy the paradise that this region is. As the river Tsang Po flows eastwards towards the Tibet region, it cuts into the Greater Himalayan region and enters Arunachal Pradesh. This is the spot which is the venue for the Brahmaputra River Rafting Expedition. This is called the Upper Brahmaputra or the Siang.

Brahmaputra River Rafting
The itinerary is filled with a lot of pleasures of rafting and adventurous escapades and gives the tourist the best fun filled moments ever in this part of the world.

The expedition starts by arriving at Delhi  domestic airport, where you can then take a flight to Dibrugarh. You reach Dibrugarh by late afternoon and here you would visit an ethnic weaving centre and also a heritage tea garden.

On the second day, you would be taken to Pasighat by boat which is around 80 km from this place. The boat ride takes around 8 hours. Here you would see the River Ganges and also a lot of dolphins. This is the place where a lot of migratory birds come and also live in this land of travel pleasures. Enjoy the birds coming from Central Europe and Siberia on the road to Pasighat.

On the third day you would drive along the River Siang through the adivasi villages. The settlements here are extremely mesmerizing. The lush green tropical rainforest here give the traveler the best sights. You would reach Tuting by evening. Here you can get into tents and relax.

The fifth day would find you relaxed and you can sort out your gear and have an interaction with the local tribals at the Jedu village. This is if you have the time.

In the afternoon the rafts would be ready and you can have an idea of how the experience is going to be in the briefing that you would be given. There would be paddling command and rescue procedures. You would stay overnight at Tuting.

On the sixth day you can go from Tuting to Pango which is around five hours. Here you could encounter the Class IV Ninguing Raid and then cross the rapid at Palsi and reach Pango. AT Pango you can set up a camp and stay overnight. The campfire experience is extremely exciting.

Brahmaputra River Rafting camp
On the seventh day you can reach the Cherring Camp from Pango. Her you can scout and also enjoy the pleasures of rafting at the Pango rapid and reach the region of Marmong and Ningguing where you get to see some of the best gorges. Here the remotest jungles with the most impenetrable forests come into view and they give the most fascinating experiences.

You would pass the Rikor rapid and also the Zebra Rock Rapids and reach Cherring. At Cherring you would camp overnight.

On the eight day, the rafting tour proceeds to the Marmong gorge and you would negotiate a lot of rapids and then float till the Alubadi Yinkeong region. Here you would camp for the night.

On the ninth day you would raft to the Geku Twins camp. The rapid is mild here and at the Alubadi beach you would have great pleasures with the milder flow. Then there is the Nubo suspension bridge you would cross and then as you raft down the “karko killer’ you would reach the Geku Camp where you would stay for the night.

The tenth day is a rest day at the Geku camp.

On the eleventh day you would raft from Geku till Sangam. After Geku, you would begin a long float till you would pass a lot of Adi tribe settlements on the way then flow past the place where the Siyom and the Siang rivers meet. Here y you would then reach the Rotung village and here you can also transfer all your stuff into dry bags.

On Day 12 you would go to Pasighat by passing the Ponging area. Here at Pasighat you would park your rafts and then drive down to the Boghiwheel Ghat and then take a ferry to Dibrugarh thus ending this lovely expedition on river rafting in this part of the River Brahmaputra.

Enjoy the pleasures of river rafting in Arunachal Pradesh in the surroundings of the River Brahmaputra.

Brahmaputra River Rafting

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River Rafting Pleasures in Arunachal Pradesh Thu, 16 Feb 2012 08:07:13 +0000 Ricky Come to the land of the best kinds of travel luxury and the most vivid experiences of travel excitement. Come to Arunachal Pradesh in the northeastern region of India and get to see some of the most memorable views and the most idyllic regions. Come here and enjoy the pleasures of river rafting in one of your tours here.

Arunachal Pradesh the north eastern beauty of the Indian sub continent is filled with the best kind of river rafting pleasures. With the best time for rafting being November to march after the rainy season, the major rafting spots here are the Brahmaputra and its tributaries. Also the regions around the Subansiri and Lohit are great rafting regions.

River rafting
Come here and feel the magic of river rafting and go back with enchanting tales of this land of pleasure, fun and excitement. White water river rafting is at its best here and the long lasting excitement is a must see in Arunachal Pradesh tours. The rivers in this region of the Upper Himalayan ranges are considered the best in the world for river rafting activities and one can only feel the excitement run past as the highs and lows of the river is experienced. As the river hits against the banks and the rocks, the excitement rises and the swirling motion of the river only sets into motion a chain of experiences that is immensely enjoyable and extremely cherishable. This is where river rafting in India thrives and the thunderous noise of the river only makes sure you are in for a lot of thrill, excitement and joy.

The fact that Arunachal Pradesh lies in a secluded corner of the world and has the best surroundings of ancient culture makes this a favoured destination of all adventure lovers. With little influence of the urban kind of lifestyle, Arunachal Pradesh today stands tall in the views of the best gorges, villages, valleys and jungles.

river rafting in arunachal pradesh
With the mighty Brahmaputra making the journey even more exciting one has to just take a trip around the lovely region to get in sync with the beauty of the place and also has to comprehend exactly what makes a rafter go wild with joy here and the whole experience remains etched in the minds as a pleasant dream.

So for all those who want to get the best of river rafting head towards Arunachal Pradesh and enjoy the unique rafting experience here in this part of the world? The remoteness and the inaccessibility factor also is an add on and the ten day expeditions through the deepest rainforests only make sure that you come back for more. The river Subansiri is another region of river rafting. A tributary of the river Brahmaputra, this is a great travel destination for many who want to have the best rafting experiences in this part of the world. Go in one of those 4-5 expeditions which give you the best sights of the gorges of this lovely state of Arunachal Pradesh in India.

But if you are a river rafting enthusiast also ensure that you are healthy enough to withstand the experience and do not have any fear of water. There are also courses that are conducted for the benefit of those who want to have a feel of this unique wild experience in this part of India.

River Rafting

It is also advisable to carry boxes to carry personal items and also to have the basic first aid kit. Take you car keys, inhalers, medicines, camera etc and make sure you have a waterproof camera so that you don’t have to worry about it getting spoilt.

With all this in tow, river rafting is a great way to spend your fun filled days in Arunachal Pradesh.

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