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  • Adventurous expeditions in Asia
    Adventurous expeditions in Asia
    Asia is a land that has been explored by many adventures and travellers and has been the cynosure of the traveller’s eyes. Asian regions have been the best of travel delight for all who come to this part of the world. Mountaineers who came to this region have always found tours here very exciting and interesting. There are many destinations in Asia, which have been attractions for all tourists coming in search of adventure. Let us see which they are. Go rafting and paddling on the Pai River in Thailand. The river Pai flows around 62 miles through many gorges and flat-water stretches in the verdant section of the province of Mae Hong in this part of the world. The season here for rafting is normally in the months of June and January. This is a lovely travel destination and is filled with pleasures of a great land. Come here  [...]
    Posted at December 1st, 2012 at 01:12 am
  • Intriguing Tales of Ringing Rocks
    Intriguing Tales of Ringing Rocks
    Visit the beautiful land of Pennsylvania and enjoy the pleasures of the greatest sights of the Ringing Rocks the lovely green expanse here in the pleasurable surroundings in this part of the world. Situated in beautiful region of Pennsylvanian delights this is a 128 acre stretch that is very unusual and intriguing. There is a field of boulders around seven to eight acres in size. The rocks are very unusual due to the musical sound that they produce. When the rocks are struck with a hammer or another rock the sound that comes is that of a metal and the hollow sound that is produced is very much like the sound produced by a metal pipe. Ringing Rocks is also a place where the Buck’s country waterfall is found. The place is very famous for the strange ringing properties of the stones here. There are many mysteries surrounding the  [...]
    Posted at November 5th, 2012 at 01:11 am
  • Fascinating ruins at Lubaantun
    Fascinating ruins at Lubaantun
    Come to the lovely land of magnificent ruins and get to see the best sights of the past. Come here and see the Mayan ruins here and experience the pleasures of the best ruins and come back with magical tales. This is where you get to see the most ancient ruins, and let your imagination go riot. Here is where your fantasy ends and where you get the best visual delights of a past era that existed here. Walk along the jungle region here and feel the pleasures of being in Lubaantun the lovely ruin delight her. Visit Belize in the central part of America, there are a lot of reasons why you would be able to connect with this ancient land filled with the best travel sights. This is a Mayan city which is situated between 730AD and 860 AD and is a region where more than 1000 people have been exiting since the time the area has been exploited.  [...]
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  • River Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh
    River Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh
    Arunachal Pradesh the northeastern beauty of India is a great place to do river rafting. Perfectly done in the months of November to March and after the monsoon, it is ideal that you take your rafting equipment with you. The major rafting spots in Arunachal are the River Brahmaputra, the Subansiri and the Lohit. The magic of river rafting is to experience the thrills and pleasures of the raging rivers in Arunachal. These upper Himalayan Rivers are the best in the entire world for rafting activities as they offer the best experiences with their swift flows. They challenge the body and spirit of the river runner. As the river cuts against the banks, and hits the rocks and crevices, it makes lovely foam and rapidly falls with a loud noise. Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh becomes exciting because of the ambience and the harmony that is  [...]
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  • Exciting Arunachal Pradesh Treks at Bomdila
    Exciting Arunachal Pradesh Treks at Bomdila
    Arunachal Pradesh is the northeastern beauty of India and lies in the most pristine surroundings of the country. With many ascents and descents, adventure destinations in Arunachal Pradesh come with a great package of fun, excitement and thrill. Amongst the very many famous trekking destinations here in Arunachal Pradesh, the Bomdila region comes as a great favourite of any trekking  enthusiast and a great travel delight for any nature lover. The Bomdila trek from Bomdila to Dirang is a thrilling fun filled experience and any trek lover would not hesitate to undertake this trek in this part of India. There is a youth hostel at Bomdila which gives accommodation so there is no problem of any accommodation facility. The Trek At Bomdila which is at a height of 2440 m, take the bridle path on the northern side and leave the metal road  [...]
    Posted at May 10th, 2012 at 12:05 am
  • Adventurous Escapades from Gulmarg
    Adventurous Escapades from Gulmarg
    Gulmarg “the meadow of flowers” is one land that is a blessed paradise in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the northern part of India with lovely mountain slopes here and feel the excitement of this one land of green pleasures and lovely views. While you are here you are sure to love the sights around and would surely be enchanted by the entire landscape. Gulmarg situated in the district of Baramulla in Jammu and  Kashmir is at a height of around 2,730 metres and certainly provides maximum pleasures to all those who come here in search of excitement. Around 57 km from the city of Srinagar a very important city here, Gulmarg is an ideal tourist locale and a perfect adventure spot. This is the perfect skiing destination in India and has all the facilities for adventure tourism and gets you all the necessary reasons to  [...]
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  • Adventurous Escapades in Darjeeling Travels
    Adventurous Escapades in Darjeeling Travels
    India is a land of adventure and fun, and there are many destinations in India which are completely a tourist’s delight and a great pleasure for all those who seek to have the best in their travels in this part of the world. Amongst the many places in this part of the country, Darjeeling surely features in the top adventure destinations in India. Come here and enjoy this beautiful locale of mountaineering and enjoy the sights of the most magnificent peaks and the most fascinating sights. Come here and live in the beautiful ambience of Darjeeling. Climbing up the peaks here certainly needs one to have a lot of vigor, zeal and strength. It is better if one undergoes some training programmes to be part of an adventure tour here. Darjeeling is ideally visited between June to September and a person coming here at this time should  [...]
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  • Get Adventurous with this exciting River Rafting Experience
    Get Adventurous with this exciting River Rafting Experience
    Arunachal Pradesh- is amongst the most beautiful North eastern states of India and is found ensconced in the most pristine surroundings. This is one region which is filled with a kind of thrill and excitement that has to be experienced to be believed. Come here, and get wrapped in this lovely land of pleasurable tours and cherishable experiences. Come for river rafting in this land of A Arunachal Pradesh the largest Northeastern State of India. Amidst the lovely surroundings and the most beautiful network of natural regions, this is one place which gives you the greatest experiences of river rafting. There are many routes of river rafting here. Let us see one of them. There is this river rafting route which starts from Delhi and ends at Kolkata. You will be picked up from the Delhi airport and first you will go to Guwahati, then  [...]
    Posted at February 23rd, 2012 at 01:02 am
  • The Brahmaputra River Rafting Expedition
    The Brahmaputra River Rafting Expedition
    Come to the land of Arunachal Pradesh, and enjoy the pleasures of the greatest kinds of river rafting experiences here in this land of adventure, thrill and excitement. Come here and experience the best sights of the River Brahmaputra and enjoy the paradise that this region is. As the river Tsang Po flows eastwards towards the Tibet region, it cuts into the Greater Himalayan region and enters Arunachal Pradesh. This is the spot which is the venue for the Brahmaputra River Rafting Expedition. This is called the Upper Brahmaputra or the Siang. The itinerary is filled with a lot of pleasures of rafting and adventurous escapades and gives the tourist the best fun filled moments ever in this part of the world. The expedition starts by arriving at Delhi  domestic airport, where you can then take a flight to Dibrugarh. You reach Dibrugarh  [...]
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  • River Rafting Pleasures in Arunachal Pradesh
    River Rafting Pleasures in Arunachal Pradesh
    Come to the land of the best kinds of travel luxury and the most vivid experiences of travel excitement. Come to Arunachal Pradesh in the northeastern region of India and get to see some of the most memorable views and the most idyllic regions. Come here and enjoy the pleasures of river rafting in one of your tours here. Arunachal Pradesh the north eastern beauty of the Indian sub continent is filled with the best kind of river rafting pleasures. With the best time for rafting being November to march after the rainy season, the major rafting spots here are the Brahmaputra and its tributaries. Also the regions around the Subansiri and Lohit are great rafting regions. Come here and feel the magic of river rafting and go back with enchanting tales of this land of pleasure, fun and excitement. White water river rafting is at its best  [...]
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