Breathtaking Barcelona Spain Travel Guide- Part I

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The vast expanses and the magnificent panorama of the Barcelona city are idyllically explored via foot. One can find several surreal examples of Antonio Gaudi’s original architecture.

casa milaThe Casa Mila that was derisively dubbed as La Pedrera meaning Stone Quarry spanning more 100 square metres is inclusive of two huge spherical patios supplying nearly each section of the house with sunshine. The distinguishing undulating brick work, colorful natural stone tiles, wrought iron galleries looping around in plant similar shapes and no sight of absolute straight lines are all proof of Gaudi’s avant-garde architecture. The unusual, intricate roof has an incredible congregation of mask-like and ceramic circuitous chimneys. From the rooftop one can enjoy fine views of the Eixample district that is a lovely locality with several picturesque buildings. It eventually managed to garner global approbation in 1984 when it got listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

La Sagrada Familia is among the highly famed attractions in Barcelona. This Catholic Church slated for completion in 2026 was the brainchild of the well-endowed Gaudi that commenced as a reticent, neo gothic basilica but eventually metamorphosed into a fine exemplar of new art structural design and an arty combo of a whole host of religious emblems. Its twelve towers depict the number of disciples. The Nativity Facade located to the east commemorates Christ’s birth and was built prior to 1935 in accordance with Gaudi’s initial planning. The western facade called as the Passion Facade is under development and venerates the affliction and bereavement of Christ. The western facade is called the Passion Facade. One is enthralled by the remarkable angular figurines and the turtle sculptures found at the base columns amongst several eye-catching sights. A vault underneath the church bears the grave of its original maker, Gaudi.

Parc Guell, the most captivating parks globally with its pavilions and main stairway being reminiscent of Catalan Knight Legends. It features impressive brickwork, noteworthy buildings and classic broken, vibrant Catalan styled mosaic tiling characteristic of Gaudi. The entry of Parc Guell is marked by the dragon fountain that is covered with multi-colored and hued tiling. One comes across innate architectural designing and support beams like rock columns that are jagged shaped. One can enjoy the sights of the Barcelona city from the terrace atop the park. A long stretching aquatic serpentine shaped bench with its numerous curves is the showpiece of the park and a place where individuals congregate and lounge about.

barcelona la sagrada familia casa mila parc guell dragon park guell

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