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The island of Rhodes occupies significant importance in historical and present day Greece. The island is located at a very strategic location.  It is at a crossroads between Africa, the Middle East and Europe. As a result of this location, the city and island is famous for different identities, cultures, languages and architectures.

rhodes island greeceThe specialty of the island is that it boasts of small luxury boutique hotels.  Most of these hotels are in keeping with the architecture and style of the old town of 700 years.

Rhodes Old town has many distinctions to its credit.  Besides being declared a UNESCO world heritage site since 1988, the town also ranks as the largest inhabited medieval town of Europe. Some of the main attractions of the town include the Street of Knights, this is the most important and imposing avenue of the town and includes the former residencies of the various nationalities of the Order of the Knights of St John.

The famous Street of Knights is a very popular place frequented by tourists.  It leads to the Grand Master’s Palace, which in the present day is a museum full of significant archaeological finds from ancient as well as modern Rhodes.

Avalon Boutique HotelThere is no dearth of shops, bars or cafes in Rhodes. An interesting aspect about the place is it is very easy to get lost in the narrow, winding alleys.  However, this aspect makes your visit all the more interesting as you get a chance to uncover some of the hidden gems of the island.

The legendary Avalon Boutique Hotel is a history lover’s delight.  It is housed in the fortress walls of the old town and offers up to six suites, each unique in interior decoration based on the medieval period, however with a modern twist. One can experience a spectacular view from the veranda of the rooms.

The island also has some good stuff for fashion lovers as well, and the monument that I am referring to is the Nikos takis fashion hotelNikos Takis Fashion Hotel.  Two famous fashion designers, Nikos and Takis, own this hotel and each of the seven suites of the hotel are individually designed by them.

The Spirit of the Knights boutique hotel has been opened recently. The hotel has been restored with the help of the archaeology department of Greece.

It is recommended that one stay in a boutique hotel once in Greece’s Rhodes Island. These hotels offer a much more personalized experience and the advantage of being in the heart of a medieval town only makes the holiday all the more interesting.  Another aspect of all the bars and restaurants and shops being build within the original walls of city only adds to the excitement. The best part of the visit by any means is when you get lost in the narrow alleys and in the process discovering something new about Rhodes.

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  1. Hill says:

    Greece is very famous for its old times construction. Everything here is most probably in white!

  2. Iveta says:

    This place is very beautiful. You will fall in love the moment you enter it. Everything here seems to be so pure :)

  3. Joby says:

    Rhodes island is well known island in Greece. Its majorly famous for its historic style construction and it makes feel as if you are back in history.

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