Berlin City Travel – The Green Fairy Haven

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ukwm totaleWhen in Berlin, the highly visited, cultural hotbed capital city of Germany, prance upon some great off-the-cuff indulgence that is bound to add a zing to your trip.

Zagreus Projekt, a place where art inspires food, is essentially an art gallery offering multi-course gourmand dinner housed in a quaint basement room behind a traditional centuries-old Berlin town house. The artistic chef-cum-art gallery head calls aboard an artist every two months who creates a mock-up of particular location there, inspired by which they work in unison to compile an eclectic gastronomic spread that is dished img_8657_bkl_sup to a handful of customers on a common table speckled with art abundance.

Go unabashed, let off your guard, toss on some slinky attire and shindig away at the chic profligate night club, Insomnia, once an olden ballroom. An unconventional biro of raging passion where many throw caution to the winds as they scorch the dance floor, the lounging divans or the softly radiant rooms brimming with unusual contrivances.

The numerous Weinerei bars strewn across town offer some fine tipple on self-serve basis. The colossal wreck perked up by wacky doodling, possibly a carbuncle to some, but one can say that the Kunsthaus img_0650Tacheles was once a dwelling of the artists in 1990, prior to its ruin. It is Berlin’s most treasured cultural haven with a frenzied maze of galleries, studios, theatre and lots more.

Tour the feral East Berlin aboard a classic Trabant car with live streaming accounts being twittered in your vehicle. The Berlinomat store has a wide-ranging pert display of hundred plus home turf designers that offer everything from clothing, accessories, home furnishings, ornaments all under one roof.

absinthe-vichet-250bThe easily accessible, perennially illicit, absinth that delivers a potent blow with its strong liquorish tang, fondly labelled the green fairy is available at the charming, modest looking Absinth Depot Berlin with its olden styled interiors replete with wooden works holding a significant collection of bottles.

Check out the hep Badeschiff, a swimming pool perched on the Spree River, is a vista replica of Ibiza with taut buffed bodies tanning on the sand, revellers in tights brazing the bar and lissom bodies chilling out in the crystal blue water. Post dusk, Badeschiff transmutes into an open-air clubbing area. During the nippy months, a few sauna areas are dabbled in and the area is made snug with an innovative overhead radiant casing.

berlin badeschiffIf unconventional is the norm, then head out for a jet-black dining experience at the Unsicht-Bar, where attendants serve in sheer darkness as one unravels varied gastronomic delights in its fine tinges of flavour and feel, in the absence of any ocular diversions.

The Bar jeder Vernunft, a warm, art-personified mirrored gazebo with wooden interiors and scarlet velvety touch is worth a trip for the feel of lavish, alluring cabaret with a heart-rending end to the tuneful set as one can indulge in some snifter or a dinner prior to the show.

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