Beach Luxuries in La Barceloneta

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When you are in Spain, there is so much you can do that the list is endless. With the ideal sights of the most enchanting beach locales and the most fascinating tour delights, Spain is certainly a paradise in world tours. Come here to the region of Catalonia in the district of Ciutat Vella in Barcelona. This is a region that was built in the 18th century for the people who lived in the neighbourhood of Ribera. These people were displaced when the Ciudadela of Barcelona was constructed. The entire region is triangular and has the Mediterranean Sea bordering it. Then the El Born and the Moll d’Espanya or Port Vella so surround it. The Barcelona metro is the transport that helps you to reach this place. Torre Sant Sebastia is the main terminus of the Port Vell region. Then there is an aerial tramway which started in the year 1931 and it connected with Montjuic and Barceloneta and it crosses Port Vell.

Barceloneta is mainly known for its sandy beach and has many restaurants and also nightclubs along the boardwalk. In the past few years the sand has lost quality here and there have been inquiries to find out whether the sand meets the required guidelines for safety. Amongst the many attractions in the beaches, the monument “Homentage a la Barceloneta” is very famous and then there is the Peix d’Or Sculpture of Frank Gehry which is very famous. This is found in the place where the beach gives way to the Port Olimpic.

La Barceloneta
Though Barcelona has many beaches, this is the most popular beach here in the beautiful land of Spain. With many bars and restaurants here, the beach is a true pleasure to be in and gives the experience of being in a land of delightful memories and lovely beach pleasures. This is around ten minutes walk from Metro Barceloneta and is an artificial beach that has a mixture of concrete and sand. So those who like sun bathing wouldn’t really like to bask in the sun here, still it is a popular beach locale in this part of the world.

So while in Europe tours, if you want to experience the best of beach delights then do make sure that you come here to Barcelonata and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this place. There are easy accommodation facilities like the Equity Point Sea which face the seafront and so enjoy the pleasures of being in a beautiful beach paradise. There are many things that you could do here so experience the tour delights here and also feel closer to nature.

Barcelona has some of the most enchanting museums so it would surely relax you and give you the opportunity to get to know this beautiful place better.

Barcelona beach

Barcelonata is he most visited beach in Barcelona. This is a 1.1 km long beach that starts at Port Olimpic and then goes along the coast to Almirall Cervera. This is the place where it joins the Paya de Sant Sebastia.

The Olympic Port is the starting point of the beach and has the popular sculpture of a fish right above. There are many scenic delights here and the routs to this part of world only add to the lovely ambience found here.

Olympic Port
Barcelonata also has the Hospital del Mar which is found in the middle of the breakwater which also has an open air gym which is open to the public. With the facilities of showers, toilets and other infrastructures, this is a perfect beach experience in this part of the world. While you relax on the beach, enjoy the sights of the yachts plying through in the Olympic port and then visit the restaurants which are found on the sea front of the Barceloneta beach.

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