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Visit Singapore and enjoy the pleasures of Sentosa a beautiful resort island with the best kind of beaches and with the ideal kinds of attractions. Visit the retreats, golf courses and the sea sports here and bask in the pleasures of a lovely travel destination.

Come to this beautiful travel paradise which is just 15 minutes from the main city. There are innumerable activities to keep you busy here and the Imbiah Lookout is the most fascinating attraction for all tourists coming here. Come here and enjoy the thrills and take a ride on the Skyline Luge Sentosa.  Nature lovers find this place a great destination to enjoy the trails and also learn more about the insects and butterflies in the Insect Kingdom. Learn all about the flora and fauna and experience the tour in this part of the world in Sentosa.

Sentosa island

Enjoy sports here in Sentosa and experience the pleasures of beach volleyball. Come to the Siloso beach and enjoy seeing the waves here at the Wave House Sentosa. You would surely love to see the beautiful ambience filled with ideal tour delights here in the land of ultimate ecstasy Sentosa.

All your leisure options with the best kind of resorts would be fulfilled here with great dining and shopping experiences. Visit the Harbour front Centre and the Vivo City and experience this unique multi concept entertainment centre here at the ST.James Power Station. Enjoy the nature trail here at Mt.Faber which is located very near Sentosa.

Harbourfront centre shopping mall

Enjoy the PLAY Pass which is a great way of enjoying tours here. Here you have the Day Play Pass or the Noon Play Pass which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best of adventure and the most of thrills. With the fuss fee and the flexible entry and rules, this is one area which is a great source of entertainment.

Going to Sentosa is easy with the Sentosa rider. This gives holiday lovers an easy way to reach Sentosa from the city of Singapore. There are tours that are hosted onboard and give personalized help in taking a tour of the city. So just ensure you are taking the right package and are able to save a lot in the tours here in this part of the world.

Sentosa has all the recreation for everyone and is a must visit for all those who visit this part of Asia.

See the luscious greenery here which are interlocked with the best kind of cityscape. Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy this popular recreation ground for all. Experience Singapore through Sentosa.

Sentosa island attractions

Get the pleasures of ancient reserves and rainforests through the short hop from the main city. Go into those myriad trails and also landscaped areas and enjoy snorkeling and diving. If you really want to have a rustic experience then Pulau Ubin is the place to be in. This is the best way you could enjoy Sentosa the land of thrills.
The abundant verdant ambience is something that seeps into the life of Sentosa visitors and so the flowers and the trees here adorn every bit of land here and add to this the tropical weather and your job is done. Visit this part of the world and experience the pleasures of a great land filled with maximum excitement and thrills.

Pulau Ubin

Visit Sentosa and enjoy the pleasures of a great paradise and a lovely adventure hub.


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