Alaska – Land Of Splendid Glaciers

North America | | June 2, 2009 at 1:25 am


The sub-zero wintry climate, snow –inundated backdrop, amazing marine life forms and pristine glaciers, all conjugate to make this largest and chilliest state in U.S., Alaska such an inimitable place to visit.

Though Alaska is known for its cruel winters, one can find placid weather during the summer months when the ice has thawed out revealing the captivating sights of the secluded, swathed mountains. The summer months is the peak time when this place is thronged by countless tourists exploring the opulence of this majestic paradise on Earth.

One of the places to look out for is the Alaskan city of Juneau. One can board one of the coaches to enjoy the scenic views of this city. As one travels uphill, one is floored by the sights of temperate rain forests with its lush vegetation known to be void of toxic vegetation or snakes. There is the famed, derelict gold mine that is quite a tourist magnet where many still visit it to rummage through the area hoping to get lucky. The mountain tops have breathtaking sights where one can take the services of several local sledge riders who along with their troupe of Alaskan huskies will give you a heady, break-neck speed downhill view. The thriving streets of Franklin are the ideal stopover to try the local specialities, or go window-shopping or pick up some endearing memorabilia. A treat to the eyes is the world renowned blue Alaskan diamond, quite unique to the place.

alaska_2Another place of interest in Alaska is Scagway, which is ideally explored by embarking on a joyous ride of the narrow-gauge mini train which spirals through beaten paths undertaken by many an explorer in search of hidden gold. En route one comes across the famed cantilever ridge which shares prestigious rating at par with the likes of great Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower. A heart rendering sight of the Dead Horse Pass fabled to be the place where countless encumbered and undernourished horses met their ill-fate in the harsh snows. Folklore has it that the stink that emanated from their mortal remains travelled miles up to Scagway. The train then makes its way through the Summit Lake, which is an immaculate freezing water body with awesome backdrops.

A trip to Scagway is incomplete without a visit to the gorgeous Tracy’s Arm, sawyerwhich is an arm shaped inlet encircled by mountains bursting with intermittent lush vegetation and snow blankets thriving with varied animal forms like bears, osprey, eagles to site a few. One gets mesmerised by the sights of several waterfalls melting into the blue hued, salmon- rich seas speckled with aquamarine icebergs sprinkled as far as the eyes can decipher. One can catch the sights of numerous seal colonies that breed on these immaculate wilds.

One gets entrapped by the commanding views of the Swayer Glacier that is a tidal glacier which runs miles long and about nearly 300ft deep. The sights of suspended glaciers on the mountains that gave way to waterfalls, is bound to leave an imprint on one’s soul.

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