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India is a land of adventure and fun, and there are many destinations in India which are completely a tourist’s delight and a great pleasure for all those who seek to have the best in their travels in this part of the world.

Amongst the many places in this part of the country, Darjeeling surely features in the top adventure destinations in India. Come here and enjoy this beautiful locale of mountaineering and enjoy the sights of the most magnificent peaks and the most fascinating sights. Come here and live in the beautiful ambience of Darjeeling. Climbing up the peaks here certainly needs one to have a lot of vigor, zeal and strength. It is better if one undergoes some training programmes to be part of an adventure tour here. Darjeeling is ideally visited between June to September and a person coming here at this time should be used to climbing peaks and high cliffs.

Darjeeling Climbing
Come to Darjeeling and enjoy the Karakoram Range which gives you some of the best stunning and the most exciting climbing points. There is an institute here which is the centre of all the mountaineering activities and is situated at a height of around 6800 feet. This is the place from where you get a great view of the Mt. Kanchenjunga. All those mountaineers who come here get totally enchanted by the sight of this lovely gift of nature.

Adventure in Darjeeling also has the activity of going around the region and enjoying the sight of the beautiful hills. Tourists spend a lot of time just basking in the pleasures of the scenic beauty and enjoying the sights of maximum delight. So get around the place and enjoy the beautiful sights in this part of the world.

Then go to the Singalila Range and seep in the beauty of this lovely pristine zone. Ensure that you have extra clothing, sunglasses, a map, some extra food, lights, first aide kid and extra batteries with you if you are going on a mountaineering expedition here.

Singalila Range
Mountaineering is preferred by all adventure enthusiasts in Darjeeling because one gets to see the lovely snow leopards and the pandas here and also the so unique yaks which are a regular feature here. The higher the height, the more exciting the experience.

Thus Darjeeling in the eastern part of India provides ideal travel pleasures and the greatest tour experiences and gives a tourist the pleasures of adventurous experiences like mountain biking, river rafting, gliding, ballooning, trekking and archery escapades.

Mountain biking
People love trekking here and the most popular one is the one that crosses the Singalila range. Darjeeling is much preferred for trekking as it not only helps to enjoy the awe inspiring views but also helps you to see the lovely sights of the Mount Everest, the Kanchenjunga, the Makalu, and also Lhotse. Come to Kalimpong and experience the pleasures of trekking at Pankhasari, Relli, Rochella and Neora.

Ballooning and Hang Gliding is also a great activity here. So the cliffs and the valleys here are major areas of ballooning and perfect destinations for lovely adventure. Come here and enjoy the beauty of river rafting in the River Teesta. As you go river rafting here you, would love to feel the pleasures of the deep gorges and the strong currents that so are needed for a great rafting experience.

Hang Gliding
Darjeeling is also a greatly preferred zone for kayaking and canoeing. So enjoy the pleasures of going to Mink as this is the water body which is an ideal locale for such activities and more.

Kayaking and Canoeing
Go to Gangtok, from Martam on a bike and experience the mountainous experience here and visit the Rumtek monastery on the way. The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is a perfect place for all those who are interested in rock climbing experiences. There is an archery competition that is held here and there is also a Tea and Tourism Festival that is very popular here. Sikkimese bows and arrows are used in this contest and it is an interesting event to watch.

Rumtek monastery
Jaldapara is a place where people normally go to enjoy the elephant rides. Here there are also sights of one horned rhinos and Bengal tigers. Shopping is also another exciting activity here so get the best carpets, Tibetan crafts and rugs here as also some leatherwork and wooden articles.

Come to Darjeeling and experience the pleasures of being in this lovely adventurous destination which is so cherishable in this part of the world.

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