Adventure Destinations in India

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India is a land of adventure and excitement. It is a place where tourists come and have a lot of fun, many thrilling moments and tons of pleasure. This is a place which has the highest altitude destinations and the lowest icy pleasures. If you are in the pristine surroundings of the Himalayan ranges, then you would surely love to enjoy the mountaineering and the trekking facilities that form so much a part of the travel pleasure here. Add to this some rounds of river rafting and rock climbing and your travel adventure is complete. Visit the southern portions of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands which are the best places for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Arunachal has innumerable destinations that attract the maximum number of travel enthusiasts. Visit Arunachal Pradesh which is the Treasure Trove of Nature. Come to this picturesque land of natural beauty and exquisite surroundings. All those who love adventure sports here would certainly love to come here and enjoy the mountaineering and the rock climbing pleasures here. Add this to the innumerable treks and trails that this place has, and the tourist is certain to go back with a lot more than he gets back.

Adventure destinations in India

Then there is Auli where there is a demand for winter sports. People normally come here to enjoy the winter sports adventure. This is a major adventure destination in India. People come here mainly to do white river rafting, hang gliding, skiing, trekking etc. This place is famous for tourist travels and looks resplendent in its coniferous and oak tree covered forest zones. The slopes with the ice on them and also the intermittent greenery makes this a perfect tourist’s delight.

Billing is another lovely paradise in Himachal Pradesh. This is one of the best sites for gliding in the entire world. This is nature’s blessing and is the ideal launching pad and so tourists come here to enjoy the pleasures of paragliding and hang gliding.

Himachal Pradesh Billing

Then there is the region of Cauvery which is famous for being a great outdoor activity centre. People come here for fishing and enjoy the sense of calm that this place gives. A perfect bird lover’s paradise, it is also a naturalists haven.

Another adventure destination in India is Darjeeling which is a great hill stations ensconced in the Himalayan ranges. This famous hill resort at a height of 7000 feet is situated in the northern part of West Bengal and is well known across the world for its beautiful tea plantations. This hill station has all the adventurous pleasures to offer.

Dodital in Uttaranchal is another popular adventure destination which is greatly known for its beautiful fishing spots. With its crystal clear lake tourists like to enjoy the pristine surroundings and amazingly beautiful scenic beauty here. There are tours which offer great facilities for trekking here and all these ensure that the pleasures of adventure destinations in Indian never go unnoticed.

Dodital in Uttaranchal

Gulmarg is the other destination which is immensely preferred by many tourists coming to India in seek of adventure. This place is truly a blessing for all adventure lovers and gives the ideal ski opportunities thus making it a very popular tourist spot in Indian travels. Located in Kashmir in Northern India, this is a must see spot for adventure experiences.

Besides this you have the Jim Corbett national park, Leh in Ladakh, Manali in Northern India, Rishikesh, Sonmarg and Zanskar all of which provide ideal adventure travails.

Jim Corbett national park

Traveling in India is a great thrill and if it is a journey to an adventure destination then there is nothing like it.

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