A Ride on the Tramvia Blau during Your Trip to Barcelona

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If you are in Barcelona, you should not miss taking a ride on the famous Tramvia Blau. This tram system was inaugurated in the year 1901 and was incorporated in the transportation system of the city of Barcelona for taking passengers to the mountain top. Both locals and tourists coming to the city love to take rides on the Tramvia Blau. The tram looks really attractive in its petite structure and blue color. Moreover, presence of a friendly driver makes the journey even more pleasing for the passengers.

Temple de Sagrat Cor, a famous church and Tibidabo Amusement Park, two of the most popular tourist destinations of the city can only be reached on this tram. Both the church and the amusement park are located on the mountain top. However, many people also relish their journey on the Tramvia Blau as an exciting activity. Starting from the foothills the ride on this train ends at the Placa Dr Andreu.

Tramvia Blau in Barcelona

Temple de Sagrat Cor Tibidabo Amusement Park

How will you reach the starting point of the tram? You can take a L7 train; it starts from one of the central stations of the town, Plaza de Catalunya. From this station, you will need around ten minutes to reach the required but stop. This journey will come with the opportunity of viewing the magnificent sight of the La Rotonda building, which is situated just adjacent to the bus station.

Plaza de Catalunya

If it’s a sunny day, you might come across a queue waiting for boarding the tram. However, you will not need to wait for long hours as Tramvia Blau trips are extremely frequent; you will find a tram arriving every 15 to 30 minutes. Besides that although the vehicle looks petite from outside, it can accommodate a decent number of people. You will have to pay for your ride only after getting into the tram and finding a seat for you.

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