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journey called lifeHave you often watched movies and thought that you too want to be like the carefree globe trotter on the screen? Have you ever felt jealous of travel show hosts who chance upon the whole world (and are paid to do that)? Has it always been your dream to wander around the world and experience its wonderful adventures? If your answer is yes for even one of these questions, then it’s time for you to do something about the present scene.

Not everyone is fortunate to go on financed tours to great places and then get paid for it too. And not everybody is made to be on these kinds of job. So stop cursing yourself and start working towards getting the desired end- to TRAVEL.

Now you have a problem. What do you do about your job? You can’t possibly get couple of months off just for travel; neither can you lie about a maternity or paternity cause. But you know how ‘not -happy’ you are here. So why kill your wishes for something you never wanted. It needn’t be a scary experience, at least not scarier than the present scenario. Stepping out of the comfort zone and out of the familiar routine can sometimes give you more kicks than the deadliest alcohol. So break free from the monotonous cycle of paying bills and spending and go out to realize your dream of traveling.

If this is still not enough and you need more reasons to quit your job for travelling, then read on.

If you think there is more to life than this:

If you and your friends always end up discussing how boring your life is and how much it lacks some solid adventure, than it is time to kiss goodbye to your briefcase and say hi to a suitcase. Don’t let the world pass you by whilst you stare out of the office window thinking what it could have been.

I earn money to enjoy my life:

Do you feel your money, which you have earned after such hard work is getting wasted? Life is there to be enjoyed, save that pay packet and get out into the world! Don’t fall into the trap of paying for products and services that you don’t really need. Cut out the wastage and save so that you fulfill your travel dreams.

It’s now or never:

A lot of people say they are going to do something but never get around doing that. They are afraid that if their dreams are realized, they will have no reason to keep living. It often comes down to one’s comfort zones; they step out to a degree but then fall back in. The key is to take action and make it happen. Traveling won’t solve your problems but will be an amazing experience. It can give you a whole new perspective on life and work.

Don’t fear the unknown:

It’s very important that you don’t fall prey to stray thoughts of how dangerous the world is. Until and unless you don’t experience the danger firsthand how can you decide what is easy and what is not. Don’t let the fear of the unknown put you off, once you arrive you’ll usually realize it’s not scary or dangerous at all. Just like at home where common sense works.

The first step is always difficult. But once you get a hang of it, it’s a great experience. Today, taking a gap year is much more widespread and a lot of employers look at it in a good light. After all it will help you to obtain a worldly perspective and lets you see the bigger picture clearly.

So then, what more are you waiting for. Buck up and get ready to go on journey called life.

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