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  • Mountaineering in Ladakh
    Mountaineering in Ladakh
    This heavenly land in the northern part of India ensconced in the virgin surrounding of the Himalayas offers the ideal travel pleasures and the most memorable travel luxuries. Also called the “Little Tibet”, this has a picturesque landscape which is magnificent and extremely beautiful. The Ladakh range starts from the place where there is a confluence of the Indus and the Shyok. This is also the place where the Zanskar and the Indus Valley has a demarcating line. Ladakh has two main districts – Kargil and Leh. Leh is divided further into the Nubra Valley, the Indus Valley, the Markha Valley and the Shyok Valley. Today Ladakh is a much preferred destination spot for all the adventure lovers and those who love to have fun, excitement, and thrill in their life. Today the tourists across the world come to Ladakh as there  [...]
    Posted at January 31st, 2012 at 04:01 am
  • Ladakh Jeep Safari
    Ladakh Jeep Safari
    When in Ladakh, be in the land of snowy pleasures and travel excitement, then take part in the Ladakh Jeep Safari. Travel down to the Nubra Valley which lies north of Leh, where you would surely enjoy the pleasures of being in a stunning land of absolute ecstasy. This place is accessed by the highest motorable road in the world. As you cross the kardung la here which is the best region in Ladakh, get the ideal views of the Saser Spur, which is the easternmost part of the Karakoram and the Zanskar range. These are the principal chains of the Himalayas in India. As we come to the picturesque valley and enjoy the ambience here be prepared for some of the best experiences ever in this part of the world. This valley has a more pleasant climate than the colder regions of Ladakh and has been the zone for the caravan trade that exists here. Panamik  [...]
    Posted at January 30th, 2012 at 12:01 am
  • Ladakh River Rafting
    Ladakh River Rafting
    Rafting is a kind of adventure which is pursued by all those who want to feel closer to excitement. This is best done in the Zanskar River in Ladakh if you are in this part of India. There are many rafting options that you can choose from that are available on the River Indus and its many tributaries. So while you are in this paradise called Ladakh, then do make it a point to raft in between the Saspol and the Spituk for here lies a beautiful zone where you would get ideal travel excitement. The river beyond Saspol become very tough and requires a lot of technical skill to raft through. Similarly Spituk a little to the top is very good to raft in and is an easier stretch. So you could raft up to a place called Karu and enjoy to your heart’s content. Of late, rafting in Indus has become a travel fad. So people come here more  [...]
    Posted at January 27th, 2012 at 05:01 am
  • Ladakh Monastery Trek
    Ladakh Monastery Trek
    Ladakh the land of surprises, pleasures and travel ecstasies gives you some of the best experiences with the Ladakh Monastery trek.  With a view to introduce the tourist to some of the best monasteries around, this trek starts at  Delhi and takes you round a tour of Ladakh first. See the Gompa and the other monasteries here which give you the perfect feel of being in a lovely land of excitement and joy. After a brief tour of the monasteries and the palaces in the Indus valley, the trek proceeds to the Lamayuru Gompa which is a place that is full of legends and myths about this place. Cross the Prinkiti La which is around 3700 metres to the Wanlah village. There is a beautiful Gompa here. There is a stay overnight here and then the next day you would cross the beautiful gorges that are so much a part of this lovely land. These  [...]
    Posted at January 24th, 2012 at 04:01 am
  • Frozen River Ladakh Trek
    Frozen River Ladakh Trek
    While in Ladakh you should enjoy the pleasures of adventure and thrill here and just bask in the glory of the pristine surroundings of this virgin land. The absolute beauty of the Zanskar range is something seen to be believed and with the unbelievably sub zero temperatures here the entire place seems to be tailor made for a nature lover and an adventure enthusiast. While you go up the region of Zanskar enjoy the absolute pleasure of getting the best of travel pleasures and exciting adventures. It should be remembered that this is a very strenuous and physically tiring trek so make sure that you are physically and mentally tuned to undertake this trek. There are two routes that are covered here in the Frozen River Trek. One is the Chilling Lingshed Chilling Trek and the other is the Chilling Karsha Chilling Trek. The chilling Lingshed  [...]
    Posted at January 23rd, 2012 at 04:01 am
  • Wild Ladakh trek
    Wild Ladakh trek
    Yes Ladakh is the ideal trekking destination with the best kind of travel pleasures. This is where you have to be if you want to experience the thrill and excitement of travel adventure. So come here to Lamayuru in Ladakh and set upon the less traveled Ripchar valley. This region with its nomads and the lovely verdant expanse has its own beauty with the villages dotting the zone with their lovely rustic beauty and the ranges of the Karakoram and the Zanskar giving great travel escapades. At Chilling the river Zanskar is seen flowing and one crosses this river with the help of a pulley cable that continues till the most popular region the Markha Valley here. In fact the Markha Valley is considered to be the best in the Ladakh valleys. Normally all treks in Ladakh start from Leh. So this is where you would find yourself ensconced  [...]
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  • Rupshu Trek in Ladakh travels
    Rupshu Trek in Ladakh travels
    Ladakh the land of exotic sights, fascinating thrills and extreme travel pleasures is a nature lover’s destination and a tourists dream come true. Enjoy Rupshu trek in Ladakh travels and enter the beautiful harsh nomadic lifestyle of Ladakh. Situated between the Tibet border and the Zanskar ranges, the Rupshu region is a well known region of Ladakh. This area is majorly a part of the plains of the Chang Tang here in Ladakh and they form a great landform here in Rupshu. This rugged terrain with its cheerfully inhabited Chang Pa nomads is a great locale for all the Ladakh travel lovers. Rising to a height of around 6000m the snow clad peaks of Rupshu region lend beauty to the eye and they provide the kind of experience which any tourist would surely want to have at least once. The Khardung La pass is very popular here as the  [...]
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  • The Stok Kangri and Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh tours
    The Stok Kangri and Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh tours
    Ladakh tours involve the adventure and thrill that is incomparable to any kind of exciting escapade that you ever could have had in your lifetime. Ladakhi capital Leh is a greatly fascinating zone for all the tourists who come to this part of the world. The Stok Kangri which is at a height of around 20,075 feet is a major landscape here in the region of Ladakh. With the best sights of monasteries at Hemis Thikse and Shey, this is a place which has the loveliest trek experiences and the most enchanting sights. This trek in Ladakh tours normally starts with going around Leh which looks heavenly at a height of 11,500 feet. After going around this place for a day, the Tibetan air sets in the minds of the tourists and he is ready for the days following. Leh is a place where one can see a lot of stove pipe hats, the national dress and  [...]
    Posted at January 16th, 2012 at 01:01 am
  • Sham and Indus Valley Trek in Ladakh tours
    Sham and Indus Valley Trek in Ladakh tours
    Located in the confluence of the Indus Shyok and the Zanskar range, Ladakh is rightly called paradise on earth and is also sometimes known as “Little Tibet”. Today Ladakh tours involve a lot of ideal adventure spots for all those who want to have the best trekking experiences. So enjoy these tours which take you to the soul enriching monasteries and the fascinating treks. The ancient kingdom of Sham and Indus Valley regions offer the best trekking experience here in Ladakh. Get the ideal travel memories here as you cross the monasteries and the related sites around. So you could reach Hemis, Thikse, Shey, Alchi, Lamayuru, Phyang, and Spituk and enjoy all these magnificent trekking routes. It is slightly difficult to go up this path and at a height of around 4500 m this trek is quite exciting in Ladakh tours. Cross the  [...]
    Posted at January 12th, 2012 at 12:01 am
  • Ladakh adventure with Tsomoriri Lake and Parang la trek
    Ladakh adventure with Tsomoriri Lake and Parang la trek
    Have the ideal Ladakh adventure in one of those exciting and thrilling Ladakh tours. Have the best escapades in the recently opened Tsomoriri Lake Trek. This has been open to foreigner due to its location near the Chinese border. The Changthang is a region of extremely dense forests and irresistible landscapes. With remote beautiful villages, arid plain regions, and lovely snow clad peaks, the lovely zone is dotted with magnificent azure blue lakes and the Tsomoriri is one of these lovely water bodies and is the largest at a height of around 4500 m. This region is a place that can be accessed only in the months of summer and is dominated by the nomadic yak and goat herders the Changpas. These herders come from Tibet and roam in this area after coming through the mountain passes. The trek here takes you to these passes and also to  [...]
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