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  • The Johannesburg Art Gallery of South Africa
    The Johannesburg Art Gallery of South Africa
    Johannesburg Art Gallery is situated in the Joubert Park, which is in Johannesburg’s central business district. The building, in which we have the art gallery today, was made based on the design of the famous British architect Edward Lutyens. The building has sculpture gardens and fifteen exhibition halls. The museum showcases artworks belonging to the 15th century till the present times. Here, you will come across Dutch paintings belonging to the 17th century and specimens of European and British art of the 1700s and 1800s. Besides all these, the place also houses several remarkable South African artworks from the 19th century. Other than this wide array of medieval artifacts, the Johannesburg Art Gallery is also home to a huge collection of contemporary art i.e. artworks accomplished by artists of the 20th century. Here, you  [...]
    Posted at September 29th, 2011 at 12:09 am
  • What Are the Best Rides at the Coney Island?
    What Are the Best Rides at the Coney Island?
    Coney Island is famous for being the home to some of the most exciting rides that currently exists in the world. In this article, we’ll be discussing about some of the most thrilling rides you can enjoy at the amusement area of Coney Island. Wonder Wheel: This ride was constructed in the year 1918 and was opened for public use in 1920. The Wonder Wheel possesses both rocking and stationary cars sliding along the track. It can accommodate 144 riders at a time. The height of the Wonder Wheel is 150 feet; it weighs more than 2,000 tons. The entire circumference of the wheel is outlined with neon tunes, which gives it an enchanting appearance during the nighttime. The Wonder Wheel is a part of the Denos Wonder Wheel Amusement Park. The Cyclone: This ride is basically a rollercoaster constructed in the year 1927. You will find the  [...]
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  • Kailasanatha in the Ellora Caves
    Kailasanatha in the Ellora Caves
    Kailasanatha, also referred to as cave 16 is the unparalleled part of the Ellora Caves. It was designed following the structure of the Mount Kailash, which according to Hindu mythology is Lord Shiva’s abode. From a distance, the Kailasanatha appears like a separate multistoried temple complex. The most surprising fact about Kailasanatha is that it was curved from a single rock; moreover, the area covered by this magnificent cave is double that of Parthenon, Athens. Earlier, the entire temple complex was coated by white plaster, which made it look almost similar to the snow covered terrain of Mount Kailash. Each carving of this temple complex is consisted of more than 1 level. The gateway of the Kailasanatha is a two-storied structure; it has significant resemblance with gopuram i.e. the South Indian version of gateways, mostly  [...]
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  • The Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology of Georgetown, Guyana
    The Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology of Georgetown, Guyana
    As the name suggests Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology is a museum showcasing works and facts related to anthropology. The museum is situated in the city of Georgetown, Guyana. The administration of the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology claims that this is the oldest anthropology museum of the Caribbean territory that has English-speaking population. The museum was founded in the year 1974; however, it was opened for public after 8 years i.e. in the year 1982. The museum is run by a non-profit organization, which is a subsidiary of the government of the island. The NPO’s primary goal is collecting, conserving and exhibiting the artifacts belonging to the people of ancient civilizations of Guyana. The members of this NPO conduct several anthropological researches for gathering and disseminating information about the ancient natives  [...]
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  • The Buda Castle of Budapest
    The Buda Castle of Budapest
    The Buda Castle is the historical palace and castle complex of Hungarian kings; the name of the castle is derived from its location i.e. Budapest. The castle was established during the 14th century; the people originally responsible for building this castle were Angevin rulers, who were then ruling Hungary. In the following years, this castle got destroyed and was rebuilt  several times. During the initial years after the construction of the Buda Castle, it was also often referred to as the Royal Castle and Royal Palace. The exact location of the Buda Castle is the Castle Hill’s southern tip. It has Castle District bordering its north. Castle District has an absolutely medieval setup; it is home to a number of public buildings, churches and houses of the 19thcentury. The parts of the castle that you should not miss during your  [...]
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  • A Visit to the Tijuca National Park of Brazil
    A Visit to the Tijuca National Park of Brazil
    The Tijuca National Park is located in the capital city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. It is basically a rainforest covering an area of 8000acre. Currently, Tijuca National Park tops the list of urban forests in the world when it comes to their size. The forest houses 30 waterfalls, several hundreds of trees and plants and a minimum of 100 different animal species. Tijuca National Park contributes hugely to the environment of the city Rio de Janeiro. Due to the presence of this rainforest, the city’s temperature is cut down by as much as 9 degrees. The surrounding area of this national park is also extremely picturesque. There is the famous Statue of Christ and Cocovado Mountain. The place also has other attractions like Gavea Rock and the second highest mountain peak of the city, Tijuca Peak. The Tijuca Peak is rated among the most  [...]
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  • The Siddhi Vinayak Temple of Maharashtra, India
    The Siddhi Vinayak Temple of Maharashtra, India
    The Siddhi Vinayak Temple located in Mumbai, Maharashtra is locally called as the Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapati Mandir. The temple is situated in the Prabhadevi region of Mumbai. The temple was inaugurated on the 19th of November, 1801. The Siddhi Vinayak Temple possesses a small hall, referred to as the ‘mandap’ by the locals. The hall has a shrine of Lord Ganesha. The temple is named after the other name of Lord Ganesha, Siddhi Vinayak. The temple other than being one of the most visited holy places of the world is also known for boasting great architectural works. Each wooden door of the temple has images of Ashtavinayak or the 8 manifestations of Lord Ganesha according to Maharashtrian legends curved on it. The ceiling of the hall is gold plated; the statue of Lord Ganesha is placed right at the middle of the hall. Other  [...]
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  • Tourist Attractions in Sicily
    Tourist Attractions in Sicily
    Sicily is one of many minor islands that form an autonomous district of Italy. It is the biggest island located in Mediterranean Sea. Sicily is known for its unique and rich culture, which includes wealthy heritage of music, arts, architecture, literature, language and cuisines. The tourist attractions housed by Sicily can throw up strong challenge towards any mainland attraction of Italy. Earlier, Sicily was not a part of Italy; it was operated as a sovereign kingdom. However, currently it is under the rule of the Italian government. In this article, we’ll be discussing about the premium tourist attractions of Sicily. Palermo, the largest Sicilian city is home to a number of exciting tourist attractions. The most exciting sights of the city are located in the region beyond Golden Shell. One of the most visited sights of Palermo  [...]
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  • Things to Do at the Koh Lipe Island
    Things to Do at the Koh Lipe Island
    Koh Lipe is a small island and a part of the Adang-Rawi Archipelago. This island is situated in Thailand’s Satun Province. It is enlisted among the world’s most exciting islands for traveling. The island houses a number of fun sites for activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. Besides that, Koh Lipe is also home to several resorts and dive shops from where you can get boat trips arranged for yourself and your family or rent snorkel gears. Koh Lipe is an extremely tiny island; you can cover the entire area of this island on foot. You will surely come across people who travel around the island on motorcycles; but none such transport is available on rent. There are also no cars in the island of Koh Lipe. If you want to move around on motorcycles or cars, you will have to carry your own with you. So, majority of the tourists  [...]
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  • Spending Fun Time with Family at the Ontario Place, Toronto
    Spending Fun Time with Family at the Ontario Place, Toronto
    Ontario Place is one of the most entertaining waterfront theme park located at Toronto, Ontario. In this article we’ll be discussing about the most popular fun options available for families to enjoy at this Ontario based theme park. Wacky Worm: This ride is basically a roller coaster offering several exciting dips, twists and turns. This can be enjoyed by every member of your family including the little ones. The maximum height touch by the Wacky Worm is 107 cm or 42 inches. Mega Bounce: If you want to know how it feels to jump 24 ft up in the air, take a ride of the Mega Bounce. It will allow you to roll around and jump high without any being afraid of falling. This ride runs on a system containing a number of bungees, harnesses and pulleys, which will allow you to jump at a height much beyond your normal ability. Mega Bounce  [...]
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