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  • Il Palio: Challenging horse race in Siena
    Il Palio: Challenging horse race in Siena
    Officially called as the Palio di Siena, Il Palio is the name given by the locals to a unique horse race held in this town of Italy on 2nd July and 16th August every year. This is the contest of the 10 horse riders who represent a unique Contrade or City Ward from the total of 17 in suitable multi-colored costumes. Each Contrade or a city ward represents one of the zones in which the Siena town is split and that all together compete for a prestigious award through this ardent race. Contrada Each Contrada is recognized with its own unique symbol that is filled with colors, which represent the town area. On the above two mentioned days, when you stride on the streets of Siena, you will be able to identify quite easily as to in which Contrada you are currently in just by looking at the flags as well as symbols during the Il Palio.  [...]
    Posted at January 31st, 2011 at 12:01 am
  • Spinalonga Island: The ghostly town of lepers
    Spinalonga Island: The ghostly town of lepers
    Welcome to the Crete’s must see island! From the cute hamlet of Elounda, make a plan to travel via the boat along the northern coastal route to reach the Spinalonga Island. Formerly a leper colony, this now abandoned site since 48 years is the home of the well-maintained houses and churches along with a flanking fortress reflecting a strong Venetian influence.  in the form of a fortress surrounding the village. Swim in the crystal blue water before enjoying a BBQ lunch. Attractions and tours Officially named as Kalydon, the Spinalonga Island was actually a part of the Crete island, but the Venetian occupation reclaimed a small island for defense purpose and so you can see their fort today. No wonder as to why it has become the famous tourist attraction despite the fact that it is uninhabited. Besides exploring the deserted leper  [...]
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  • Lamborghini Museum
    Lamborghini Museum
    If you are a true automotive fan, you will surely know about this popular car maker of Italy, who is responsible for introducing a few most luxurious sports cars. Nestled in the Sant’Agata Bolognese hamlet, the Lamborghini Museum just speaks about the progress of this legend from vintage to race to concept cars! Many of us tend to think that visiting this museum is not that easy, but it is not so. A majority of the Web sites recommend of arranging the trip ahead of time (four days before), but I went without pre-arranging anything. The Lamborghini complex is the home to the still active Lamborghini factory as well as a top-quality museum. For the tourists who love Lamborghinis, a trip here it is like a dual fun in form of factory where they can see the production process and museum where they can capture the glow of the shining  [...]
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  • Las Fallas: Valencia’s artistic fiesta
    Las Fallas: Valencia’s artistic fiesta
    Welcome to the spectacular burning festival of Valencia! Yes, Las Fallas is not only an artistic feast, but is an event of burning the hand-made sculptures called Fallas. Devoted to St. Joseph who is revered in Valencia as the patron saint of carpenters, the fiesta is a traditional commemoration that features constructing and burning of the Fallas, the sculptures. For this celebration, each neighborhood with its preformed folk group known as the Casal Faller participate happily for which the preparations take place well in advance. These fallers not only raise funds via parties, but also make a unique Falla for burning. From these facts of the Las Fallas, it is evident that Spain is truly a hub of bizarre festivals. 15th to 19th March is dedicated to these Fallas and craziness that throngs the surroundings of Valencia. The origin  [...]
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  • Grand Teton National Park: Pristinely astounding!
    Grand Teton National Park: Pristinely astounding!
    Ah! The Grand Teton - The name itself is so encouraging that any adventurer would at least hike this mount once. Yes, your jaw will go down when you spot this great natural wonder for the first time – Teton Range poking from the floor of the Jackson Hole valley. A close-up, undisturbed vista of the splendidly jagged peaks here will take your breath away. Just in front of you, the mountain glaciers crawl down the soaring Mt. Moran, whereas the all size lakes shimmer at the base of the Grand Teton. A variety of animals such as bald eagles, moose bed, and elks are seen wondering nicely around. This is a brief scene at the Grand Teton National Park. Trails In this park of Wyoming lies the highest mountain called the Grand Teton due to which the park is the typical mountaineering destination in U.S.A. A majority of the tourists  [...]
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  • Ayr Holiday Park: Camping and touring together
    Ayr Holiday Park: Camping and touring together
    If you are planning to visit St Ives Cornwall of Southwest England, do think of vacationing in the Ayr Holiday Park – the sole highlight of its kind – nestled within half a mile from the harbor, downtown, and beaches. With the spectacular vistas across the St Ives Bay, this holiday resort is famous among the families for its premier location from where the coastal footpath, all possible water sports, fine beaches, and the town are just some steps away. As self catering is the preferred way for a majority of UK holidaymakers because of the freedom to enjoy in one’s own way, the Ayr Holiday Park is an expert in offering a myriad of self catering homes right from the Rose Award winning caravans to the beautiful apartments all of which feature comfort, space, and handiness amidst all contemporary facilities. Why choose something  [...]
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  • Durham Cathedral: The best on the planet
    Durham Cathedral: The best on the planet
    If architecture beauty is what on your list, the Durham Cathedral in the northeast England is a must to please your eyes. It has been over 1000 years for this cathedral to serve as the major Christian worship site. What you see today is the construction of the 12th century, which is extensively considered as the superb instance of Norman architecture in the continent. This feature along with the sacred shrine of St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne as well as the grave of the Venerable Bede has rendered the Durham Cathedral as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Durham was the Europe’s first cathedral to be affixed to a stone rib vaulting along with the oldest pointed transverse arches. All those who come do always ascend 325 steps to reach atop the tower for having a great vista of the Durham city as well as the surrounding area. The long  [...]
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  • Lechuguilla caves: Truly matchless!
    Lechuguilla caves: Truly matchless!
    Welcome to the third longest as well as most beautiful limestone grotto in America! Regarded also as the deepest one in the continent as well fifth longest on Earth, the Lechuguilla caves are among those eerie 80 grottos of the Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico. The cave is named so because of the ‘Agave Lechuguilla’ that belongs the Family Agavaceae and is seen growing at the entrance of the cave. All those who have visited the Lechuguilla caves including me consider them to be the most superb cave complex on the planet. Formations Although being among the largest cave complexes of the world with some 200 km of passages known until today, Lechuguilla is more known for its amazing formations like the extensive stretches of shimmering aragonite crystals, strikingly flowstone, amazing gypsum flowers emerging from the  [...]
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  • Ostankino Tower: World’s third tallest structure
    Ostankino Tower: World’s third tallest structure
    Nestled in the capital of Russia, the Ostankino Tower is a television as well as radio tower standing freely at 1,770 feet. Designed by Nikolai Nikitin, the tower is an architectural in Moscow that has no popularity in the list of tall structures. Erected to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the October Resolution and named so after the district in which it stands, it was the first free-standing building that soared as high as over 500 m surpassing even the Empire State Building. Having taken some four years approximately for construction from 1963 to 1967, the Ostankino Tower held the formerly stated honor until 1975 when the Toronto’s CN Tower surpassed it by 43 feet in height. For the next 32 years, it was on the second position in the list of tallest freestanding structures on the planet after which the Burj Khalifa grabbed  [...]
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  • Bletchley Park: Home of World War II’s talented minds – Part II
    Bletchley Park: Home of World War II’s talented minds – Part II
    In the last article, I shared with you about some of the main attractions in the Bletchley Park that is the best preserved secret of the Second World War in Britain. Now, I will speak about the remaining ones, as each one of them is worth a visit. Regarded as the part of Block B, Bombe Rebuild Project reveals to you about a loyal design of the machine without which it would not have been possible to break the big numbers of the encoded Enigma messages. Prior to the war, Polish crypto-analysts made an electro-mechanical machine so that they could test the rotor settings named a ‘Bomba’ of Enigma. But, this was later changed a bit by the German military thus cutting down the ability to decrypt the messages. Some 200 Bombes were actually made by the British Tabulating Machine firm, but all were destroyed. One more exhibition in  [...]
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