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  • Seokguram Grotto: Tracking Buddha’s Enlightenment
    Seokguram Grotto: Tracking Buddha’s Enlightenment
    Next time when you plan to take a tour of South Korea, do make it a point to visit this most amazing, spiritually awakening, and probing grotto of Seokguram. The name of this cave itself means the Stone Cave Hermitage and it adorns the territory of the sacred Mount Tohamsan that is situated at 4 km from the Bulguksa Temple. As it is on a hill, your journey to it is going to be exciting with the varied views of the surroundings. This Buddhist cave temple spectacularly dominates the Sea of Japan from 750 m. Historically and interestingly, this is the only carvings or edifice of the Silla era, which is well maintained. As per a reliable research, the construction of this temple began in 750 A.D., which was only over in 774 A.D. Further what is more interesting is the fact that this along with the Bulguska structure was made by the legendary  [...]
    Posted at October 29th, 2010 at 01:10 am
  • Gir National Park: Sole Indian home of the Asiatic lions
    Gir National Park: Sole Indian home of the Asiatic lions
    Nestled in the outskirts of the Junagadh town in the Indian state of Gujarat, the Gir Forest National Park is a wildlife haven know for preserving one of the most vital species of the Asiatic Lions. Since 1965, the ecosystem here is adorned with diverse flora as well as fauna, all of which are well protected – thanks to the NGOs, government, and wildlife activists. On this rugged landscape of low hills and blended vegetation, you will come across several hamlets of cattle folks who are traditionally known as Maldharis with some 20,000 livestock – food for the lion. Further, in the park, there are Hindu pilgrimage sites as well as sulphur springs at Kankai Mata and Tulsi Shyam. Flora The lush deciduous vegetation here also consists of Jamun, Teak, Acacia, Dhak, and Tendu trees scattered on the extensive grasslands. The forest  [...]
    Posted at October 28th, 2010 at 12:10 am
  • Nullarbor Caves: Ultimate diving experience
    Nullarbor Caves: Ultimate diving experience
    Nestled north of the Great Australian Bight, the limestone Nullarbor Plain is nearly flat and treeless looking at which no one will think that there can be something interesting here. But, 90 m deep down the dusty plain, there exists the largest hidden caverns that are popular for cave diving. I left for this exciting experience with my three friends from Melbourne. It was a trip of total 10 days. The journey started wit driving until Mount Gambier – the spot where other eager divers can be seen going to the caves. After this, we went ahead to reach the Blink Bonney Lodge to spend night. This took 4.5 hours to reach. Thanks to the tour guide who was with us, otherwise the routes are not that easy to pass. The next day after noon, we started our journey again to reach Port Augusta that took 8 hours. The second night was spent here  [...]
    Posted at October 27th, 2010 at 12:10 am
  • Medinet Habu: A sacred magical tour
    Medinet Habu: A sacred magical tour
    Nestled in Theban Necropolis at Luxor on the west bank of Nile, Medinet Habu refers to an extensive complex that is regarded as sacred and magical since the ancient times of the Pharaohs. Accessible after traveling for 4 miles from the Valley of the Kings, the complex is also called the Mortuary Temple of Ramses III. The area is so vast that it holds the second rank in terms of size after the top attraction of Temple of Karnak. Despite the fact that the Valley of Kings exclusively has been given the right to hold the tombs of the great Egyptian pharaohs, it is also true that each great pharaoh also built their big mortuary temples to pay homage to the holy cult. This one is dedicated to Ramses III (1186-1155 BC) who was the Dynasty XX’s second ruler and that his tomb is no doubt in the valley numbered 11. Even today, this structure  [...]
    Posted at October 26th, 2010 at 12:10 am
  • Great diving at the Bahamas Blue Holes
    Great diving at the Bahamas Blue Holes
    A keen diver always has a dream to dive in Bahamas after the Blue Hole at Belize. This is mainly because this tropical archipelago is adorned with endless sandy beaches, immaculate warm water, embracing surfs, and stunning coral reefs; all of which seem to welcome the visitors anytime for scuba diving. Although these natural and invigorating features are transparent, there is yet one more such natural element that is not fully known to many. This is none other than the mysterious ‘blue hole’. Well, in the Bahamas, there is no one blue hole, but many. It is precisely due to the blue holes that scuba diving is a completely different experience here. Technically, a blue hole is a round bay packed with saltwater in its depths as well as the contrasting fresh water above. In the Bahamas, these Blue Holes are known for their striking  [...]
    Posted at October 25th, 2010 at 12:10 am
  • Abu Nuhas ship graveyard: Heaven of diving
    Abu Nuhas ship graveyard: Heaven of diving
    The pain of the past sailors has become the delight of the today’s divers. For the wreck safari fans, this is something worth to understand and that such a fact is well experienced at the diving paradise in the Red Sea called the Sha’ab Abu Nuhas that literally means the father of bad luck reef. Also nicknamed as the Ship’s Graveyard, the reefs here have been proven fateful for the aquatic vessels that used to pass from here in the olden days. In fact, in the region of the Red Sea, this point has a record of highest ship sinks. While the past was so horrible, the present is that much pleasant! Nestled close to the shipping lanes on the way to the Suez Canal, this diving site is known for its four typical wrecks that are just suitable for amusing diving. It is said that still many wrecks are to be discovered here, which will  [...]
    Posted at October 22nd, 2010 at 12:10 am
  • Roman Forum: Most spectacular ancient complex
    Roman Forum: Most spectacular ancient complex
    Considered as among the important religious and historic destinations on Earth, the Roman Forum is the site of several superb edifices that are from the times of the 5th century B.C. to 7th century A.D. It is a complex where the historic events complement the ancient religious beliefs. Originally, the site of the Roman Forum was a market in the early 6th century B.C. It was only in the times of the Republican period that it attained sculptural attention to build temples and other public monuments. Later, a majority of these edifices were then converted into holy churches. But as usual, anything not permanent when tries to reach the sky has to fall on some day or the other and the same holds true for this Roman Forum too. It saw its downfall in the Middle Ages when it was set to ruins and the monument stones were stolen for other  [...]
    Posted at October 21st, 2010 at 12:10 am
  • Himeji Castle: The Unconquerable citadel of Japan
    Himeji Castle: The Unconquerable citadel of Japan
    Make the Himeji city of the Hyogo region your halt for a while when you visit Japan the next time. This is because here you will come across the true legendary gem called the Himeji Castle standing proudly in the downtown. This national treasure is the complex of more than 80 buildings of wood atop the hill of Himeyama. Rightly acknowledged as a World Heritage Site and a National Treasure with the other adjacent five edifices, this stunningly shimmering white castle is also known as the Hakurojo or Shirasagijo meaning the ‘White Heron Castle’. The design The Himeji Castle is adorned with a plethora of architectural and defensive elements making it an outstanding Japanese fortress of the medieval era. It features white walls, eaves, and pillars each of which is coated with the white plaster. These plasters with the wooden furnishings  [...]
    Posted at October 20th, 2010 at 12:10 am
  • The Mogao Caves: Grotto of Thousand Buddhas
    The Mogao Caves: Grotto of Thousand Buddhas
    Nestled on the Silk Route’s crossroads at a distance of 25 km from the Dunhuang town of China, the Mogao Caves is purely artistic, sculptural, and spiritual. This is where you will come across a complex where there 1000 original cave shrines reflecting one of the finest Buddhist art making them a part of the World Heritage Site. Unfortunately today, only 600 shrines are visible of which only 30 are for the visiting purpose as the rest are in their restoration phase. There is a famous legend behind the carving of these caves, which is very difficult to believe, but is true. The story goes like this – A Buddhist monk called Le Zun in the 4th century had a dream of thousand Buddhas who were lit under golden lights in a grotto. Because of this dream he was inspired and started excavating the terrain after which he successfully  [...]
    Posted at October 19th, 2010 at 01:10 am
  • Glow Worms Caves: Milky Way on Earth
    Glow Worms Caves: Milky Way on Earth
    Australia is the land of historic and natural wonders. But, this time, I am taking you on a tour of a man-made wonder on the Tamborine Mountain in southeast Queensland. This unbelievable grotto is among the top tourist attractions as it features the night sky on the planet. Dark but still lit, remote but still accessible, and creepy but still uninteresting; these are the features of the latest Glow Worm Caves radiating at night, which make you recall of the tinkling stars and Milky Way as if you are near them in the sky. The construction of these grottos after taking 14 months was completed in mid 2004. This mysterious underground thrill is situated at the Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard, which is accessible within 45 minutes from Brisbane. When I reached here, I could see some more attractions at the Estate such as the Cellar Door,  [...]
    Posted at October 18th, 2010 at 04:10 am