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  • Cherished Attractions In Grenada
    Cherished Attractions In Grenada
    ‘The spice of Caribbean,’ renowned by this utterly delicious tag, Grenada is a picture-perfect destination. Flaunting marvelous rolling, mountainous island, verdant rainforests, gushing waterfalls, roaring rivers and indescribable mountain lakes, it is ringed by stunning beaches. Shimmering with eye-catching towns, the lush green Grenada Island is a major producer of wide-ranging spices such as cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa and ginger. Grenada’s magnanimous natural beauty is unbeatable. Its beauty is even more embellished by its rich art, history and proud cultural heritage. In addition, to all these eye-soothing attractions, the indigenous people’s friendly and hospitable behavior has added more charm to this terrain. Tourism industry has been thriving in the recent years, because of all these breathtaking qualities. These  [...]
    Posted at November 30th, 2009 at 03:11 pm
  • Miraculous Reincarnation Of Pompeii
    Miraculous Reincarnation Of Pompeii
    Italy always attracted its tourists by various destinations. Out of that, Italy has one more popular tourist destination known as Pompeii. Pompeii is a Roman town located in the Italian region of Campania. This city was buried down 60 feet in 79 A.D. due to volcanic eruption that destroyed the entire city into ashes. After 1700 years, due to an accident the city was rediscovered again in 1748 and information regarding the life of the city was also found. Right from then, the Pompeii city has been the most popular tourist spot. Pompeii was declared as the world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 2007 and nearly 2,571,725 people visited the newly discovered site in the same year. Exploring Pompeii, very little was known about the first few people who settled there and they were assumed to be the pre-historic fishers, hunters and  [...]
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  • Montreal- Pillar Of Strength
    Montreal- Pillar Of Strength
    Reputed as the second largest city of Canada and the largest region in entire Quebec City, Montreal is one of the most splendid cities. Majestic royalty adorns its name, as it has derived the name ‘Montreal’ from triple peaked hill ‘Mont-Royal,’ that stands proudly in the heart of the city. Initially, this name was tagged to the island, which shelters the city today. Even, its geographical positioning nearby the European coast, alike that of Vancouver devotes Montreal with some of the finesse qualities. Characterized by a blend of some of the excelling traits of the two continents, Montreal makes a pleasant city worth visiting. Montreal’s architectural style and designs are completely out-of-the-world and leaves one’s jaw-dropping. The North American skyline formulated out of lustrous glass and concrete materials looms  [...]
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  • Explore The Breathtaking Adventures In Untamed Destination- New Zealand
    Explore The Breathtaking Adventures In Untamed Destination- New Zealand
    New Zealand is a wondrous, impeccable and exotic land that is charming the universe in its authentic form. Truly, it remains to be in an untamed condition, unaffected by the worldly contamination. New Zealand boasts magnificent biogeography and biodiversity. It flaunts out-of-the-world flora and fauna (most of which are endemic species) and spectacular grasslands, which has stole millions of hearts worldwide. It bewitched its magical spell over the eminent film director Peter Jackson to covert the children’s fantasy novel of philologist and Oxford University professor J.R.R. Tolkien into an epic fantasy trilogy – ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ Peter Jackson himself admitted “New Zealand is one of the last unspoiled places on earth…” Universal audiences were blown away by the astounding natural beauty captured in the epic  [...]
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  • North America: Adding New Flavor To Life
    North America: Adding New Flavor To Life
    Traveling towards the same childhood days where you had loads of adventures and fun is not a fairy-tale now. You need to take just a step ahead to North America, a country which has loads of amusement parks only for you. So if you want the precious moments back, here is a right site that will provide a list of the top amusements parks in North America. So become a child again and taste the sci-fi fiction more than the childhood flavors.  Visit these amusements parks and Get into the world of excitements at list once every year. Visiting these parks is worth to enjoy a break. Decide your dream vacation to amusement parks and discover a new child in you. A vacation of thrills, fun, excitement and loads more. These parks will give you new refreshment and relaxation apart from all the pains of the day-to-day life. Just land into the  [...]
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  • City Of Intermingling Waterways: Stockholm
    City Of Intermingling Waterways: Stockholm
    Step in the city of Stockholm, and ask an inhabitant from where they belong? And the reply that might come across you would be a name of the nearby subway station. About 30% of the city of Stockholm is made up of waterways and parks and greener areas contribute another 30%. The European Commission revered the city as “First European Green Capital.” Stroll on the narrow streets and alleyways to explore the city to the fullest. Even, aboard the metro as different subway stations detach different parts of the city. Stockholm is a destination with multiple beautiful facets, where every town carries a distinct identity and attitude, making oneself different from another. For instance: the town of Centralen is an archetypal downtown location which witnesses great hustle and bustle of snarl-up and swarming crowds. Following ahead,  [...]
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  • Experience Life At Dar es Salaam
    Experience Life At Dar es Salaam
    Dar es Salaam is an absolute paradise for all music lovers¬. However, people who wish to enjoy a great night out will find this place a tad disappointing. Pubs and watering holes Cynics Café and the Wine bar are two pubs worth a mention. The Q-bar is not too far behind in standards. These popular hangouts have earned the nickname, sports bars. The simple reason for this is that along with drinks they do cover live sporting events. When there are no sports to cover, the music serves as a backup. If you want your money’s worth for cocktails, then the Kilimanjaro Hotel is the place to be. There are other great places for just chilling out. Slipway and The Corner Bar are two renowned bars in Masaki. The Garden Bistro offers a great ambience with its Indian, African, and Western music. The Irish Pub offers a unique setting and cuisine,  [...]
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  • High Spirited Retreat With Panama City
    High Spirited Retreat With Panama City
    The Spanish South American Liberator Simon Bolívar, 1826 described, “If the world had to choose a capital, the Isthmus of Panamá would be the obvious place for that high destiny.” Multi-linguistic, futuristic before its time are few namely characteristics that make Panama City unsurpassable, very few cities of Latin America can emulate its diversity, cosmopolitan essence and high-spirits. Even though, these characteristics formulate this exotic destination, its ambiance is very much similar to the far away Asian trading countries of Hong Kong and Singapore, rather than any close region. Say it miracle or its catching up! Coming to its geographical location, perched at one of the most significant crossroads of the world, the unique geographical placement has proved to be an influential and tempting one. Accelerating a swift  [...]
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  • One Can Be Lost In The Distinct Ambiance Of Seattle – Part II
    One Can Be Lost In The Distinct Ambiance Of Seattle – Part II
    Seattle, an enchanting spot adorned with magnificent locales bequeaths something for everyone. Check out our cool picks of great spots in Seattle. Tourist attractions Space needle: This is one of the most admired distinct structures of Seattle that looms as a fascinating highlight for tourists. Perched at the crown of Seattle Center, Space Needle is a 600 feet high structure that was built in 1962 for the World Exposition. It is a stunning location to view the spectacular vistas of the city’s neighborhoods comprising of undulating mountains and Elliot bay. Go ahead and grab some sentimental Seattle mementos down the base from the gift shops. Relish your meals while dining at the Sky City, a rotating restaurant whose every seat provides soothing views. After a great meal, head above to gaze some great views at the observation deck,  [...]
    Posted at November 2nd, 2009 at 01:11 am