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  • One Can Be Lost In The Distinct Ambiance Of Seattle – Part I
    One Can Be Lost In The Distinct Ambiance Of Seattle – Part I
    Ringed alongside the shore of Elliot Bay, with its back to the Lake Washington and blur view of snow-capped Mt. Rainier lying at a close distance, Seattle is placed in a breath-taking backdrop. The relentless radiant luster of glass skyscrapers reflecting across the Bay proudly symbolizes three decades of vibrant urban restoration. Going through the pages of history, Seattle has faced lots of ups and downs; however its beginning marked an adverse start, with its outflow from the initial location on the flat little peninsula of Alki Point. During the 1850’s, the town had to reorganize itself on the location which is today known as Pioneer Square, by renaming itself after the name of Native American Chief Sealth as Seattle. At the inception period, this land was marshy, hence compelling the small logging community to construct its  [...]
    Posted at October 29th, 2009 at 12:10 am
  • Thriving Success Of Vancouver: Spelling Magic Allover The World
    Thriving Success Of Vancouver: Spelling Magic Allover The World
    Nestled midst lovely ocean and snow-clad mountains, Vancouver is a spectacular spot flaunting shimmering scenic beauty. Its impressive business center connects a narrow peninsula encircled by Burrard Inlet to the North, English Bay to the West, False Creek to the South and the Greater Vancouver sprawls to the South until it meets the Fraser River. Encircling its pleasant waterfront are dazzling beaches, vibrant port and stunning parkland flaunting swaths. The spectacular glass-covered skyscrapers overlook the Burrard Inlet and the active harbor to the residential districts of West and North Vancouver. Ahead of the cozy suburbs, looms the steep Coast Mountains and the verdant slopes, both these combine and render a vivid appearance to the business center’s horizon. The city also provides most of the spectacular outdoor playgrounds.  [...]
    Posted at October 28th, 2009 at 12:10 am
  • Blend Of Eclectic Arts And Architecture, Paris – Part II
    Blend Of Eclectic Arts And Architecture, Paris – Part II
    Tourist attractions Eiffel tower Eiffel Tower is a unique trademark of Paris; Eiffel Tower adds the sophistication and oomph to the glorious Paris. Initially the tallest structure of the world, it was erected by Gustave Eiffel at a height of 300 meters (984 feet) for the 1889 World Fair. During the initial years, this tallest building went into controversies as most of the people were against it, everyone didn’t approve of it. Most of the people looked upon it as an ugly thing and urged to pull it down. However, today this spectacular monument serves as an eye-candy to huge flocks of tourists. Get on the top by elevators and view the scenic vistas of the vicinity. Musee d’Orsay Known as Gare d’Orsay, it was established for World Fair of 1900. During the World War II, this building served as a welcome spot for released  [...]
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  • Blend Of Eclectic Arts And Architecture, Paris
    Blend Of Eclectic Arts And Architecture, Paris
    Recognized as an ideal exotic destination, Paris is a shimmering spot which shines for its unmatchable style. Paris is the most-followed after city in terms of style in whole Europe. Paris remains to be a deeply traditional, village-like metropolitan city and forming notorious image are its set of conceit cosmopolitan populace. But every city has some or the other consistencies and incongruous aspects that shape the structure of the city. The striking features consists of charming ye-candies like the small lanes, narrow passageways of Quartier Latin and Montmarte, scenic bird’s eye view ranging from the Louvre to the La Defense, array of street markets, lovely traditional pedestrian arcades overlooking the huge underground commercial complexes of Montparnasse and Les Halles. Grandeur quarters enriched with patrician wealth against  [...]
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  • Ascending The Stairs Of Prosperity: Boston
    Ascending The Stairs Of Prosperity: Boston
    Boston, this seventeenth-century port and metropolitan extends itself to fill the empty shoreline of Massachusetts Bay and runs for miles inland to mark its rampant presence. When you step in this exotic destination, then forget about systematic networks of modern and developed America, and enjoy the curvy streets huddled around Boston Common. This whirling sensation brings a flashback of the olden days of how the nation started its journey, and is sure to give you intense pleasure and enjoyment. Until 1755, Boston was the largest city in America, as the one which had faced a direct brunt of the latest whims and fancies of the British throne; it was the natural birthplace for the opposition that culminated in the Revolutionary War. After that era, several sights have been conserved alongside the Freedom Trail through Downtown. Subsequently,  [...]
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  • Exploring Unique Facades Of Bermuda – Part II
    Exploring Unique Facades Of Bermuda – Part II
    Sandys (West End): Located to the acute west amidst all Bermuda’s parishes, it sits farthest from the island’s airport. To reach here, catch a ferry ride which takes you to Sandys in just four stops, also there are other options like the island’s bus or taxi ride. This spot is an eye-opener with splendid natural attractions that include the beautiful Mangrove Bay, Ely’s Harbor, Springfield and Gilbert Natural Reserve. All this temptations are sure to captivate the senses of nature-enthusiasts. The eye-balls grabbing attraction which outshines all are the Royal Naval Dockyard, a British naval shipyard which was abandoned in 1950’s and Maritime Museum. Another striking spot includes the Somerset village that is famous for housing the smallest drawbridge measuring up to 32 inch plank. Somerset village hardly offers enough  [...]
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  • Exploring Unique Facades Of Bermuda – Part I
    Exploring Unique Facades Of Bermuda – Part I
    Placed 650 miles off the coast of North Carolina, Bermuda stretches up to a 21 square miles island which is scattered with pretty pastel colored houses, eye-soothing beaches and narrow roads. Bermuda is an exquisite location incorporated with 181 tiny islands and islets which are linked together with bridges and walkways. Visioning this autonomous British colony from the sky presents an image of fishhook. Bifurcated in nine parishes or ‘tribes’ as they were known in the past in 1600’s in the initial surveillance. The early eight tribes bagged their names after five significant shareholders in the Bermuda Company which comprised of Sandys, Warwick, Paget, Southampton, Devonshire, Pembroke, Smith’s and Hamilton. After this, they were divided in separate narrow paths. At present, some tribe roads remain to be ancient relics  [...]
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  • Coffer Of Antique Architectures: Berlin – Part III
    Coffer Of Antique Architectures: Berlin – Part III
    Tourist attractions Pergamon Museum: Enriched with immense miscellany hailing from the ancient times, this is an antique museum with a beautiful collection of artifacts. The most eye-catchy and applauded structure is altar from the Zeus temple located in Pergamon which belonged 180-160 BC. This splendid architecture is appraised as world’s most prominent archaeological discoveries. The museum houses stunning Antique assortment, the East Asian Collection, the near Eastern Museum and the Islamic Museum. So, to know more crispy descriptions about them, pick the electronic guides which are available in various languages at economical prices. Potsdamer Platz: Past the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989, Potsdamer Platz face-lifted from an isolated barren land into Europe’s most sought-after location as urban planners worked together to  [...]
    Posted at October 12th, 2009 at 01:10 am
  • Eclectic Beauty Reclining In London – Part III
    Eclectic Beauty Reclining In London – Part III
    Tourist attractions Queen’s gallery: Instituted in the Buckingham Palace of London, it is a spot where tourists can grab beautiful view of fine arts from the Royal Collection. The gallery displays a grandeur collection of some finesse pieces of excellent artists that comprise of big names like Rubens and Vermeer. These great artists have served to monarch regimes for centuries. Also, some magnificent artifacts such as jewelry, sculptures and furniture have been exhibited. Tourists with London pass can get a free entry in the interiors. Hyde Park: This is a tranquil retreat in the urban streets of Central London. In the North-east side is Speaker’s Corner, which is a traditional sanctuary for giving free speeches. This is one of the excellent enchanting parks of London that runs over an extensive area of 142 hectares (350 acres).  [...]
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  • The Best Amusements Parks In North America
    The Best Amusements Parks In North America
    Welcome to our website, here is a list of some top amusement parks in North America for you to enjoy some thrilling & refreshing movements of your life with your family & friends. This is the perfect place where you can set out on your dream vacation atleast once in a year. The tickets are waiting for you, we assure that visiting these parks will really help you to reduce your stress & make you feel refreshed & relaxed from the daily hectic work routine. The Sea World, California :-  This is the perfect place for animal & sea lovers. It’s a lovely place where you will find the shark encounter & the deepness of the blue sea is really eye catching. This park has also taken in to consideration the safety factor for those who really love to enjoy the rich fauna & flora of the sea. So, I hope the imagination  [...]
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