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  • Meditation Camp at BrahmaKumaris, Mt. Abu – Day 3
    Meditation Camp at BrahmaKumaris, Mt. Abu – Day 3
    This was the day I was really looking forward to as we were supposed to meet NikunjBhai, BK member, he joined Brahmakumaris at the age of 13 years and its been now 20 years he has been giving his services to Brahmakumaris. The morning was usual with morning meditation sessions starting at 4:00 A.M. in the morning, they term this morning meditation time as Amrut Vela. It’s been 2 days I have been practicing meditation in the morning and I am already feeling so, full of energy and enthusiasm towards life. I started feeling that I have found new meaning to life and that life has much more to offer us then actually what we have. As I have already mentioned that Raja Yoga is a mind exercise for body, mind and soul, I could sense my life moving towards more enlightened way of living, the way yogis of ancient ages used to. Meditation  [...]
    Posted at September 30th, 2009 at 03:09 am
  • Authenticity In Exceptional Las Vegas – Part II
    Authenticity In Exceptional Las Vegas – Part II
    Las Vegas is an exotic destination that never lies down leisurely; it is dynamic and constantly seeks the path of developing. And, even if it touches the path of success, it doesn’t sit there accumulating an appraisal, which is why this destination is sitting on the peaks of glory. Therefore, the concept of strip casino has been polished incessantly since the western theme resorts and ranches of the 1940’s. During the 1950’s and 1960’s, the casinos branded themselves as plush tropical retreat located at the completion of extensive wilderness when people used to cover the ways by the means of car. The time when air traveling entered the scene, then Las Vegas tried to lure the tourists by bequeathing charming fantasies like Caesars Palace, this took place by the late 1960’s. By the time of early 1990’s, it was riding glory  [...]
    Posted at September 30th, 2009 at 01:09 am
  • Authenticity In Exceptional Las Vegas – Part I
    Authenticity In Exceptional Las Vegas – Part I
    Las Vegas, flickering view arising from the desert miasma appearing like a modern-day El Dorado bequeaths a mesmerizing view and firmly holds the reputation of being the most magnificent city of the Earth. It is filled with that extraordinary charm and dynamism that puts into liveliness. But do you know the startling fact that it did not exist at the inception of the twentieth century, isn’t that surprising and much more surprising is that at the twenty first century, it dwells over one million of populace. And over that newcomers arrive seeking for new schools every month. Las Vegas has a distinct quality that makes it outshine over the usual others; it is different from the other cities. This is because it respects its tourists and pays attention to their urged needs and desires and gives them importance over the inhabitants.  [...]
    Posted at September 29th, 2009 at 02:09 am
  • Legendary San Francisco City, California
    Legendary San Francisco City, California
    Set amidst an enchanting location at the tilt of the mesmerizing slim peninsula and concentrated along the California Coast, it absorbs an area of barely 48 hilly square miles. A beguiling small city situated in U.S. is the most favorable location and remains to be the most marvelous with exciting flavors comprising of jazzy, distinctive and liberal and all these unique charming huddled into one tiny city. Its populace prides it for being a cultural equivalent to its cousin in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is popular for the last bastion of civilization on the lunatic border of America. An enthralling comprehensive location is available at an easy access where the business center streets lead the way for the rising gradients that facilitate for a breath-taking bird’s eye view of the surrounding locales comprising of the city, the bay  [...]
    Posted at September 28th, 2009 at 12:09 pm
  • Meditation Camp at BrahmaKumaris, Mt. Abu – Day 2
    Meditation Camp at BrahmaKumaris, Mt. Abu – Day 2
    The day opened up with lovely brightened skies and chirping birds all over the campus. The beautiful smell of flowers and the breeze passing by our window made me feel so energetic and full of love for life. Today the meditation started at 4’O clock in the morning, the 2 halls specially made for conference purpose and meditation purpose were in the same building, morning meditation sessions are held in the meditation hall while the afternoon Dadiji’s (Grandmotherly figure) session are held in the harmony hall on the top floor of the building. The harmony hall could accommodate a capacity of 500 people at a time, it was red lit and people were sitting in meditation looking at the point of light on the stage area, low meditation music was being played in the background which made me feel so enveloped with positive vibrations, in  [...]
    Posted at September 28th, 2009 at 12:09 am
  • Meditation Camp At BrahmaKumaris, Mt. Abu
    Meditation Camp At BrahmaKumaris, Mt. Abu
    So I am back all over again to move towards the path of enlightened living through deep knowledge of human values and soul, the teachings at International headquarters of Brahmakumaris, Mt. Abu. I was all excited since the time I heard about its meditation programs which are held through out the year. I was scheduled to aboard 3:00 pm Ranakpur Express train from Bandra Terminus, Bombay all the way to reach Mount Abu, a wonderful hill station in the morning 4:15 am the next day. Its just not about meditation that I was looking for, what made me really excited was the idea of learning Rajyog, which is one spiritual exercise of mind, body and soul taught here in groups. As soon as I alighted the train, I could see Brahmakumaris (BK) bus waiting to take us on the top of the hill around 5,000 sq. ft above sea level where we were supposed  [...]
    Posted at September 27th, 2009 at 09:09 pm
  • Breath-Taking New York City
    Breath-Taking New York City
    New York, a breathtaking wonder and the name itself carries the potential to jaw-drop anyone around the globe. It is a legendary destination with a rich historical background and carries the idealistic and romantic charm amongst tourists. While meandering in the trails, you will cross the historical buildings that are icons and represent contemporary architectures. It is adrenaline-charged location with shimmering lights that captures an ideal place in the hearts of millions. As you will pass through the Queensboro bridge, if you head your forehead above to get a clear overview of the tall midtown skyscrapers, the glittering lights will outshine your expectations. Move towards the business center or give a hit to the Staten Island Ferry, believe me they are the most exotic and super-cool places that can capture your heart with striking  [...]
    Posted at September 27th, 2009 at 05:09 am
  • Beautiful Beguiling Miami City In Florida
    Beautiful Beguiling Miami City In Florida
    Miami, an electrifying and awe-inspiring city which sets in Florida spreads its charm as someone is bewitching with its magic stick. Sopping in passionate bright colors, it affords most cherished moments when the neon glows over the south beach horizons in the twilight. Shimmering eye-catchy sights get tight hold over your senses. The palm trees swaying movement welcomes by offering fresh winds. Despite its fabulous beauty, the most attractive is its kind and friendly populace which help in turning this location to a much better place to tour to. Its half of the two million population comprises of Hispanic making the Cubans forming majority. The premier language over here is Spanish and almost everyone you meet, you will find speaking in Spanish. So, make sure that before you plan a trip to Miami, you learn few greeting terms in  [...]
    Posted at September 26th, 2009 at 05:09 am
  • Batu Caves – Shrine Of Lord Murugan
    Batu Caves – Shrine Of Lord Murugan
    If one talks about the most popular Hindu temples outside India, then Batu Caves will take the first place in the list. Batu Caves are located 13 km north of the Malaysian Capital city of Kuala Lumpur.  The cave temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Lord Murugan and is visited by millions of devotees, especially during the Hindu festival of Thaipusam. The caves are a part of a limestone hill with dates back to approximately 400 million years. In historic times the caves were used as a place for shelter by the indigenous tribe knows as Temuan. Batu caves came in prominence in 1892, when K. Thambossamy Pillai installed a statue of Sri Subramania Swamy in the caves. He found the shape of the cave’s entrance resembling a ‘vel’, the divine spear of Lord Murugan.  Since then the Hindu festival of Thaipusam has been celebrated at  [...]
    Posted at September 25th, 2009 at 03:09 am
  • Unique Cancun City, Mexico
    Unique Cancun City, Mexico
    ‘Cancun’ sounds quite unusual and distinct one, also its meaning is as striking as the name itself. According to Mayan language, Cancun denotes ‘snakes nest.’ When I came across with this fact I conceived that this location might have derived its name as it would be filled with snakes and one could easily spot them anywhere in this terrain. However, when I toured in this destination all my pre-conceived notions turned upside down as there was nothing like this. Although, this location provides warmth over the sprawling white-sandy beaches and affords scenic views of noteworthy hotels standing tall on the captivating beaches. In addition, this place has a rich historical background, once a small fishing village with barely 120 inhabitants during the recent 1970’s, today has managed to shelter almost half million residents.  [...]
    Posted at September 24th, 2009 at 04:09 am