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  • Breathtaking Barcelona Spain Travel Guide- Part II
    Breathtaking Barcelona Spain Travel Guide- Part II
    Barcelona is an overwhelming feast to all the senses and an entirely different world of inconceivable shapes, vibrant hues, serpentine streets and a lot more to be discovered. Barcelona has the grandest castles in all Europe. The 370-year old Montjuïc Castle is a 173 metres high fortification atop the Montjuïc hill proffers splendid views of the city and the Barcelona port. It was once a political jail and site for ghastly executions during the reign of the tyrant Franco at the time of the Spanish War who also aided in the construction of the Military museum. There are huge cannons surrounding the statue of a naked woman paying tribute to the premier California governor, Gasper de Portola. Verdant vegetation encircles the bastion with an archery range located adjacent to it. Other prime places of interest in Montjuïc are the Magical  [...]
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  • Splendour Beyond The Great wall Of China – Part V
    Splendour Beyond The Great wall Of China – Part V
    Considered a nugget amongst the magnificent sceneries in China, the 437 kilometres long Li River originates from the Cat Mountain flowing through the Guilin and Yangshuo as it winds its course like a blue ribbon passing through innumerable mountain peaks, tumbling waterfalls resembling a broad reeling picture that is bound to engage all the senses. Those who wish to unwind in the lap of nature far from the maddening hassles of urban life then the West Mountain and the Dian Chi Lake at the mountain’s base located in south-west Kunming, Yunnan are the ideal places to see. Undertake a trek up the West Mountain exploring the Longmen considered the largely picturesque spots found on the densely wooded West Mountain that overlooks the capacious Dian Chi Lake. The stunning solitary mountain of Lushan, located in south Jiujiang city in  [...]
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  • Breathtaking Barcelona Spain Travel Guide- Part I
    Breathtaking Barcelona Spain Travel Guide- Part I
    The vast expanses and the magnificent panorama of the Barcelona city are idyllically explored via foot. One can find several surreal examples of Antonio Gaudi’s original architecture. The Casa Mila that was derisively dubbed as La Pedrera meaning Stone Quarry spanning more 100 square metres is inclusive of two huge spherical patios supplying nearly each section of the house with sunshine. The distinguishing undulating brick work, colorful natural stone tiles, wrought iron galleries looping around in plant similar shapes and no sight of absolute straight lines are all proof of Gaudi’s avant-garde architecture. The unusual, intricate roof has an incredible congregation of mask-like and ceramic circuitous chimneys. From the rooftop one can enjoy fine views of the Eixample district that is a lovely locality with several picturesque  [...]
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  • Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China – Part IV
    Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China – Part IV
    China is blessed with bountiful serenading sceneries ranging from majestic mountains, rivers, lakes and mystic grottos. The world famed Yellow Mountain rises straight amongst the mountain peaks in the south Anhui Province offering picturesque locales like pine woodlands, bizarre rocks, Cloud Sea and therapeutic hot water springs. The 154 square meters spanning Yellow Mountain also called Mt. Huangshan comprises of seventy-two multi-dimensional mountain peaks with the three key ones being the Lotus Peak, the Tiandu Peak and the Bright Summit Peak all of which are situated at 1800meters above the sea level. A one clambers up, one is faced with a plethora of jaw-dropping sights like the Ciguaung Pavillion nuzzled amidst dense forestation and lofty bamboo plantations and the nerve-soothing ambience of the Banshan Temple flanked by the  [...]
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  • Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China – Part III
    Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China – Part III
    Bund, an emblematic quintessence of Shanghai’s past got christened from a deserted beach located outside old Shanghai city. Sauntering through Shanghai is like penetrating a maze of varied world structural design that echo the insight and effort of its developers. The tree lining walkway of Bund alongside the west bank of the Huang Pu River was in the past the significantly famed street in Asia with key Far East firms having their head offices in the sea- facing buildings. One is enthralled by the plethora of sights on the Bund like the splendid Pudong skyline located on the east and several quaint buildings tracing back to the colonial times. The sights of Bund at night is a feast to all senses with buildings on either side being illuminated, rendering a spectacular sight. The indubitably novel icon of Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl  [...]
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  • Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China – Part II
    Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China – Part II
    Coming to China, one must pay a visit to the eighth wonder of the world, the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses. Those keen in Chinese art and culture artefacts will definitely find it the most spectacular place to explore. Fortuitously unearthed in March 1974 in a location nearly 31kms away from Xi’an by the farmer community of Xianyang village who were digging a well and suddenly came across wrecked ceramic figures. After detailed excavation was initially uncovered an oblong shaped pit area full with buried terra cotta warriors and horses that belonged to the Qin Dynasty following which two other pits were unearthed that were located to the north of the first one, each of the two measuring 20 and 25 metres respectively. The first pit is oblong shaped with five slanting access ways located to the east and west sides of it. Within  [...]
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  • A Bikers Experience With My Partner Royal Enfield Delhi To Leh Ladakh
    A Bikers Experience With My Partner Royal Enfield Delhi To Leh Ladakh
    Trip Planning and Preparation This has been one of the most adventurous journeys in my life. It all started at a coffee shop when a friend challenged me if I could do this amazing adventure. First I did not take it seriously but looking back at my life I realized that I had to accomplish this challenge. For me the challenge was to move from the regular 150 cc bikes to the 350 cc Royal Enfield which is often just called as Bullet in India. To make this dream challenge a reality there had to be a lot of planning and preparation. I had first work on sharpening my skills to do makeshift repairs in case my bike broke down in the journey. I decided to do a crash course with a local mechanic who trained me from basic like repairing the chain, changing the break and accelerator wire to handling the puncture. I also picked you extra spares  [...]
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  • Multi Faceted Mardi Gras
    Multi Faceted Mardi Gras
    The New Orleans city in the face of calamity perseveres in moving ahead with restoring several years of history and carrying on the three centuries old tradition of Mardi Gras as it is called in French or Fat Tuesday in English. The significantly popular tradition goes back to 1699 when the voyagers held the festivities of this French holiday on the Mississippi River banks, with the New Orleans locals every year adding several new features to the celebration like wide scale parades and balls backed by associations that attract hoards of crowds from across the globe who come here to sample the prolific entertainment the locals have to offer. Between the years 1835-1837, New Orleans got to experience the premier float and from 1856 onwards, the festivities included a splendorous sight of a fleet of floats sashaying down the main  [...]
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  • Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China Part – I
    Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China Part – I
    China with its wide-ranging topography, climate and brilliant history is a sure-fire formula for a magnanimous holiday. A famed Chinese adage seen on the Great Wall goes that ‘ He Who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a Real Man’, is rightly said so having a rich history tracing back to more than 2000years with an indubitable reputation of being the longest fortification wall worldwide and the sole man-made object observable from the moon. Also called the Ten Thousand Mile Wall, this commanding symbol of primeval Chinese civilization commences at Jianyuguan Pass on the West and ends in the east at the Shanhaiguan Pass with the part located at Badaling being highly famed as it is closely placed to Beijing City and well-preserved. The striking Badaling Great Wall in Yanqing County, Beijing, is symbolic of the haughty eminence  [...]
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  • England Travel – Punting Paradise Destination
    England Travel – Punting Paradise Destination
    Those who prefer leisurely pursuits then engaging in punting is the best option. No place better than Cambridge is the ideal destination with its fine history, majestic elaborately designed college structures and chapels found frequently at every corner. Cambridge and the adjacent area have an unsurpassed repute as centre par brilliance in education and locales. Cambridge is unanimously associated with enthralling sights of the spring blossom inundated Backs, the King’s College Chapel and the ideal unwinding destination would be to engage in punting on the Cam river. Lounge on the Edwardian era punts that are flat based wooden boats driven by elongated, wooden rods commencing one’s journey at Madgalen Bridge or the Mill punting up the quaint Granchester village or slither alongside the River Cam that extends past nine bridges  [...]
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