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  • A Glimpse Into Immaculate Holland – Part II
    A Glimpse Into Immaculate Holland – Part II
    Rotterdam, situated on the majestic Mass River has a significant number of architectural structures that date back to the pre-war era. The characteristic Piet Blom’s cubic houses near the Blaak station are famed for their unique, uncanny shape. Art aficionados will definitely enjoy the works of art spanning back to the Middle Ages found at the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum. The Euromast, the tallest observation tower in Netherlands proffers splendid views as one feels a tumble inside as it spins into course touching heights of 185 metres high. For dare-devils, a 100m point also called the rope slide is a point where you can plummet to the ground in 15 flat seconds. The wide-spanning Kunsthal museum of both contemporary and older art is a fascinating building that houses mind boggling collections in its annual 25 exhibitions. The  [...]
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  • A Glimpse Into Immaculate Holland -Part I
    A Glimpse Into Immaculate Holland -Part I
    Located in the central-west part of Netherlands, Holland is the land of cordial, affectionate Dutch people with a plethora of experiences in its offing bound to leave one clamoring for more. Holland chiefly comprises of North and South Holland. Amsterdam, the capital of Holland is best explored via bicycle. The tapering streets and inland waterways provide a host of journeying options. One can view splendid sights of close to 15 bridges while standing on the bridge at the bend of Herengracht and Reguliersgracht. The architectural magnificence of the arched bridges is heightened in the glistening radiance of a myriad of lights at night time. One can get on board a water bicycle or boat to explore the canals. The Skinny Bridge located across the Amstel River is among the most splendid bridges of Amsterdam. The much-visited, Anne Frank  [...]
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  • Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 3
    Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 3
    Just as I said in my last post, Periyar Lake is truly the lake which belongs to Mother Nature! At morning 8:30 am sharp, we left from our hotel rooms after having lovely South Indian breakfast consisting of Uthappa (as they call it) and Chatni (coconut sauce). We took entry pass tickets for our vehicle to go inside as it was a forest tiger reserve area, we passed through thick blanket of forest having wild plantations with some of the beautiful flower plantations around, some of us even got down to take the snaps. Although we dint saw any wild life there, the guide told us that you can see wild life only after going inside the forest area of 40 Km which was not allowed. Well, going ahead, what we saw next were huge ships and small boats waiting for us to take the prideful Periyar lake ride, we sat on the upper deck, I saw people  [...]
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  • Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 2
    Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 2
    The wait was too long for the whole night for massage session I had been waiting for! Exactly sharp at 6:15 am we got a call from the massage parlor and I was right there in 10 minutes of time. Wow, it was a lovely cozy room with a special wooden massage bed, it was too cold early in the morning as it was raining very heavily and the lukewarm oil being poured all over my body by the massagers there, made me feel like I am on cloud number 9, really it was an exciting feeling coz’ this was my first ever experience of Kerala Massage. Each of my body muscles felt like they are coming to life, each nerves felt they are being pushed of fresh oxygen. Overall, it was one of the greatest experiences I ever had in my life. The massage continued for nearly 1 hour then came the time for steam bath, I was a little amazed by the little sitting  [...]
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  • Ladakh Tour – The Roof Of The World
    Ladakh Tour – The Roof Of The World
    Ladakh, the land of rocky panoramas that embrace the gorgeous blue skies with an astute vision into the much revered Buddhist faith are amongst a host of opportunities that the adventure seeker can avail. Perched at an inimitable height of near 9000feet at Kargil to 25,170feet in Saser Kangri, Karakoram; Ladakh is a charismatic destination to be indubitably ventured in one’s lifetime. Ladakh is a high elevation arid region which came into existence a couple of million years back, due to the unique work of innate forces. This peripatetic paradise is enveloped by the majestic mountains of the Himalayas and the Karakoram, located in Jammu and Kashmir, the north Indian state. The land of passes with innate surges of icy waters gushing down from glacial heights makes it a white water rafter’s ideal destination. One can trek along  [...]
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  • Mauritius Island Holiday – Bejewelled Suns Cape
    Mauritius Island Holiday – Bejewelled Suns Cape
    Mauritius, the island nation located off the east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean glows with sparkler tones in a multitude of blue hues. Enjoy the virtual jungle of beach umbrellas on the endless, stunning scenic beaches with glimmering sands that lace the crystal clear blue waters whose under waters are bursting with rainbow colored living creatures best explored via underwater scooters. Engage in para-skiing or water skiing in the inviting warm waters or enjoy a game of golf at the top-notch golf courses in the island. The splendid colonial styled architecture and market places in the capital city of Port Louis makes it an amiable place for tourists. The floral-faunal haven of the Royal Botanical Gardens located in Pamplemousses, the Casela Nature Park and Black River Gorges National Park are a nature seeker’s perfect haunt.  [...]
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  • Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 1
    Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 1
    Finally, the day came for which I had been waiting for so long, the enchanting greenery, bushy forests areas, traditional bungalows, and lovely sea shores, my Kerala, God’s own country. After coming here, I now know why people call it God’s own! The place has its own unique specialty, although we might have read about it, but, unless you visit it, you cannot truly know its true nature. Its just one day and I am so rejuvenated with the vastness of greenery and unending sea shores. Last whole week, I had been so excited for visiting my favorite destination, let me take you to little bit of flash back about how it all began. Long back, when I had just started with blogging I came across a site relating to travel in India, especially Kerala tour, reading the article about this place I got an inner feeling to visit this destination  [...]
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  • Mystery Islands of Greece- Part II
    Mystery Islands of Greece- Part II
    Neo-archetypal loud coloured houses, quaint churches, time-honoured cafes, pebble strewn paths, archaeological paradise and pristine beaches are amongst the numerous attractions one finds in Aegina, the largest island in the Argo-saronic Gulf. Located in the midst of the main Aigina port is the most visible sight of the Metropolis old temple of Virgin Mary. As one crosses the threshold of the Aigina port, the all-embracing sight of the largest chapel in Greece, the immaculately white Agios Nikolaos comes to one’s notice. Savour moussaka on the water’s edge, Melissos or keep a vigil out for any mermaids when touring Elounda’s lagoon that can be reached from Agio Nikolaos. Paleochora, the former capital of the city is dotted with nearly 20 churches some dating back to the 13th century with olden murals and figurines. The  [...]
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  • Sleepless In Seattle Washington
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    Sleepless In Seattle Washington
    A rendezvous with Seattle is ideally commenced at the Pike Place Market, suitably hailed as the ‘Soul of Seattle’ located just over the Waterfront. This olden market having commemorated its 102th anniversary, spans nearly 9-acres with splendid sights of ferryboats and cargo ships gently gliding by the bay beneath, the freshest seafood transported right from the feral waters of the North Pacific Ocean, Pike Place Market bustling with a whole host of local and international gastronomic options, pubs, shops, booths, arcades, handmade pieces and lot more to amply cater to all ages. The Space Needle, the artistic genius of architect Edward Carlson, is a mimic of the spacecraft mores of the Cold War period, undoubtedly the pictogram of Seattle proffering scenic views of the city atop the observation tower. The humongous steel erection  [...]
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  • Sundry Scenic Okavango Delta
    Sundry Scenic Okavango Delta
    One of the world most bio-diverse wilderness, as a potent river meanders its way from the highlands in Angola, tipping out athwart the huge, levelled plains in north Botswana forming the biggest inland delta globally, the majestic Okavango. It is Africa’s splendid and biggest oasis that is situated in the middle of the Kalhan sands. A treasure chest of sorts with a huge populace of 95 reptilian and amphibian forms, 72 small animal types, numerous grass-eaters like giraffe, roan, impala, red lechwe, buffalo, elephant, zebra, wildebeest, sable alongside sitatuga, the rare and near endangered wild dog, leopard, lion, cheetah, hyena, lion which prey on the herbivores. The delta ecology with its varying habitats from parched to inundated has more than thousand varied plant forms, an estimate of 35 million fish of close to 80 species-  [...]
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