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  • Beguiling Berlin Encore – Part II
    Beguiling Berlin Encore – Part II
    The Gedenkstätte Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz, the iniquitous villa where top-ranking Nazis presided over by Heydrich, chalked out their devious closing plans on the expediency of genocide is now the place of tribute, the Wannsee Conference Memorial House that showcases photographic displays on that fateful conference and the its outcome. The Museum Berlin-Karlshorst comprises of sixteen rooms inclusive of the one where the Nazi commanders signed the absolute surrender after the Soviets conquered Berlin. The museum guides one through the two world wars, the cold war including an assortment of deals, surrenders and conquests along with various photos, video displays amongst others. Cogitate over the mammoth atrocities inflicted over millions of Jews at the cruel hands of Hitler and his army by visiting the Holocaust Memorial spanning  [...]
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  • Beguiling Berlin Encore – Part I
    Beguiling Berlin Encore – Part I
    Plot your course through Berlin’s fine history as one moseys down the lime trees speckled boulevard in central Berlin, the Unter den Linden Street running in the east-west direction from the Brandenburg Gate, or the Gate of Peace that bore witness to the festivities when the Berlin Wall was torn down. The scenic Tiergarten located to the west of the gate was a hunting ground for King Freidrich Wilhelm during the mid 16th century. The Friedrichstrasse Street, a major shopping street is located to the south of the gate, the Reichstag is on the north end of the gate having the German Parliament and the Museum Island is on the eastern side of the gate. The plethora of monuments stand testament to Berlin’s evolutionary process from the Hohenzollern dynasty to the GDR. The Potsdamer Platz Arkaden located on the South of Tiergarten,  [...]
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  • Berlin City Travel – The Green Fairy Haven
    Berlin City Travel – The Green Fairy Haven
    When in Berlin, the highly visited, cultural hotbed capital city of Germany, prance upon some great off-the-cuff indulgence that is bound to add a zing to your trip. Zagreus Projekt, a place where art inspires food, is essentially an art gallery offering multi-course gourmand dinner housed in a quaint basement room behind a traditional centuries-old Berlin town house. The artistic chef-cum-art gallery head calls aboard an artist every two months who creates a mock-up of particular location there, inspired by which they work in unison to compile an eclectic gastronomic spread that is dished up to a handful of customers on a common table speckled with art abundance. Go unabashed, let off your guard, toss on some slinky attire and shindig away at the chic profligate night club, Insomnia, once an olden ballroom. An unconventional biro  [...]
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  • Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 7 & 8
    Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 7 & 8
    The day was bright, everything was moving at a slow pace, as I stood in my hotel balcony I gazed at clear skies, chirping birds, river flowing by the pool, I was enjoying every bit of my time here. It seemed like the time was moving faster than usual as our manager knocked in at the door, in no time I was out with my fully loaded luggage and hand baggage. We all were relaxed enjoying every bit of the lovely time we spent together; we were supposed to go back to Cochin, to catch our flight back Mumbai. As we drove down the mountain hill of Munnar, for the very last time I gazed at the vast scenic beauty of nature with lovely breeze passing by. First few minutes we were able to just spot tea plantations around the place belonging to private companies, the other 15 minutes I just saw pulp trees at both the sides of the road, the rubber  [...]
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  • Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 6
    Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 6
    The day opened up few jitters, but a sunny day with clear skies, soon after the breakfast we were off to our dream travel experience of lifetime, we passed through dense vegetation forest areas, as our bus drew along the silky path way, I could feel the cool breeze enveloping my hair giving me a good hair spa with all the natural conditioning. Everywhere I could set my eyes on was tea plantations along the slopes, up and down hill; the tea grows here in abundance as it is cold climate throughout the year. Some places along the roads, we could see minor landslides and tree falling due to heavy rains and strong winds yesterday night but it was all cleared up sooner and no mishaps. I felt as if we are digging in the jungle to find its vast treasures, the first place we visited was the Echo point, as soon as I entered the site I could  [...]
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  • Andaman Islands – Treasure Trove Islands Part-II
    Andaman Islands – Treasure Trove Islands Part-II
    The Ross Island, the ex-capital city during British rule, is a small island, home to wrecks of old structures like Government House, Chief Commissioner’s House, Press and Ballroom amongst several others reached from the Phoenix Bay Jetty via boat services. The aborigines were convinced by the British to come and settle down, whose houses, tools and lives are depicted in the Anthropological Museum at Phoenix Bay. Smritika museum has been set up by the Navy that portrays the rich history of the island. The tranquil, small, scenic island of Viper has borne silent witness to unthinkable torment, with many who breached the Penal Settlement, being compelled to slog it out in chains. The gallows erected atop the hummock was strategically located so that all prisoners could witness it. The vegetable basin of the Andamans, the thriving  [...]
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  • Andaman Islands – Treasure Trove Islands Part-I
    Andaman Islands – Treasure Trove Islands Part-I
    Lobbed away from the Indian mainland, Andaman and Nicobar islands is the archipelago comprising of 572 bright emerald islands, atolls and rocks that has been the abode to some of the most primeval tribes in the world. Situated on the South-East part of the Bay of Bengal, it is home to India’s singular active volcano. Andamans offers a wide ranging experience right from its tumultuous past to its vast flora and fauna, the lush rainforests- a naturalist’s haunt, adventure sports along with a host of other options in the offing. Located 29 kms from Port Blair is the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, where one can get up close to the unique coral forms and underwater marine life from glass bottom boats. The Marine Park spans a 281.5 area comprising of bays, wide open seas and 15 islands of varying sized islands. The scenic  [...]
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  • Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 5
    Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 5
    What a lovely morning it was, I blessed the hotel guys for not setting up the fans coz’ if they had put it then I would have surely put them on, whole night it was shivering cold and was raining heavily. The strong winds felt like they are going to blow me away anytime, after a quick breakfast I was out sailing on my own to look out for some places where I could visit, some of the famous places in Munnar were Rajamalai which was 15 kms away from Munnar, this is home to the last Nilgiri Tahr (a shy elusive endangered species), from Rajamalai you can view the highest peak of South India, ANAIMUDI at 8883 ft. other places included Tea museum, Madupetty, Echo point, Kundale, Top station, Luckom falls, Marayoor, Chinnar, Pallivasal and lots of other places. Getting out of the hotel, was a quick photo session at the riverside on the  [...]
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  • A Glimpse Into Immaculate Holland-Part III
    A Glimpse Into Immaculate Holland-Part III
    Haarlem is situated nearly 20kms west of Amsterdam on the river Spaarne. The City Hall is the hub of the city’s administration. The market that faces the City Hall springs to life on Saturdays and Mondays making it quite an endearing sight. Many of the 14th century Almhouses in Harlem with their period architectural design have made it to the UNESCO World Heritage Listing. No visit is complete without looking at the magnificent windmills from up close. The De Adriaan is a well-designed windmill with a small museum close by for some interesting viewing. The well-maintained 1749 built, nineteen windmills of Kinderdijk have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Hague is the abode of over 150 global authorized organisations with a multi-cultural population residing there. The city is best explored by tram or bus service.  [...]
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  • Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 4
    Travel to Enchanting Kerala, God’s Own Country – Day 4
    Today, the morning opened up with a bright sunny day, I could hear the beautiful chirping of birds outside my Mountain View window; I loved sipping a hot cup of coffee with lip smacking strawberry cookies sitting in the balcony looking at the vastness of forest reserves. It was a free morning as we did not had any places to visit in the morning so I went out on my own to discover alone, after a quick breakfast I went out hunting for traditional houses, the bamboo groves, staying in such huts is a pleasure in itself, the tribals in the interiors of forest areas stay in such houses. As soon as I entered the forest reserve area I could feel as if I am in a Jungle, there were various huts designed to look like traditional Keralite huts, each of them were named with bird’s name in Kerala, the different names of the huts were horn bill,  [...]
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