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  • Gracious Australia
    Gracious Australia
    Australia is a beautiful island with nature’s gifted wonders. If you ever plan to visit Australia not seeing its beautiful wonders will be a complete waste of the trip. Kakadu National Park: It is a place where you will find rarest of wildlife species. It’s a place worth seeing and you will enjoy your trip seeing the saltwater crocodiles and animals like kangaroos and wallabies. It also consists of some of the rock carvings carved by the aboriginals of this place. The rock carvings are worth seeing and are simply awesome. Some of the carvings are even 20,000 years old and they are remarkably stunning. Uluru/Kata Tjuta: Well you may get confuse what is it, well Uluru is most commonly known as Ayer’s Rock world wide. It is due the rich iron content which makes it appear as if it’s changing its color. It is brighter  [...]
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  • Gracious Philippines And Its Wonders
    Gracious Philippines And Its Wonders
    Rice Terraces of Banaue Rice Terraces of Banaue are located in central Luzon and have been carved by local lfugao people. This carving is one of the greatest attractions of Philippines and is over 3,000 years old. The work is still going on as terraces are even made today. If the carving are made to end there is a possibility of them stretching 14,000 miles. These are included in UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 1995 and are also on the endangered list of 2001. Rice Terraces of Banaue are worth seeing. Tubbataha Reef: Tubbataha does not consist of any human settlement. Tubbataha Reef is located in the middle of Sulu Sea. To visit this beautiful reef you need to make a boat trip which comprises of 92 miles from the city of Puerto Princessa. This beautiful reef covers an area of 968 km² and more than 300 coral species and 400  [...]
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  • Gracious Egypt Gifted With 7 Wonders
    Gracious Egypt Gifted With 7 Wonders
    Pyramids: Egypt comprises of pyramids, Giza Complex and many other worth seeing sights which one would love to see. In 5 century B.C Herodotus included Pyramids and the Giza Complex as one of the wonders of Egypt. Pyramids are even older than the temples you will ever find in here. Pyramids form the Upper Kingdom and were actually the tombs. Funeral boat of Khufu is also found here. The Native Egyptians for you to see the Pyramids make you buy the camel rides in order to see them. Pyramids are worth seeing comprising of such a great architecture which is still not being understood yet. St. Catherine’s Monastery: Sr.Catherine’s Monastery is believed to be the oldest Christian Monastery of the world, constructed on the orders of Emperor Justinian. Monastery is run by Greek Orthodox Church and consists of ancient 120 icons of ancient  [...]
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  • Making The Most Of Having An Enjoyable ‘Earth Day’
    Making The Most Of Having An Enjoyable ‘Earth Day’
    Earth Day is rated in my top 10 list of enjoyable days I spend with other community members in my area as we learn in an interesting way of many different things we can do to help our environment. There are numerous different neighborhoods, communities, and cities that spend a large amount of time in planning some fun and exciting activities where individuals and families alike can take part in and have a fabulous time learning how you can also do your part in helping the community that you live in. You can still take advantage of this day even though the area you live in does not provide activities and events to take part in. You and your entire family can take advantage of some beneficial time spent together as you perform a variety of worthwhile tasks that can help a great deal to clean up the earth and make it a more enjoyable  [...]
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  • Should Dubai Be The Choice For Your Next Family Vacation?
    Should Dubai Be The Choice For Your Next Family Vacation?
    The answer of whether or not the area of Dubai would be the perfect spot to travel on your long awaited family vacation is going to greatly depend on exactly what types of fun and exciting adventures that each of your family members expect to enjoy while they are traveling away from home. If browsing around and shopping happens to be an activity that is high on your list of enjoyable things to do, then Dubai is certainly the beautiful area that you will want to visit. The large amount of growth that has occurred over the last several years throughout this amazing area is certainly something that is simply very hard to believe. Because of the tremendous amount of construction that has occurred, it has benefited a large number of shopping lovers who demand the very best. You will certainly have no problems in being able to find what  [...]
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  • Amazing Areas You Must See When Visiting Egypt
    Amazing Areas You Must See When Visiting Egypt
    If you are tossing around the idea of taking your family members on a long awaited grand family vacation to the beautiful area of Egypt, then be prepared because each one of you are certainly in for one of the most unforgettable times of your life. Held within the beauty and the wonder of Egypt, you will find that there are several spectacular areas that you will want to take your family on an adventurous sight seeing tour. Generally you can bet that the very first sight that most everyone can hardly wait to visit are the Great Pyramids, and for very good reason. Built back in the 5th Century BC, these breathtaking pyramids can easily put you in awe at the mere sight of them and the puzzling way in which they were built. The well-known and popular Nile River is of course another breathtakingly beautiful sight that is continuously  [...]
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  • Easter Does Not Have To Be Over When The Holiday Passes
    Easter Does Not Have To Be Over When The Holiday Passes
    Just because the Easter is another holiday that has come and gone, it does not mean that you have to cease all of the enjoyment that this wonderful day brings to us each year. One of my favorite things to do every single year is to drag out this particular day as long as I possibly can, and I usually take advantage of it and make it last as long as a week and sometimes even longer. The reason that I do this is it is unbelievable in how much hard earned money that can be saved simply by visiting a few stores in your local area. There is a large number of name brand stores that will generally have clearance sales that are marked down to prices that give you as much as a 50% savings off of the left over gorgeous array of decorated Easter baskets and several other items and trinkets that were to be sold f or this special holiday. You  [...]
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